Aubrey, Sarah


Sarah Aubrey is an English-Australian actress. She has had guest roles in episodes of All Saints, Water Rats and Above the Law, along with numerous TV commercials. She also won the Best Actress award at the 2002 Tropfest film festival and is one of Australia's top voice talents.

Aubrey appeared in the Australian television soap, Home and Away, in 1998 playing Tamara Duncan, in 2000 playing Gilly Austen[2] and again in 2007 playing Judy Holly. In 2000 she also appeared in Above the Law, playing Mary Stafford,[4] in Murder Call, playing Amy Simms and in All Saints, playing Amanda Morton. In 2001 she appeared in Water Rats, playing Madeleine Fyfe.

Aubrey won best actress at the Tropfest film festival in 2002 for the short film Boomerang and was in the Silverchair video “Ana's Song”, which was voted one of the top ten best videos on MTV in the United States.

In 2005 she appeared in an episode of The Secret Life of Us, playing Camel Toe. She subsequently provided the voices for characters in Dive Olly Dive and Master Raindrop.

In 2006 Aubrey formed a band with Scott Andrew (guitar, vocals), Christopher Campbell (bass, guitar, backing vocals) and Rebecca Clarke (drums, percussion). For two years they performed under the name 'Sarah Aubrey' but renamed the band 'Girl Most Likely'. Their songs have been used on television promotions for The L Word, All Saints and Home and Away. In February 2009 they released a self-titled debut EP.

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