Young Dracula


Episode #1.1 S1, Ep1 Sep. 21, 2006 Episode #1.1

Episode #1.2 S1, Ep2 Sep. 28, 2006 Episode #1.2

Episode #1.3 S1, Ep3 Oct. 5, 2006 Episode #1.3

Episode #1.4 S1, Ep4 Oct. 12, 2006 Episode #1.4

Episode #1.5 S1, Ep5 Oct. 19, 2006 Episode #1.5

Episode #1.6 S1, Ep6 Oct. 26, 2006 Episode #1.6

Episode #1.7 S1, Ep7 Nov. 2, 2006 Episode #1.7

Episode #1.8 S1, Ep8 Nov. 9, 2006 Episode #1.8

Episode #1.9 S1, Ep9 Nov. 16, 2006 Episode #1.9

Episode #1.10 S1, Ep10 Nov. 23, 2006 Episode #1.10

Episode #1.11 S1, Ep11 Nov. 30, 2006 Episode #1.11

Episode #1.12 S1, Ep12 Dec. 7, 2006 Episode #1.12

Episode #1.13 S1, Ep13 Dec. 14, 2006 Episode #1.13

Episode #1.14 S1, Ep14 Dec. 21, 2006 Episode #1.14

Kidnipped S2, Ep1 Nov. 2, 2007 Kidnipped

The Yanks Are Coming S2, Ep2 Nov. 9, 2007 The Yanks Are Coming

Mirror, Mirror S2, Ep3 Nov. 16, 2007 Mirror, Mirror

Bad Reflection S2, Ep4 Nov. 23, 2007 Bad Reflection On Boris's birthday, Vlad fails to help him escape from the Dracula castle, so the wimp is turned into a cool vampire. Only Vlad believes he's not evil, a ploy while Boris turns even Robin into his slave. Worse, Boris even over-demands the blood-mirror, to seize supreme power while his elders whither by fastened aging.

Dad's Back S2, Ep5 Nov. 30, 2007 Dad's Back Talented but clumsy alchemy student Vlad discovers that Renfield's dad kept incomplete notes and these included a recipe for a cure against vampirism. So Vlad resurrects Senior from the only bone left after an attack from Zoltan's hell-hound friends pack. Alas the evil dad recognizes Vlad as his master, and has his son thrown out to take revenge on the Dracula family and steal the immortality the count always promised him. Robin can't bear unemployed Renfield cooking for his family. Jonathan warns dad, whose nearly 40, that Van Helsing slayers never reach that age - …

Baby Dracula S2, Ep6 Dec. 7, 2007 Baby Dracula Vlad resents coffin sleep-practice and hates dad for devouring his teddy-bear. The unfaithful ma Magda turns up, pregnant and claiming to have left werewolf Patrick for the Count. Now the baby proves a promising rival as heir, Vlad finally 'accepts the throne', but his parents intend to transfer even the name Vladimir. Even learning to throw fire won't make him favorite again, but he discovers the truth.

Insomnia S2, Ep7 Dec. 14, 2007 Insomnia Vlad tells only Robin he keeps dosing off into vampiric nightmares, even pursued by slayers. But it gets worse till he's rushed from school to hospital. Pa the count, an enemy in the dreams, hopes it means he's chosen, Ingrid that he'll die in dreamland and hence for real.

Love Bites S2, Ep8 Dec. 21, 2007 Love Bites On Valentine's day, the count makes Renfield mix his irresistible perfume, the Trap. Ingrid raffles her ball date, to ignore him after payment, but winner Will Clarke proves just the right sass for mutual attraction. Robin pretends to live in the castle to impress Delilah, but there Vlad is attracted enough to play dirty, on both rival and dad. Alas, a Trap spill crosses everything.

Bodyswap S2, Ep9 Jan. 11, 2008 Bodyswap The city museum is exhibiting the Staff of Carpathia, which cures vampirism. Vlad wants it to use, the count to dispose of it, the Van Helsings come to protect it. The dads soon find out it works by making the vampire's life force move out - into Van Helsing's body, which is now under their rivaling control. Meanwhile the count's is 'uninhabited', to be protected by Robin or destroyed by Jonathan. Meanwhile Ingrid is alone with Zoltan and testing her growing powers.

Sweet Sixteen S2, Ep10 Jan. 18, 2008 Sweet Sixteen At Ingrid's 16th birthday, she can't wait for her transformation into a real vampire. However once her mirror reflection actually proves more evil, demanding she bites her lover Will, she's scared off and gets Vlad to help her escape. The invisible reflection follows sneakily. Back in the castle, mother rivals with the confused count, to the point of dueling.

Eclipse S2, Ep11 Jan. 25, 2008 Eclipse Vlad warned dad and Ingrid that fighting could attract the police. When PC Brown actually show up, it's to question the count about a missing man. Vlad and Robin give the father and castle a desperate modernizing make-up as part of an elaborate cover. Alas their story for the other Branaughs isn't perfectly coordinated. On the day of a total eclipse, Ingrid slips out for a vampire movie date. There she decides to come clean to lover Will.

When Vampires Go Bad S2, Ep12 Feb. 1, 2008 When Vampires Go Bad After a long list of complaints, even from cousin Boris, Dracula is tried for consorting with rather and even slayers by the Grand High Vampire, at pain of death. Vlad and Robin try to save him, and discover a mystery slaying. The Van Helsings meanwhile must pass a status review, and the examining professor makes their slayer status dependent on a 'single blow' test: slay Dracula!

The Chosen One S2, Ep13 Feb. 7, 2008 The Chosen One Now the Grand High Vampire is murdered, the count hosts the vampires magnates to attend his successor's magical choice and coronation. Vlad has an apparition by the late incumbent telling him he's one better: the chosen. Signs confirm this, as successive appointees are annihilated by putting on the crown. When the count is designated, Vlad is torn between saving his family or his non-vampire-ship, while Ingrid hopes to be their father's heir. Meanwhile the slayer guild got wind of it and has sent its crack killer, Kurt as the Van Helsings, who can't even cope with the…

Hide and Seek S3, Ep1 Oct. 31, 2011 Hide and Seek Vlad is back and has his powers as the chosen one.

The Enemy Within S3, Ep2 Nov. 1, 2011 The Enemy Within

Faustian Slip S3, Ep3 Nov. 7, 2011 Faustian Slip

Fangs for the Memories S3, Ep4 Nov. 8, 2011 Fangs for the Memories

Carpathian Feast S3, Ep5 Nov. 14, 2011 Carpathian Feast

Blood Thief S3, Ep6 Nov. 15, 2011 Blood Thief

Bad to the Bone S3, Ep7 Nov. 21, 2011 Bad to the Bone

Bad Vlad S3, Ep8 Nov. 22, 2011 Bad Vlad

Therapy S3, Ep9 Nov. 28, 2011 Therapy

The Return S3, Ep10 Nov. 29, 2011 The Return

Hit Chicks S3, Ep11 Dec. 5, 2011 Hit Chicks

Blood Loyalties S3, Ep12 Dec. 6, 2011 Blood Loyalties

All for One S3, Ep13 Dec. 12, 2011 All for One

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