Brauen, Yangzom


Yangzom Brauen (born 18 April 1981) is a Swiss actress and political activist.

Brauen, the daughter of Swiss ethnologist Martin Brauen and Tibetan artist Sonam Dolma, started her acting career with small roles in Swiss television series. She had her Hollywood debut in the film Aeon Flux in the role of Inari. Since then, she has played in various American independent productions including a minor role in Al Pacino's Salomaybe, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Salome and the leading part in the German film Asudem (2006) by Daryush Shokof.

In addition to her acting work, Brauen has drawn media attention with her public advocacy on behalf of the Tibetan people. In 1999, she co-organised demonstrations against Chinese leader Jiang Zemin's visit to Switzerland, and in 2001 a photograph of her being arrested in Moscow during a protest against the award of the 2008 olympics to Beijing was used in news reports worldwide

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