Titel: Back to the Future Part III

Nederlandse/Belgische titel: -

Uitgebracht: Nederland, 13 juli 1990 / België, 11 juli 1990

Genre: Science Fiction/Tijdreizen | 118 min. | 12 jaar

Productiemaatschappij: = Universal Pictures | Budget: $40.000.000 (geschat)

Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht: Canada, 25 mei 1990

Zemeckis, Robert

Auteur(s) | Bedenkers(s):
Zemeckis, Robert, = Gale, Bob

Boek als: -
Strip als: -
Hoorspel / Luisterboek als: -

Acteurs / Stemmen o.a.:
Fox, Michael J. - (Marty McFly)
Lloyd, Christopher - (Dr. Emmett Brown)
Steenburgen, Mary
= Wilson, Thomas F. - (Biff Tannen)
= Thompson, Lea - (Lorraine Baines)
= Shue, Elisabeth - (Jennifer Parker / Jennifer McFly)
= Clark, Matt - (Chester the Bartender)
= Dysart, Richard - (Barbwire Salesman)
= Buttram, Pat - (Saloon Old Timer)
= Carey Jr., Harry - (Saloon Old Timer)
= Taylor, Dub - (Saloon Old Timer)
= Tolkan, James - (Mr. Strickland)
= Glover, Crispin - (George McFly)
= Sullivan, Sean - (Buford's Gang Member #2)
= McClure, Marc - (Dave McFly)
= Sperber, Wendie Jo - (Linda McFly)
= Weissman, Jeffrey - (George McFly)
= Cohen, J. J. - (Skinhead)
= Logan, Ricky Dean - (Data)

Volledige Rolbezetting - Back to the Future Part III

Korte inhoudsopgave:
Doc Brown is in 1885 gestrand en Marty gaat weer terug in de tijd om hem te redden. Helaas raakt de benzine van de DeLorean op en moeten ze een andere manier verzinnen om terug naar de toekomst te komen. Hierbij worden ze gehinderd door een voorouder van Biff Tannen, die op het leven van Doc Brown uit is.

The locomotives that smash the DeLorean at the end of the film belonged to the Ventura County Railway.
Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis figured that for Back to the Future Part III they had already done all that they could with Marty's family, so the focus of the film was shifted to Doc Brown.
This is the only film in the trilogy where Marty and Doc Brown exchange catchphrases. Marty says “Great Scott!” and Doc Brown replies “Yeah, this is heavy” while talking about the tombstone photo.
The man in the saloon with barbed wire that Doc Brown converses with is not named, but appears to be historical figure Joseph Glidden. Glidden invented barbed wire, and the character's appearance is consistent with pictures and descriptions of Glidden.

Continuity: Buford Tannen's clothes are covered in tobacco stains as a result of the spittoon landing on him in the saloon, but the stains disappear and reappear during the shots of Marty being chased by Tannen and his men.

Continuity: When Buford Tannen starts to hang Marty at the new courthouse, we see him whip one loop of rope around Marty's neck before he pulls the rope tight to tie it to the hook. After Marty is pulled up into the air we see a close-up of him with his fingers inserted into at least three loops of rope around his neck.

Errors in geography: The Indians wear traditional clothing of the tribes living in the Great Plains region.

Revealing mistakes: In the beginning of the film when Doc wakes up and tries to remember what happened after the DeLorian time traveled, Marty scares him and he falls back onto his organ. This organ is actually a pump organ and requires air to fill via pedals to make a sound. Also the sound played is of a pipe organ. Pump organs make a more airy, reed type sound not the sound of a pipe.


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