Titel: The Boy with a Camera for a Face

Nederlandse/Belgische titel: -

Uitgebracht: Nederland, - / België, 2 november 2013

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy | 15 min. | .. jaar

Productiemaatschappij: … - Korte Film | Budget:

Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht: België, 2 november 2013 (Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival Bruges)

= Brown, Spencer

Auteur(s) | Bedenkers(s):
= Brown, Spencer

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Strip als: -
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Acteurs / Stemmen o.a.:
= Berkoff, Steven - (Narrator)
= Boubezari, Jaimie - (Camera Boy)
= Pyatt, Jessica - (Blurred Girl)
= Smith, Kirsten Hazel - (Camera Boy's Mother)
= Denman, Mike - (Camera Boy's Father)
= Dorman-Gajic, Ella - (First Love)

Korte inhoudsopgave:
The Boy with a Camera for a Face is a satirical fairy tale about a boy born with a camera instead of a head. We follow him from his birth through to adulthood, and experience his inability to live a normal life, as every moment of his existence is transformed by the fact that he is recording it. Told through pictures, the story is accompanied by a witty verse narration read by Steven Berkoff. Magical, humorous, romantic and ultimately heartbreaking, The Boy with a Camera for a Face is an epic story told in fifteen minutes about the way we live today.



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