Carrigan, Lou


Antonio Vera Ramírez (born in Barcelona 2 July 1934), a Spanish author who wrote about factual scientific subjects, but in various fictional styles, such as mystery, crime and romance, well-known as Lou Carrigan, he also wrote under the pseudonyms Angelo Antonioni, Crowley Farber, Lou Flanagan, Anthony Hamilton, Sol Harrison, Anthony Michaels, Anthony W. Rawer, Angela Windsor and Giselle.

Vera Ramírez married Pepita Rodero Forga in 1958 and started to write. He used pulp fiction and Anglicized words in his books, such as Moderno diccionario ilustrado de la lengua castellana, Adios, good-bye, sayonara, Poderes Ocultos de Los Seres Superiores and Jardín siniestro.

He wrote over 25 books, and also worked with Adriano Bolzoni to complete “No importa morir” in 1969.

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