Baird, Alison


Alison Baird is the author of The Hidden World, The Wolves of Woden, The Dragon's Egg, and White as the Waves. She was honored by the Canadian Children's Book Centre, is a Silver Birch Award regional winner, and she was a finalist for the IODE Violet Downey Book Award. She lives in Oakville, Ontario.

She also wrote the Willowmere Chronicles, a series of three books about a revenant (a person who has been reincarnated) named Clair Norton. The three books are The Witches of Willowmere, The Warding of Willowmere, and The Wyrd of Willowmere.

She is also the author of The Dragon Throne series. The three books in this series are The Stone of the Stars, The Empire of the Stars, and The Archon of the Stars.

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