Beardsley, Alice


“My debut as the Witch in Hansel & Gretel was so memorable an experience, and so heady, that I'm sure it was the seed that settled in my heart to make me an actress forever. While filming Where the Lilies Bloom, in Boone, N.C., I was introduced to quilting by a lady in the hills with astill in the backyard and my life has been enriched by that hobby. I have made many quilts and never seem to tire of starting another. I also enjoy braiding rugs as our early Americans did. These crafts seem to suit my 100-year-old house in Westchester and my cottage by the sea in the Hamptons.”

Nationality - American, Occupation - actress, Birth Details March 28, 1925 - Richmond, Virginia

Famous Works
Debut - The Witch, Hansel and Gretel, Dunedin Junior High School, Dunedin,FL, 1937.
New York Debut - Maggie, Eastward in Eden, Actors Playhouse, 1955-56.
Principal Stage Appearances - Flora, Leave It to Jane, Sheridan Square Playhouse, NY, 1957-58; Mrs. Basham, In Good King Charles' Golden Day, NY; Birdcage Lady, The Wall, Billy Rose, NY, 1960; Nursie, Camino Real, Circle in the Square, NY, 1960-61; Della, Cindy, NY, 1965; Mrs. Peachum, Threepenny Opera, Buffalo Studio Arena, 1967; Della, Boy on the Straight Backed Chair, American Place, NY, 1969; Belle, The Kid, American Place, NY, 1972; Marta Bolle, The Physicists, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1977; Mrs. Schlosser, The Front Page, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1982.

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