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At Midnight, All the Agents… S1, Ep1 Jul. 17, 2008 At Midnight, All the Agents… The insane outlaw superhero, Rorschach, discovers a murder victim was The Comedian, and proceeds to warn his colleague about a possible conspiracy to kill them as well.

Absent Friends S1, Ep2 Oct. 6, 2008 Absent Friends As Rorschach continues his investigation of The Comedian's murder, his colleagues reflect on their memories of the ironically misanthropic man.

The Judge of All the Earth S1, Ep3 Oct. 20, 2008 The Judge of All the Earth On the day Laurie walks on Dr. Manhattan, the superhuman man is suddenly confronted with disturbing allegations that drive him to leave Earth.

Watchmaker S1, Ep4 Nov. 3, 2008 Watchmaker Cursed with perceiving all time periods at once, Dr. Manhattan reviews his life while on Mars.

Fearful Symmetry S1, Ep5 Nov. 17, 2008 Fearful Symmetry As Rorschach continues his investigation, an attempt on Adrian Veidt's life seems to support his Mask-Killer theory.

The Abyss Gazes Also S1, Ep6 Dec. 1, 2008 The Abyss Gazes Also During examinations by a naive psychiatrist, the imprisoned Rorschach wears down his interviewer's spirit by recounting his own life and philosophy.

A Brother to Dragons S1, Ep7 Dec. 15, 2008 A Brother to Dragons As Dan and Laurie's relationship grows, they decide to venture out as Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre again on one special night.

Old Ghosts S1, Ep8 Dec. 29, 2008 Old Ghosts While Rorschach faces deadly peril in prison, Dan and Laurie's decision to break him out to investigate his increasingly plausible conspiracy theory has terrible consequences.

The Darkness of Mere Being S1, Ep9 Jan. 12, 2009 The Darkness of Mere Being As Doctor Manhattan brings Laurie to Mars to debate why he should return to Earth to save it, her personal memories and a shattering revelation from them play a critical role.

Two Riders Were Approaching… S1, Ep10 Jan. 26, 2009 Two Riders Were Approaching… As Nite-Owl and Rorschach investigate the apparent conspiracy against them, their discovery of the prime suspect forces them on a possible one way journey to confront him.

Look on My Works, Ye Mighty… S1, Ep11 Feb. 9, 2009 Look on My Works, Ye Mighty… In Antarctica as Nite-Owl and Rorschach prepare to face him, Ozymandias explains his life and plans even as he executes them.

A Stronger Loving World S1, Ep12 Feb. 23, 2009 A Stronger Loving World Too late to stop their enemy, the heroes' attempt to bring him to justice finds them confronted with a profoundly agonizing moral dilemma.

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