Heart Condition


“Uzube Nami Baba”
Performed by Lady Smith Black Mambozo
Published by Shissa International
Courtesy of Gallo GRC Records

“Baby Please Don't Go”
Music and Lyrics by Joe Williams
Performed by Bob Hoskins and Denzel Washington
Published by MCA Music Publishing, A Division of MCA Incorporated (ASCAP)

“Can't Get Enough Of You Baby”
Music and Lyrics by S.A. Williams
Performed by Ray Baker, Kieran Mulroney, George Kyle, Bill Applebaum
© 1989 Katja Motion Picture Corporation

“Funk It”
Music and Lyrics by Anthony Williams and Anthony Atkinson
Performed by Anthony “Wink” Atkinson and Deidre Harris
© 1989 Katja Motion Picture Corporation

“Madam Butterfly”
Composed by Giacomo Pucinni
Courtesy of James & Aster,Inc.

“Have A Heart”
Written by Bonnie Hayes
Performed by Bonnie Raitt
Published by Bub-A-Lew Music

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