X-Men - (TV Serie)


Night of the Sentinels: Part 1 S1, Ep1 Oct. 31, 1992 Night of the Sentinels: Part 1 A young teenager has been rejecting her mutant powers ever since she discovered them. But when giant robots track her down, it's up to the X-Men to save her.

Night of the Sentinels: Part 2 S1, Ep2 Nov. 7, 1992 Night of the Sentinels: Part 2 After breaking into the headquarters of the newly discovered government branch called The Mutant Control Agency, the X-men lose two of their own members in a battle with the Sentinels.

Enter Magneto S1, Ep3 Nov. 27, 1992 Enter Magneto As the Beast waits for his arraignment in court in front of an anti-mutant public, Magneto tries to break Beast out of jail, only to receive resistance from Beast. An old enemy of Wolverine's pops up, and the X-Men take him in. Magneto then attacks a military base, trying to bring mutants together against the oppression brought upon.

Deadly Reunions S1, Ep4 Jan. 23, 1993 Deadly Reunions Professor Xavier and Magneto confront each other for the first time in years, meanwhile Wolverine and Sabretooth come face to face. Professor Xavier tries to examine Sabretooth's mind to figure out his rage problem. After his last terrorist action failed, Magneto plots a new one to bring Professor Xavier out into the open. Sabretooth and Wolverine confront each other in the mansion's war room.

Captive Hearts S1, Ep5 Jan. 30, 1993 Captive Hearts Wolverine has strong feeling for Jean Grey, but she's with Cyclops. Storm has a paralyzing case of claustrophobia and must overcome this as the X-Men venture into the New York sewers to rescue Jean Grey and Cyclops from a deformed race of mutants called the Morlocks. Storm confronts the leader of the Morlocks, Callisto, who wants Cyclops to rule beside her as king.

Cold Vengeance S1, Ep6 Feb. 6, 1993 Cold Vengeance After leaving the X-Men, Wolverine looks for solitude in the arctic, but comes across Sabretooth, who's been tracking him. When the safety of a local tribe is threatened by Sabretooth, Wolverine must defeat him. Meanwhile Jubilee, Storm and Gambit do some investigating at an island resort called Genosha that seems to be a safe haven for mutants.

Slave Island S1, Ep7 Feb. 13, 1993 Slave Island After finding out that the safe haven known as Genosha was too good to be true, Storm, Jubilee and Gambit become slaves along with other mutants who thought it was a safe place as well. They are forced to build a damn which doubles as a power supply for a new Sentinel factory. Fortunately an unknown mercenary named Cable is already planning their exit plan.

The Unstoppable Juggernaut S1, Ep8 Mar. 6, 1993 The Unstoppable Juggernaut As the X-Men return home from their adventure at Genosha, they find the mansion destroyed and Professor Xavier gone. They are led to believe the wrecking crew is a Russian immigrant known as Colossus. But the real demolition man maybe someone far beyond their expectations, and a lot closer to home.

The Cure S1, Ep9 Feb. 20, 1993 The Cure The same scientist who created the ability suppression collars for Genosha claims to have developed a cure for mutation. Rogue goes to the doctor for help. Professor Xavier has shown up at Muir Island to investigate the same “cure”. They quickly find out that the doctor and his cure are not what she was lead to believe.

Come the Apocalypse S1, Ep10 Feb. 27, 1993 Come the Apocalypse Still posing as Dr. Adler, Mystique is still promising a cure for mutation, but little do they know that she's really recruiting mutants to become the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. And Apocalypse's plans for “survival of the fittest” comes to light.

Days of Future Past: Part 1 S1, Ep11 Mar. 13, 1993 Days of Future Past: Part 1 A mutant security enforcement officer from a bleak future, named Bishop, comes back to present time to thwart an assassination in an attempt to change history for a better future. The time transportation made his mind a little fuzzy and with little to work on as to who did the assassination and not having full details of how it happens, Bishop may have more work than he can handle alone.

Days of Future Past: Part 2 S1, Ep12 Mar. 20, 1993 Days of Future Past: Part 2 Bishop believes that the assassin he's come back in time to stop is Gambit. The X-men go to Washington D.C. to try and stop the assassination themselves leaving Gambit and Bishop back at the mansion and Wolverine to keep an eye on them. Gambit takes off to Washington D.C. to prove he's not the assassin only to be confronted by… himself?

The Final Decision S1, Ep13 Mar. 27, 1993 The Final Decision Senator Kelly has been abducted by Magneto and given the facts about Magneto's goals of superiority of mutants over humans, the X-men's beliefs of peaceful co-existence between both races, and the Sentinel's plans of global domination. And must make a decision of his future plans in politics based on this information.

'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 S2, Ep1 Oct. 23, 1993 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 Jean and Scott get married. Newly elected President Kelly has freed Beast who has been incarcerated since the attack on government facility at the beginning of Season 1 and added him as part of his Presidential cabinet. Another friend who was thought to be dead at the same incident has resurfaced, but this time he's not so friendly. With the President's newly found pro-mutant point of view, the public feels betrayed are reacting with violence.

'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2 S2, Ep2 Oct. 30, 1993 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2 Scott and Jean are on their way to a secluded island for their honeymoon, but gets cut short by Mister Sinister. As Morph continues with his plans of revenge against the X-Men, he starts losing his motivation. But Mister Sinister makes sure he finishes what he started. The Friends of Humanity have began to rally.

Whatever It Takes S2, Ep3 Nov. 6, 1993 Whatever It Takes Storm recovers from her injuries and returns to her duty as leader of the X-Men. When a tear in the astral plane appears in Africa, Storm goes there to investigate. It just so happens that the tear is in her home village. Meanwhile Xavier and Magneto are lured to the Savage Land in Antarctica and Wolverine continues his search for Morph.

Red Dawn S2, Ep4 Nov. 13, 1993 Red Dawn Colossus returns home to Russia with Jubilee by his side. They are confronted by a newly revived Russian, life force absorbing, super soldier from the cold war, named Omega Red, who has a bad history with Wolverine. Xavier and Magneto continue their treacherous journey through the Savage Land.

Repo Man S2, Ep5 Nov. 20, 1993 Repo Man After Wolverine has been lured to Canada by an alleged message from his old friend, Heather Hudson, he finds himself fighting Heather's husband, Vindicator, and the Canadian super team, Alpha Flight, instead. Alpha Flight believes that they were only sent after Wolverine to get him to rejoin their team. However, their General Chasen has a more sinister agenda: to retrieve Wolverine's adamantium skeleton – at any cost.

X-Ternally Yours S2, Ep6 Dec. 4, 1993 X-Ternally Yours Every ten years, The Assassins Guild and The Thieves Guild must each give an offering to a supernatural being called The X-Ternal, in exchange for power. When it comes to be Gambit's brother, Bobby, who has to offer the tithing this time, he comes up missing. The Assassins Guild want to exchange him for Gambit, so he can finally come face to face with the woman he left at the altar 10 years before.

Time Fugitives: Part 1 S2, Ep7 Dec. 11, 1993 Time Fugitives: Part 1

Time Fugitives: Part 2 S2, Ep8 Dec. 18, 1993 Time Fugitives: Part 2

A Rogue's Tale S2, Ep9 Jan. 8, 1994 A Rogue's Tale Mr. Sinister send Mystique to destroy the X-Men while Professor X is lost in the Savage Land. Rogue starts having painful visions of a mysterious woman and they're literally driving her crazy when the mysterious woman possesses Rogue's body. Unknown to the X-men, this mystery woman holds some dark secrets to Rogue's past before she joined the X-Men.

Beauty and the Beast S2, Ep10 Jan. 15, 1994 Beauty and the Beast The Friends Of Humanity attack a hospital for the blind that Beast is working at. And Wolverine plans on tearing them apart from the inside. Beast and one of his blind patients, Carly, fall in love together. But Carly's father is a mutant hater and won't stand to see them associating with each other. When the Friends Of Humanity kidnap Carly for associating with a mutant, Wolverine, Beast, and the FOH come full circle. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are struggling to survive.

Mojovision S2, Ep11 Feb. 5, 1994 Mojovision On a world ruled by Television, an alien named Mojo is master. When he abducts the X-Men and forces them to be action heroes in his shows, he may have to deal with more than he bargained for when Mojo's original action hero sabotages him. Xavier and Magneto are still slowly making their way through the Savage Land.

Reunion: Part 1 S2, Ep12 Feb. 12, 1994 Reunion: Part 1 Xavier and Magneto finally make their way back to Xavier's plane, only to be ambushed by some mutates. The new ruler of the Savage Land is revealed but not until they make a new ally. Morph sends a message to the X-Men revealing his location which provides an encounter with Mr. Sinister and his group of Nasty Boys.

Reunion: Part 2 S2, Ep13 Feb. 19, 1994 Reunion: Part 2 The X-Men are now in the Savage Land and are powerless like Xavier and Magneto, which leaves the X-Men open to being experimented on by Mr. Sinister. The only ones left to rescue them are Ka-Zar and Wolverine. Once everyone regains their powers, the Savage Land is restored. But what does the future hold for the Savage Land now?

Out of the Past: Part 1 S3, Ep1 Jul. 29, 1994 Out of the Past: Part 1 Wolverine is lured into the Morlock tunnels by a former lover who is accompanied by a group of cybernetic mercenaries called Reavers. Wolverine discovers this woman he used to love isn't the woman he once knew, as she's gone through the same cybernetic alterations that the Reavers have, and a new moniker, calling herself Lady Deathstrike. She has discovered a long buried alien craft and needs Wolverine's adamantium claws to cut it open.

Out of the Past: Part 2 S3, Ep2 Aug. 5, 1994 Out of the Past: Part 2 After being released from an alien spacecraft, a being called the Spirit Drinker starts draining the life force of the people around it, including The Reavers, Lady Deathstrike and Jubilee. Can the X-Men figure out the secret of destroying it before the drained life forces are gone forever?

Phoenix Saga, Part 1: Sacrifice S3, Ep3 Sep. 5, 1994 Phoenix Saga, Part 1: Sacrifice Professor X's visions leads to his decision to blindly send the team to commandeer a space shuttle on which they are then attacked by Shi'ar agent Erik The Red who has plans to ambush the rebel, Lilandra when she exits a space wormhole. Jean Grey experiences a transformation as the shuttle travels through an energy field.

Phoenix Saga, Part 2: Dark Shroud S3, Ep4 Sep. 6, 1994 Phoenix Saga, Part 2: Dark Shroud A psychic probe in the form of a beam of light causes Professor X's to emit a psychic projection of his dark side which then attacks the X-Men. Professor X retreats to Muir Island for rehabilitation but is visited by Lilandra.

Phoenix Saga, Part 3: Cry of the Banshee S3, Ep5 Sep. 7, 1994 Phoenix Saga, Part 3: Cry of the Banshee Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy kidnap Lilandra for Erik The Red but the X-Men track them down. A fight results in a stalemate until Gladiator, guard to the imperial throne, shows up to take Lilandra captive. Phoenix rescues her and vanquishes Gladiator for the meantime.

Phoenix Saga, Part 4: Starjammers S3, Ep6 Sep. 8, 1994 Phoenix Saga, Part 4: Starjammers The X-Men fail to protect the M'Kraan Crystal from intergalactic pirates called Starjammers who plan to sell it to D'Ken as well as to use Cyclops as an assassin. Phoenix transports the X-Men to the crystal but D'Ken succeeds in unlocking it's power.

Phoenix Saga, Part 5: Child of Light S3, Ep7 Sep. 9, 1994 Phoenix Saga, Part 5: Child of Light The X-Men are drawn in to battle against D'Ken within the confines of the world within the M'Kraan Crystal where Phoenix makes a last stand.

Savage Land, Savage Heart: Part 1 S3, Ep8 Sep. 10, 1994 Savage Land, Savage Heart: Part 1

Savage Land, Strange Heart: Part 2 S3, Ep9 Sep. 17, 1994 Savage Land, Strange Heart: Part 2

Obsession S3, Ep10 Sep. 24, 1994 Obsession

The Dark Phoenix: Part 1 - Dazzled S3, Ep11 Nov. 12, 1994 The Dark Phoenix: Part 1 - Dazzled

The Dark Phoenix: Part 2 - Inner Circle S3, Ep12 Nov. 12, 1994 The Dark Phoenix: Part 2 - Inner Circle

The Dark Phoenix: Part 3 - Dark Phoenix S3, Ep13 Nov. 19, 1994 The Dark Phoenix: Part 3 - Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix: Part 4 - The Fate of Phoenix S3, Ep14 Nov. 26, 1994 The Dark Phoenix: Part 4 - The Fate of Phoenix

Cold Comfort S3, Ep15 Feb. 4, 1995 Cold Comfort Iceman, a former X-Man, is caught sneaking into a federal warehouse. He is captured by his former team, but Jubilee tries to help him.

Orphan's End S3, Ep16 Feb. 25, 1995 Orphan's End

Juggernaut Returns S3, Ep17 May 6, 1995 Juggernaut Returns

Nightcrawler S3, Ep18 May 13, 1995 Nightcrawler On holiday, Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine must protect Nightcrawler, a demonic-looking but kind-hearted monk, from a misled community.

Weapon X, Lies & Videotape S3, Ep19 Jun. 11, 1995 Weapon X, Lies & Videotape Wolverine discovers everything about his past life in the government program Weapon X was a lie… including his love affair with Silver Fox.

One Man's Worth: Part 1 S4, Ep1 Sep. 9, 1995 One Man's Worth: Part 1

One Man's Worth: Part 2 S4, Ep2 Sep. 16, 1995 One Man's Worth: Part 2

Courage S4, Ep3 Sep. 23, 1995 Courage

Proteus: Part 1 S4, Ep4 Sep. 30, 1995 Proteus: Part 1

Proteus: Part 2 S4, Ep5 Oct. 7, 1995 Proteus: Part 2

Sanctuary: Part 1 S4, Ep6 Oct. 21, 1995 Sanctuary: Part 1

Sanctuary: Part 2 S4, Ep7 Oct. 28, 1995 Sanctuary: Part 2

Beyond Good and Evil: Part 1 S4, Ep8 Nov. 4, 1995 Beyond Good and Evil: Part 1

Beyond Good and Evil: Part 2 S4, Ep9 Nov. 11, 1995 Beyond Good and Evil: Part 2

Beyond Good and Evil: Part 3 S4, Ep10 Nov. 18, 1995 Beyond Good and Evil: Part 3

Beyond Good and Evil: Part 4 S4, Ep11 Nov. 25, 1995 Beyond Good and Evil: Part 4

Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas S4, Ep12 Dec. 23, 1995 Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas

The Lotus and the Steel S4, Ep13 Feb. 3, 1996 The Lotus and the Steel

Love in Vain S4, Ep14 Feb. 10, 1996 Love in Vain

Secrets, Not Long Buried S4, Ep15 Feb. 17, 1996 Secrets, Not Long Buried

Xavier Remembers S4, Ep16 Apr. 27, 1996 Xavier Remembers

Family Ties S4, Ep17 May 4, 1996 Family Ties Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver of the mutant team X-Factor and his sister, Wanda, The Scarlet Witch of the Avengers, learn from their dying father, that they were adopted. Magneto, who is looking for his estranged wife, may hold a clue to the Maxinoff twins' past.

The Phalanx Covenant: Part 1 S5, Ep1 Sep. 7, 1996 The Phalanx Covenant: Part 1

The Phalanx Covenant: Part 2 S5, Ep2 Sep. 7, 1996 The Phalanx Covenant: Part 2

A Deal with the Devil S5, Ep3 Sep. 14, 1996 A Deal with the Devil

No Mutant Is an Island S5, Ep4 Sep. 21, 1996 No Mutant Is an Island

Longshot S5, Ep5 Oct. 5, 1996 Longshot

Bloodlines S5, Ep6 Aug. 28, 1996 Bloodlines Nightcrawler finally meets the mother who gave him up… Mystique.

Storm Front: Part 1 S5, Ep7 Nov. 2, 1996 Storm Front: Part 1

Storm Front: Part 2 S5, Ep8 Nov. 9, 1996 Storm Front: Part 2

Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theater S5, Ep9 Nov. 16, 1996 Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theater Jubilee and a group of children are trapped by a cave-in in the caverns underneath the Xaviar Mansion, she tells a fairy tale to kill time while they wait to be rescued.

Fifth Horseman S5, Ep10 Feb. 8, 1997 Fifth Horseman

Old Soldiers S5, Ep11 Feb. 22, 1997 Old Soldiers While visiting the grave of a friend in an Army Cemetary in France, Wolverine remembers a mission he did for him, while battling the Nazis and Red Skull with none other than Captain America on his side.

Descent S5, Ep12 Sep. 6, 1997 Descent

Hidden Agenda S5, Ep13 Sep. 13, 1997 Hidden Agenda

Graduation Day S5, Ep14 Sep. 20, 1997 Graduation Day On the verge of Magneto's final stand against humans, the X-Men request him to save a dying Professor X. What choice will he make?

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