Samuel, Joanne


Joanne Samuel (born 5 August 1957) is an Australian actress who is best known for her role as the screen wife of Mel Gibson's title character in the 1979 film Mad Max.

Life and career
Samuel was born in Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. Prior to her appearance in Mad Max, Samuel had made guest appearances in police procedurals Matlock Police and Homicide. She was then a regular cast member in television soap operas Class of '74, The Sullivans and The Young Doctors. She left The Young Doctors very suddenly – the producers wrote her out of the show when she was offered the Mad Max role after a fellow Young Doctors actress who had been due to take the role fell ill. Samuel later returned to television in the regular role of Kelly Morgan-Young in Skyways.

Samuel later guest starred in Hey Dad..! as Jeanette Taylor and All Saints, and played the school principal in The Wiggles in their film The Wiggles Movie. Samuel studied dance with Honeybrooks and drama at the Independent theatre, North Sydney.

Samuel is the vice chairman of BOOMPAA, Blue Mountains Performing Arts Association.

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