Bruggencate, Catherine ten



For more than three decades Catherine ten Bruggencate has been one of The Netherlands most distinguished actresses. She excelled in tragic parts like Hedda Gabler, Miss Julie, Anna Karenina, as well as in comedies by Ayckborn and Moliére. She was awarded many times for her theatre work. Memorable creations in Angels in America, King Lear –The Fool- and her first solo performance as Virginia Woolfs Orlando won her much acclaim.

Her filmwork includes Hersenschimmen by Hedy Honigmann, Antonia´s Line by Marleen Gorris, and Ik Omhels Je Met 1000 Armen by Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen.

In 2009 she appeared in the musical Brandende Liefde as Mademoiselle Bonnema, and was nominated for a musical award.

In October her novel Zomertijd Wintertijd was released.

In 2010 she will play Queen Juliana in the TV series Den Uyl and The Lockheed Case, which will be broadcasted later this year. And there is more royalty to be expected: from October 2010 she hopes to star as Queen Wilhelmina in the musical The Rebel and The Queen.

Catherine ten Bruggencate is married and lives in Overijssel.

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