Uit de wereld van Roald Dahl


De weddenschap S1, Ep1 Jan. 5, 1975 De weddenschap A businessman goes to a hotel to find some rest, only to find himself the referee in a high stake gamble in which a young man either gains an Alfa Romeo or loses his little finger.

Vergif S1, Ep2 Feb. 2, 1975 Vergif A man thinks a poisonous snake has crawled onto his belly while reading in bed. An Indonesian doctor is called to help remedy the situation.

Op weg naar de hemel S1, Ep3 Mar. 2, 1975 Op weg naar de hemel Mrs. Nijboer is very nervous about flying to the United States. Her husband would rather stay at home alone and is glad to see the back of her.n.

De verrassing S1, Ep4 Mar. 30, 1975 De verrassing When Mrs Drukker receives a mink coat from her secret lover as a parting gift, she only has the time it takes her to travel home to conceive of a way how to explain the coat to her husband.

Een frisse duik S1, Ep5 Oct. 26, 1975 Een frisse duik During a stormy night at sea, Mr. Biemans enters a high stakes gamble with a trio of millionaires. The next day he sobers up and comes to the conclusion he is unable to keep up his side of the bargain, so he decides to take desperate measures to insure he wins.

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