Titel: Star Maidens

Originele titel: -

Nederlandse/Belgische titel: Vrouwenplaneet mendusa

Uitgebracht: Nederland, 7 Oktober 1977 / België, …

Genre: Science Fiction / Avontuur | 30 min. | .. jaar

Productiemaatschappij: Jost Graf von Hardenberg & Co. | TV Serie (1976– ) | Budget:

Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht: UK, 1 September 1976 - (13 episodes)


Auteur(s) | Bedenkers(s):

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Strip als: -
Hoorspel / Luisterboek als: -

Acteurs / Stemmen o.a.:
= Quadflieg, Christian - (Rudi)
= Harrow, Lisa - (Liz)
= Geeson, Judy - (Fulvia)
= Krüger, Christiane - (Octavia)
= Thomas, Gareth - (Shem)

Korte inhoudsopgave:
TV serie over de planeet Medusa is na een catastrofale crash met een komeet uit zijn baan is geraakt. De bewoners moeten ondergronds proberen te overleven. Op Medusa zijn vrouwen de baas en moeten mannen het zware en mindere werk doen. Wanneer 2 van hen naar de aarde ontsnappen onstaat de vete tussen de aardbewoners en de star maidens.

Lange inhoudsopgave:
The series presents a “battle of the sexes” and role reversal scenario in which two male domestics escape from the female-ruled planet Medusa and, arriving on Earth, are pursued by the Medusan security forces. When the Medusans fail to re-capture the two men, they bring two human hostages—a man and a woman—back with them to their home planet. The series' 13 episodes concern the two groups' attempts to adapt to life on the different planets while brokering an exchange for the hostages.

Regarded as something of a camp novelty, Star Maidens tuned in to the sexual equality revolution of the time, and features some female dominance elements. The series has some similarities with the British science-fiction series Space: 1999, which was in production at the same time. Although Star Maidens did not benefit from as large a budget, both series featured music by composer Barry Gray and the work of production designer (Keith Wilson), while various props, sets, and sound effects from Space: 1999 were re-cycled for Star Maidens (whose opening credits, for example, include special effects footage of the Moon travelling through space, as seen in Space: 1999). Lead actresses Judy Geeson and Lisa Harrow appeared in guest roles in the first series of Space: 1999, Geeson in the episode “Another Time, Another Place” and Harrow “The Testament of Arkadia”. For the series' German dub, German natives Christiane Krüger and Christian Quadflieg provided their own voices, while the voices of the British cast were dubbed by other German actors.

Star Maidens is a British-German science-fiction television series made by Portman Productions for the ITV network. Produced in 1975, and first broadcast in 1976, it was filmed at Bray Studios and on location in Windsor and Bracknell, Berkshire, and Black Park, Buckinghamshire. The series was partly financed by a German company, Werbung im Rundfunk.

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