“Right Before Your Eyes”
Music by Daniel Estrin Lyrics by Douglas Robb (as Doug Robb) Performed by Hoobastank Produced by Rich Costey Hoobastank performs courtesy of Island Records

“Hang On”
Written by Shaun Welgemued, Dale Stewart Performed by Seether Produced by Jay Baumgardner Seether performs courtesy of Wind-up Entertainment, Inc.

“Learn the Hard Way”
Written by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger (as Michael Kroeger), Ryan Anthony Peake, Ryan Vikedal Performed by Nickelback Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

“Evening Rain”
Written by Moby & James Talley Performed by Moby Courtesy of V2 Records, Inc./Mute Ltd.

Written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Gene Elliot Thornton Performed by N.E.R.D. featuring Lee Harvey and Vita Courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc. Under license from EMI Film & TV Music

Written by Ali Dee and Vincent Alfieri Performed by Dara Shindler Courtesy of Deetown Entertainment

“Top o' the Morning to Ya”
Written by Leor Olmant, Willie Dixon, Erik Schrody, Danny O'Conner Performed by House of Pain Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Company, by arrangement with Warner Special Products Contains a sample of “I Ain't Superstitious” Written and Performed by Willie Dixon Courtesy of Columbia Records By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

“Release the Dogs”
Written by Nathan Gray, Chad Istvan, Josh Latshow, Matt Krupanski, Rob Avery Performed by BOYSETSFIRE Courtesy of Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc.

“Stay Up”
Written by Ali Dee & Lordikim Allah Performed by Boogle Courtesy of Deetown Entertainment

“For You”
Written by Aaron Kamin and Alex Band Performed by The Calling Produced by Marc Tanner, Aaron Kamin and Alex Band The Calling performs courtesy of The RCA Records Label

“Dinner Jazz”
Written by Tony Kinsey Courtesy of FirstCom Music, Inc.

“Tears After Midnight”
Written by John Parricelli Courtesy of FirstCom Music, Inc.

“Sweet Brown Eyes”
Written by John Parricelli Courtesy of FirstCom Music, Inc.

“The Man Without Fear”
Written by Rob Zombie, C.J. Pierce, Stevie Benton and Mike Luce Performed by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie Produced by Scott Humphrey Drowning Pool performs courtesy of Wind-up Entertainment, Inc. Rob Zombie performs courtesy of Geffen Records

“My Immortal”
Performed by Evanescence Written by Amy Lee and Ben Moody String Arrangement by Graeme Revell Courtesy of Wind-up Entertainment, Inc.

“Right Now”
Written by Marcos, William Hughes, Vito Tisdale, Ron Clutch (as Ron Wilson), Melvin Adams, Brian Scott Performed by Nappy Roots featuring Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

“Bring Me to Life”
Written by Amy Lee, Ben Moody and David Hodges Performed by Evanescence featuring Paul McCoy of 12 Stones Courtesy of Wind-up Entertainment, Inc.

“Bleed for Me”
Written by Josey Scott, Chris D'Abaldo, Wayne Swinney, David Novotny, Paul Crosby and Bob Marlette Performed by Saliva Courtesy of Island Records

“Won't Back Down”
Written by Carl Bell Performed by Fuel Produced by Michael Beinhorn Fuel performs courtesy of Epic Records

“Caught in the Rain”
Written by Robert Davis, Nathaniel Cox, Justin Holman and Robert Thielman Performed by Revis Courtesy of Epic Records By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

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