X-Men Origins- Wolverine



“Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree”
Written by L. Russell Brown and Irwin Levine
Performed by The Romantic Strings & Orchestra
Courtesy of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
By Arrangement with The Orchard

“Carousel Rides”
Written by Herman Beeftink
Performed by Herman Beeftink
Courtesy of Elite Source Music

“Zoot Shoot”
Written by Weevil & Riddick
Performed by Weevil & Riddick
Courtesy of Extreme Music

“New Orleans Boogie”
Written by Daniel May & Marc Ferrari
Performed by Daniel May
Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/MasterSource

“Gimme One More Shot”
Written by Jamie Dunlap and Scott Nickoley
Performed by Robin McAuley
Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/MasterSource

“Shinjuku Shadows”
Written by G.E. Stinson
Performed by Kaoru and G.E. Stinson
Courtesy of Maryatt Music Group, Inc.

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