Ulysse 31


Unaired Pilot S1, Ep0 Unknown Unaired Pilot

Vengeance of the Gods S1, Ep1 Oct. 10, 1981 Vengeance of the Gods On his way back to Earth from Troy, Ulysses happens upon a mysterious uncharted planet. A bright ball of energy invades The Odyssey and takes Telemacus back to the planet. The population is blind, but they kidnap children to sacrifice them, taking their energy and feeding it to the Great Cyclops that helps them to see. Upon destroying the Great Cyclops, Ulysses is banished by the Gods Posieden and Zeus to the Universe of Olympus, cursed to wander uncharted regions until he finds the Kingdom of Hades. Only then will he be allowed to return to Earth.

The Lost Planet S1, Ep2 Nov. 7, 1981 The Lost Planet Numinor is awaken when The Odyssey chances upon a satellite world that has strayed far from it's orbit around he and Yumi's home world. Ulysses, Telemachus, Nono, Numinor and Yumi head down to the planet and make the startling discovery that the entire population has been turned to stone by an evil Witch.

The Black Sphere S1, Ep3 Oct. 17, 1981 The Black Sphere

Guardian of the Cosmic Winds S1, Ep4 Nov. 14, 1981 Guardian of the Cosmic Winds

The Eternal Punishment S1, Ep5 Nov. 21, 1981 The Eternal Punishment

Flowers of Fear S1, Ep6 Oct. 24, 1981 Flowers of Fear

Mutiny on Board S1, Ep7 Nov. 28, 1981 Mutiny on Board

Secret of the Sphinx S1, Ep8 Dec. 5, 1981 Secret of the Sphinx

Cronus, Father of Time S1, Ep9 Oct. 31, 1981 Cronus, Father of Time

Temple of the Lestrigones S1, Ep10 Dec. 12, 1981 Temple of the Lestrigones

The Seat of Forgetfulness S1, Ep11 Dec. 26, 1981 The Seat of Forgetfulness

Trapped Between Fire and Ice S1, Ep12 1981 Trapped Between Fire and Ice

Phantoms of the Swamp S1, Ep13 Jan. 9, 1982 Phantoms of the Swamp

Song of Danger S1, Ep14 Jan. 2, 1982 Song of Danger

Before the Flood S1, Ep15 Jan. 16, 1982 Before the Flood

The Magic Spells of Circe S1, Ep16 Jan. 23, 1982 The Magic Spells of Circe

Lost in the Labyrinth S1, Ep17 Feb. 6, 1982 Lost in the Labyrinth

At the Heart of the Universe S1, Ep18 Feb. 13, 1982 At the Heart of the Universe

The Hidden Truth S1, Ep19 Jan. 30, 1982 The Hidden Truth

The Magician in Black S1, Ep20 Feb. 20, 1982 The Magician in Black

Rebellion on Lemnos S1, Ep21 Mar. 20, 1982 Rebellion on Lemnos

The City of Cortex S1, Ep22 Mar. 6, 1982 The City of Cortex

Calypso S1, Ep23 Mar. 27, 1982 Calypso

Strange Meeting S1, Ep24 Mar. 13, 1982 Strange Meeting

The Lotus Eaters S1, Ep25 Feb. 27, 1982 The Lotus Eaters

Kingdom of Hades S1, Ep26 Apr. 3, 1982 Kingdom of Hades

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