Titel: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Nederlandse/Belgische titel: -

Uitgebracht: Nederland, 19 september 2007 / België, -

Genre: Science Fiction | 75 min. | 12 jaar

Productiemaatschappij: Babylonian Productions - DVD | Budget:

Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht: USA, 27 juli 2007 (Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival)

=Straczynski, J. Michael & =Barnes, Sara

Auteur(s) | Bedenkers(s):
=Straczynski, J. Michael (creator)

Boek als: -
Strip als: -
Hoorspel / Luisterboek als: -

Acteurs / Stemmen o.a.:
Scoggins, Tracy - (Captain Elizabeth Lochley)
Boxleitner, Bruce - (John Sheridan)
Woodward, Peter - (Galen)
Scarfe, Alan - (Father Cassidy)
Ramsay, Bruce - (Simon Burke)
= Rothery, Teryl - (ISN reporter Ms. Chambers)
= MacIntosh, Keegan - (Prince Regent Dius Vintari)
= Veroni, Craig -(Guard)
Biggs, Richard - (Stephen Franklin (archive footage)
Jurasik, Peter - (Londo Mollari)
Katsulas, Andreas - (G'Kar)
= Warren, Allison - (Minbari)

Volledige Rolbezetting - Babylon 5- The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark

Korte inhoudsopgave:
Tien jaar nadat hij president is geworden van de Interstellaire Alliantie keert John Sheridan terug naar Babylon 5 om het jubileum te vieren. Als een technomage hem een glimp van de toekomst toont waarbij de Aarde wordt vernietigd en een demon bezit neemt van een werker op Babylon 5 staat de toekomst van de Alliantie op het spel.

There was a third storyline in the original script involving Michael Garibaldi, Jerry Doyle's character from Babylon 5. Eventually it was decided that there should be only two segments, and since his was the most complicated visually and technically, it was postponed for a next time.

When Sheridan's ship drops out of quantumspace to pick up Prince Vintari, the nebula visible in the background appears identical to, and is probably intended to be, the Ring Nebula, which is visible from Earth in the constellation Lyra. Technically, the vivid colors, which are taken from widely available images of the nebula, are false-color renderings designed to differentiate the different elements in the nebula, and the nebula is not actually bright blue and orange to the naked eye as it is in this scene.

Nearly all of the props and costumes from the original series had been lost or stolen. The only ones to remain were a StarFury cockpit and Tracy Scoggins' EarthForce uniform.

Continuity: When Colonel Lochley is talking about Simon Burke she says he is a part of security. Later, the computer lists him as being a part of maintenance.

Miscellaneous: A SPFX glitch occurs when Father Cassidy arrives on Babylon 5. As he leaves his ship, there is a wide shot of the docking bay. In the far distance, two crewmen can be seen. One of them walks away from the other, then turns back, at which point the first one slowly rises up and then quickly down again.


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