Vampire Knight


The Night of the Vampires S1, Ep1 Apr. 7, 2008 The Night of the Vampires

Memories of Blood S1, Ep2 Apr. 15, 2008 Memories of Blood

Fangs of Repentance S1, Ep3 Apr. 20, 2008 Fangs of Repentance

Trigger of Conviction S1, Ep4 Apr. 29, 2008 Trigger of Conviction

Moonlight Feast S1, Ep5 May 6, 2008 Moonlight Feast

Their Choice S1, Ep6 May 12, 2008 Their Choice

Scarlet Labyrinth S1, Ep7 May 19, 2008 Scarlet Labyrinth

Gunshot of Grief S1, Ep8 May 26, 2008 Gunshot of Grief

Crimson Eyes S1, Ep9 Jun. 2, 2008 Crimson Eyes

Princess of Darkness S1, Ep10 Jun. 9, 2008 Princess of Darkness

Compensation of Desire S1, Ep11 Jun. 16, 2008 Compensation of Desire

Pure-Blood Oath S1, Ep12 Jun. 23, 2008 Pure-Blood Oath

Deep Crimson Chain S1, Ep13 Jun. 30, 2008 Deep Crimson Chain

Sinners of Fate S2, Ep1 Oct. 7, 2008 Sinners of Fate

The Eternal Promise S2, Ep2 Oct. 14, 2008 The Eternal Promise Yuuki and her friend Yori walk through the nearby town, and encounter a lost boy. Yuuki offers to take him back to his parents, and the child takes her to an abandoned building. He kisses her in gratitude, which knocks Yuuki unconscious. She awakens to find Kaname watching her. Kaname reveals that there is a party for vampires in the building, and asks Yuuki not to leave the room. Meanwhile, Zero has been assigned to oversee the party by the Hunter's Association. The child goes to Yuuki's room to apologize, and Yuuki follows him. She views the party as Kaname enters, …

The Lapis Lazuli Portrait S2, Ep3 Oct. 21, 2008 The Lapis Lazuli Portrait The students of the Cross Academy leave for the holiday, and Rima, Ruka, Kaname, Akatsuki, and Takuma go to the Aido family residence; however, Hanabusa stays on campus. Shiki goes to his home rather than the Aido residence, as he was summoned by his uncle. In the Night Class dorm, Hanabusa recalls asking Akatsuki to investigate Kaname's family while at the Aido residence. Hanabusa goes to the Day Class dorm, and meets Yuuki and Zero, who makes dinner for him. Afterwards, Hanabusa takes a bath and recalls meeting Kaname when he was younger, noting the change in his …

The Devil's Quickening S2, Ep4 Oct. 28, 2008 The Devil's Quickening

The Subordinate's Trap S2, Ep5 Nov. 4, 2008 The Subordinate's Trap

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