X-Men- Evolution


Strategy X S1, Ep1 Nov. 4, 2000 Strategy X

The X-Impulse S1, Ep2 Nov. 11, 2000 The X-Impulse

Rogue Recruit S1, Ep3 Nov. 18, 2000 Rogue Recruit In Mississipi, a girl known only as Rogue learns she has power to absorb the memories, energy and powers of others. This frightens her, but also leads to both the X-men and the Brotherhood trying to find her for their own purposes.

Mutant Crush S1, Ep4 Nov. 25, 2000 Mutant Crush A large mutant boy, Fred 'Blob' Dukes, enrolls in Bayville High. It is soon apparent that Fred has many issues deal with including his powers and his feelings about Jean.

Speed and Spyke S1, Ep5 Dec. 2, 2000 Speed and Spyke When Storm's nephew, Evan Daniels is discovered to have mutant powers, he is reluctant to join the team

Middleverse S1, Ep6 Jan. 27, 2001 Middleverse Kurt becomes trapped in an alternative universe created by another young mutant known as Forge, who himself has been stuck there for more than 20 years.

Turn of the Rogue S1, Ep7 Feb. 3, 2001 Turn of the Rogue

SpykeCam S1, Ep8 Feb. 10, 2001 SpykeCam Spyke receives a video camera for a class assignment, but the camera is found by Wolverine's nemesis, Sabre-Tooth, who uses it to find the institute.

Survival of the Fittest S1, Ep9 Mar. 3, 2001 Survival of the Fittest The X-men and the Brotherhood, go to a survival camp where they must learn to work together. Mystique releases Professor X's evil brother, Jauggernaut.

Shadowed Past S1, Ep10 Mar. 31, 2001 Shadowed Past Rogue has nightmares based on memories she absorbed from Mystique, which reveal secrets about both her and Kurt's past.

Grim Reminder S1, Ep11 Apr. 14, 2001 Grim Reminder

The Cauldron: Part 1 S1, Ep12 May 5, 2001 The Cauldron: Part 1

The Cauldron: Part 2 S1, Ep13 May 12, 2001 The Cauldron: Part 2

Growing Pains S2, Ep1 Sep. 29, 2001 Growing Pains

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom S2, Ep2 Oct. 6, 2001 Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

Power Surge S2, Ep3 Oct. 13, 2001 Power Surge

Fun and Games S2, Ep4 Oct. 20, 2001 Fun and Games When the Professor, Wolverine, and Storm are away on personal matters, the younger X-Men decide to have a party at the mansion, but a nerdy schoolmate discovers The Danger Room and thinks it's an elaborate video game.

Beast of Bayville S2, Ep5 Oct. 27, 2001 Beast of Bayville Henry McCoy, a teacher at Bayville High (and a former student of Xaviar's) undergoes a strange transformation into a blue-furred beast.

Adrift S2, Ep6 Nov. 3, 2001 Adrift Cyclops and Havok become lost at sea.

African Storm S2, Ep7 Nov. 17, 2001 African Storm

Joyride S2, Ep8 Dec. 1, 2001 Joyride

On Angel's Wings S2, Ep9 Dec. 15, 2001 On Angel's Wings It's Christmas time and a mysterious “angel” has been sighted in New York City, saving those in need.

Mindbender S2, Ep10 Jan. 26, 2002 Mindbender

Shadow Dance S2, Ep11 Feb. 2, 2002 Shadow Dance

Retreat S2, Ep12 Feb. 16, 2002 Retreat Beast accompanies Kitty and the New Mutants on a retreat in the woods, where a group of hunters think he is a Bigfoot.

Walk on the Wild Side S2, Ep13 Mar. 2, 2002 Walk on the Wild Side

Operation: Rebirth S2, Ep14 Mar. 20, 2002 Operation: Rebirth

The HeX Factor S2, Ep15 Apr. 20, 2002 The HeX Factor

Day of Reckoning - Part 1 S2, Ep16 May 11, 2002 Day of Reckoning - Part 1

Day of Reckoning - Part 2 S2, Ep17 May 11, 2002 Day of Reckoning - Part 2

Day of Recovery S3, Ep1 Sep. 14, 2002 Day of Recovery

The Stuff of Heroes S3, Ep2 Sep. 21, 2002 The Stuff of Heroes

Mainstream S3, Ep3 Sep. 28, 2002 Mainstream

The Stuff of Villains S3, Ep4 Oct. 5, 2002 The Stuff of Villains

Blind Alley S3, Ep5 Oct. 19, 2002 Blind Alley

X-Treme Measures S3, Ep6 Nov. 2, 2002 X-Treme Measures

The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe S3, Ep7 Nov. 9, 2002 The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Self Possessed S3, Ep8 Nov. 16, 2002 Self Possessed

Under Lock and Key S3, Ep9 Nov. 30, 2002 Under Lock and Key

X23 S3, Ep10 Aug. 2, 2003 X23

Dark Horizon: Part 1 S3, Ep11 Aug. 9, 2003 Dark Horizon: Part 1

Dark Horizon: Part 2 S3, Ep12 Aug. 16, 2003 Dark Horizon: Part 2

Cruise Control S3, Ep13 Aug. 23, 2003 Cruise Control

Impact S4, Ep1 Aug. 30, 2003 Impact

No Good Deed S4, Ep2 Sep. 6, 2003 No Good Deed The Brotherhood stage accidents in order to make themselves look like heroes and use their new found fame to make the X-men look bad.

Target X S4, Ep3 Sep. 13, 2003 Target X

Sins of the Son S4, Ep4 Sep. 20, 2003 Sins of the Son

Uprising S4, Ep5 Sep. 27, 2003 Uprising During a wave of anti-mutant violence, Spyke returns, having further mutated as a vigilante and protector of the sewer-dwelling Morlocks.

Cajun Spice S4, Ep6 Oct. 4, 2003 Cajun Spice Gambit, the card playing Cajun mutant abducts Rogue to help him find his kidnapped father.

Ghost of a Chance S4, Ep7 Oct. 11, 2003 Ghost of a Chance Kitty befriends Danielle Moonstar, a young mutant girl, but does she really exist?

Ascension: Part 1 S4, Ep8 Oct. 18, 2003 Ascension: Part 1

Ascension: Part 2 S4, Ep9 Oct. 25, 2003 Ascension: Part 2

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