Titel: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Nederlandse/Belgische titel: Sjakie en de Chocoladefabriek

Uitgebracht: Nederland, 20 juli 2005 / België, 13 juli 2005

Genre: Fantasy/Avontuur | 115 min. | 6 jaar

Productiemaatschappij: Warner Bros. | Budget: $150.000.000 (geschat)

Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht: USA, 10 juli 2005 (Hollywood, California) (premiere)

= Burton, Tim

Auteur(s) | Bedenkers(s):
Dahl, Roald (boek), = August, John (screenplay)

Boek als: Sjakie en de Chocoladefabriek
Strip als: -
Hoorspel / Luisterboek als: Sjakie en de Chocolade fabriek - (Luisterboek)

Acteurs / Stemmen o.a.:
Depp, Johnny - (Willy Wonka)
= Highmore, Freddie - (Charlie Bucket)
= Kelly, David - (Grandpa Joe)
= Carter, Helena Bonham - (Mrs. Bucket)
= Taylor, Noah - (Mr. Bucket)
= Pyle, Missi - (Mrs. Beauregarde)
= Fox,James - (Mr. Salt)
= Roy, Deep - (Oompa Loompa)
Lee, Christopher - (Dr. Wonka)
= Godley, Adam - (Mr. Teavee)
= Troegner, Franziska - (Mrs. Gloop)
Robb, AnnaSophia - (Violet Beauregarde)
= Winter, Julia - (Veruca Salt)
= Fry, Jordan - (Mike Teavee)
= Wiegratz, Philip - (Augustus Gloop)

Volledige Rolbezetting - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Korte inhoudsopgave:
Chocolade-fabrikant Willy Wonka schrijft een prijsvraag uit waarmee vijf gelukkigen een rondleiding door zijn fabriek kunnen krijgen. Charlie is één van de winnaars. Tijdens de rondleiding krijgen de andere kinderen één voor één met pech te maken.

206,563.48 US gallons (781,927.83 litres) of fake chocolate were made for the river area while 38,430.42 US gallons (145,474.96 litres) of it were made for the waterfall. The grand total of all the fake chocolate used on stage was 244,993.98 US gallons (927,403.1 litres).

In Charlie's bedroom, there are wrappers of every Wonka bar he has ever eaten on the wall.

The voice for Willy Wonka was first conceived after being tried out on Johnny Depp's own daughter. She liked it.

Errors in geography: Augustus' home town of Düsseldorf is shown to have old-fashioned houses with wooden frames, like in a Bavarian, Austrian or Swiss town. Düsseldorf is in Nordrhein-Westfalen, where there is no such architecture. Even more so, Düsseldorf is shown to be near a huge mountain range, of which there are none even remotely to the Ruhrgebiet, which is a rather flat landscape.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): The photo in the 'Russian Ticket a Fake' article shows a group of people beside St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. However, the article text states that the boy who has “found” the Golden Ticket lives in St. Petersburg.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: In the “flag room”, many of the flags appear to be mirrored or upside-down, but that's because they are flying in the opposite direction of the staff than we are used to.


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