Arnam, Dave Van


(31 July 1935 - Albany, California: 3 August 2002)

Working name of US writer David G Van Arnam (1935-2002), who insisted on the capital V (not van Arnam). He began publishing sf with Lost in Space (1967) with Ron Archer (Ted White), a novelization from the television series Lost in Space. Sideslip (1968) was also written with White, who this time used his own name; the protagonist of this Alternate-World tale finds himself in a different 1968 New Work where Aliens have ruled Earth since 1938, incidentally preventing World War Two. \

Further routine sf adventures by van Arnam are Star Gladiator (1967 chap dos), Starmind (1969) and Greyland (1972). The Zantain fantasies – The Players of Hell (1968 chap dos) and Wizard of Storms (1970) – are well constructed and occasionally vivid, as are the Jamnar/Star Barbarian fantasies, Star Barbarian (1969) and Lord of Blood (1970).

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