Chevolleau, Richard


Richard Chevolleau (born October 1966) is a Jamaican-Canadian actor.

Richard was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Toronto.

After completing high school he studied the Meisner Technique of acting with Paul Bardier.

He is best known for playing Augur on Earth: Final Conflict from 1997 to 2001.

Richard continued showing his natural ability to be a Leading Character Actor, going on to perform in Television and Film in a variety of different characters. Credits such as “NARC”, “HOME AGAIN” show his diversity.

In 2004 Richard won not only a GEMINI Award (equivalent of an Emmy), he was voted by his peers and presented with an ACTRA Award (equivalent of a SAG Award), for his “Leading Male in a Guest Role” in an Episode of “The Eleventh Hour” (Canadian TV Series).

Most recently Richard challenged his stretch as an Actor in 2014 he performed in 2 Recurring roles. Going from “Rookie Blue” in Toronto and then flying to Montreal to shoot “19-2” (presently shooting his 2nd Season),performing two roles on each side of the “Law” and a 20 year age gap between the 2 characters.

Richard Chevolleau has two daughters, Skye and Asya.

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