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Bettina Bush (also known professionally as simply “Bettina”) (Born November 5, 1973), is an American voice actress and pop music singer. She was born the youngest daughter out of three children. Her father was of African-American descent and her mother was of Scottish, Cherokee, and Polynesian descent.

Voice acting
Bettina’s professional career began at age 5 when she began modeling and acting. Her acting career eventually led to voice-overs, including, My Little Pony (as Megan), The Get Along Gang (as Dotty Dog), The Littles (as Lucy Little), Rugrats, All Grown Up!, Stargate Infinity, Ben 10, and as the voice of Rainbow Brite. She has also performed the McDonald's “I'm Lovin' It” commercial jingles. She starred as Maria, a teenaged Native American girl, in the film Journey to Spirit Island (1988).

Musical career
Her early influences in music include Dolly Parton and Elton John. Bettina created her own record company, and financed, co-wrote, and performed her first independent release entitled “Lucky Girl”. In 2006 she was named the winner of American Idol Underground in the Pop Category. Exposure from the show led to her being offered the opportunity to shoot a music video. Along with it came the opportunity for her to co-write and cut three tracks with Sony producer/songwriter Automatic (Pink, India.Arie). With them she has co-written and cut three new tracks, “Emerald City”, “Let Me Inside” and “I Can’t Deny You”. Her single entitled “She Is” reached #4 on the Billboard's “Hot Singles Sales” chart. Her debut record is set to be released in January 2008. As of 4.21.08 her record has not yet been released.

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