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An Evil Within S4, Ep2 Unknown An Evil Within

Personal Effects S4, Ep3 Unknown Personal Effects

There's Always a Downside S4, Ep4 Unknown There's Always a Downside

No Pain No Gain S4, Ep5 Unknown No Pain No Gain

Fractures S4, Ep6 Unknown Fractures

Second Chance S4, Ep8 Unknown Second Chance

The Living and the Dead S4, Ep11 Unknown The Living and the Dead

Pilot S1, Ep1 Jul. 7, 2009 Pilot The Secret Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are assigned to protect an exposition in Washington D.C., but they fail and a rare Aztec stone is stolen. However, they are individually assigned to a matter of national security by the mysterious Mrs. Irene Frederic and they meet each other in a warehouse in South Dakota, the Badlands. They are welcomed by the clumsy Arthur “Artie” Nelson that shows thousand of artifacts stored to protect mankind against their powers. Pete and Myka travel to Iowa to investigate the reason why the law student Cody Thomas has beaten his …

Resonance S1, Ep2 Jul. 14, 2009 Resonance Pete and Myka are sent to Chicago to investigate a series of odd bank robberies. During their investigation, they have a run-in with Bonnie Belski, a persistent FBI agent looking for a logical explanation for the happenings. It seems the bank robbers are using a device that creates a sound resonance so severe, it sort of hypnotizes all who hear it and leaves them in a state of euphoria for minutes after. It's up to Myka and Pete to figure out where the robbers will strike next and retrieve whatever bizarre object they are employing. Meanwhile, Artie examines a …

Magnetism S1, Ep3 Jul. 21, 2009 Magnetism Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a small town where the inhabitants' minds are being altered making them act as they please. Meanwhile, Artie is confused by the energy flows going on in the warehouse and he seeks help from Leena who may know more about what is going on.

Claudia S1, Ep4 Jul. 28, 2009 Claudia Artie is kidnapped by a woman who blames him for the death of her brother.

Elements S1, Ep5 Aug. 4, 2009 Elements The Warehouse team pursues an artifact collector who is trying to gather together sculptures of the four elements thinking they will enable him to find the secret to obtaining god-like powers.

Burnout S1, Ep6 Aug. 11, 2009 Burnout Pete and Myka hunt for a lethal artifact but it finds Pete first. As Pete prepares to sacrifice himself as did the first Warehouse agent who recovered it, Myka searches for a way to save him, if she can find him.

Implosion S1, Ep7 Aug. 18, 2009 Implosion The theft of the perfect Samurai sword attracts Atrie's attention because he suspects his former partner and current nemesis; McPherson.

Duped S1, Ep8 Aug. 25, 2009 Duped Pete's goofing around with Lewis Carroll's mirror creates a mishap in the warehouse with bad consequences for Myka, but there's no time to learn of it as Artie has to send his agents out right away to discover how two small-time crooks are suddenly able to rake in millions at the casinos without raising any eyebrows.

Regrets S1, Ep9 Sep. 1, 2009 Regrets A prison, a new warden, and a charismatic preacher inmate who may have a artifact seems related to a string prisoner suicides accompanied by hallucinations. Pete and Myka search for the artifact as an approaching tropical storm accentuates it's influence but get caught up in the mayhem.

Breakdown S1, Ep10 Sep. 8, 2009 Breakdown While Artie undergoes a Warehouse style performance review things go from a little haywire to seriously bad at the Warehouse.

Nevermore S1, Ep11 Sep. 15, 2009 Nevermore The Warehouse team narrowly misses nabbing McPherson then Myka's father falls under the influence of an artifact that resists the purple goo.

MacPherson S1, Ep12 Sep. 22, 2009 MacPherson Mrs. Frederics explains the reason for MacPeherson's break with the Warehouse program. Depite some extreme precautions he managed to get his hands on some artifacts that he plans to auction. But to Artie and the team it all sounds like a smoke screen for a more nefarious plan.

Time Will Tell S2, Ep1 Jul. 6, 2010 Time Will Tell MacPherson escapes with what he took from the warehouse's bronze sector, and a car crash puts Mrs. Frederic in the hospital. Meanwhile Pete and Myka head London to gather clues about MacPherson's plan.

Mild Mannered S2, Ep2 Jul. 13, 2010 Mild Mannered Myka and Pete go to Detroit after a seemingly invulnerable vigilante begins using extraordinary means to thwart criminals. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tries to get past recent events while improving conditions at the warehouse.

Beyond Our Control S2, Ep3 Jul. 20, 2010 Beyond Our Control For the first time, residents of “Univille” (Warehouse 13's hometown) begin experiencing bizarre and increasingly powerful events leading to the discovery that a dangerous artifact is loose in their own backyard.

Age Before Beauty S2, Ep4 Jul. 27, 2010 Age Before Beauty When supermodels start aging rapidly, Myka and Pete must get glamourous.

13.1 S2, Ep5 Aug. 3, 2010 13.1 Douglas Fargo of Eureka's Global Dynamics is sent to Warehouse 13 to help update its aging computer system. This triggers a seemingly sentient computer virus that sends the Warehouse into lockdown and traps the team inside.

Around the Bend S2, Ep6 Aug. 10, 2010 Around the Bend Pete's mission to find a traitor leads him into conflict with the Warehouse team.

For the Team S2, Ep7 Aug. 17, 2010 For the Team Claudia gets some on the job training in her first field assignment with Myka. But she's a bit overwhelmed by the hunky guys on the wrestling team they're investigating despite their tendency toward spontaneous human combustion. Fortunatly H. G. Wells lends a hand seeking a sympathetic if skeptical ear from Myka. Poor Pete, stuck back at the warehouse, helps Artie with his infatuation with the warehouse doctor and then takes action on his own infatuation.

Merge with Caution S2, Ep8 Aug. 24, 2010 Merge with Caution Pete and Myka's attempt to get normal is interrupted by an artifact.

Vendetta S2, Ep9 Aug. 31, 2010 Vendetta When a dangerous artifact is used to murder a close colleague in a plot involving revenge against Artie, Katie Logan, a Secret Service Agent from Pete's past, becomes embroiled in the case.

Where and When S2, Ep10 Sep. 7, 2010 Where and When Pete and Myka use H.G. Wells's time machine to travel back to 1961.

Buried S2, Ep11 Sep. 14, 2010 Buried The team unearths an earlier Warehouse in search of a cure for Mrs. Frederic's mystery illness.

Reset S2, Ep12 Sep. 21, 2010 Reset Wells' treacherous attack and devastating betrayal in Egypt has set into motion the plan she has been secretly orchestrating for more than one hundred years. When it becomes clear that Wells has her hands on the original weapon of mass destruction, Artie, Claudia and Mrs. Frederic race against the clock to stop her deadly endgame.

Secret Santa S2, Ep13 Dec. 7, 2010 Secret Santa Pete and Myka hunt down a malevolent artifact-wielding Santa Claus and come to the aid of a businessman. Meanwhile, Artie is reunited with his estranged father Isadore after 30 years.

The New Guy S3, Ep1 Jul. 11, 2011 The New Guy A rock legend's guitar becomes a menace in Jersey City, N.J., and Artie and Claudia run into an ATF agent who has a knack for knowing when people are lying in the Season 3 premiere.

Trials S3, Ep2 Jul. 18, 2011 Trials

Love Sick S3, Ep3 Jul. 25, 2011 Love Sick

Queen for a Day S3, Ep4 Aug. 1, 2011 Queen for a Day

3… 2… 1 S3, Ep5 Aug. 8, 2011 3… 2… 1

Don't Hate the Player S3, Ep6 Aug. 15, 2011 Don't Hate the Player

Past Imperfect S3, Ep7 Aug. 22, 2011 Past Imperfect

The 40th Floor S3, Ep8 Aug. 29, 2011 The 40th Floor

Shadows S3, Ep9 Sep. 12, 2011 Shadows

Insatiable S3, Ep10 Sep. 19, 2011 Insatiable Frozen, flesh eating Zombies are running amok on a Campus in Ithaca, New York. Meanwhile, Death will stop at nothing to claim its next victim… Claudia.

Emily Lake S3, Ep11 Oct. 3, 2011 Emily Lake

Stand S3, Ep12 Oct. 3, 2011 Stand

The Greatest Gift S3, Ep13 Dec. 6, 2011 The Greatest Gift

A New Hope S4, Ep1 Jul. 23, 2012 A New Hope

Endless Wonder S4, Ep7 2012 Endless Wonder

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