Zeta Project, The


The Accomplice S1, Ep1 Jan. 27, 2001 The Accomplice Zeta, an infiltration unit, no longer wants to harm anyone. But the government won't let him go that easily. They want him back on his mission. Zeta encounters Ro, who tries to help him on his quest.

His Maker's Name S1, Ep2 Feb. 3, 2001 His Maker's Name Zee and Ro find one of Zeta's creators, Dr. Aroyu. They hope he can help them on their quest.

Remote Control S1, Ep3 Feb. 10, 2001 Remote Control Zee and Ro go to a place where Selig used to work searching for a lead. An awards show will be taking place, show casing new inventions. One person has invented a remote control and uses it on Zeta.

Change of Heart S1, Ep4 Feb. 17, 2001 Change of Heart Zee and Ro go to a museum where Dr. Selig is giving a lecture.

The Next Gen S1, Ep5 Feb. 24, 2001 The Next Gen Zeta intercepts orders for an infiltration unit to eliminate an arms dealer. Bucky comes along with the desire to capture the latest generation infiltration unit.

West Bound S1, Ep6 Mar. 10, 2001 West Bound Zee and Ro board a train to evade their pursuers. Agent West manages to board the train. West tries to identify the pair before the train reaches its destination where more government agents await the train's arrival.

Hicksburg S1, Ep7 Mar. 31, 2001 Hicksburg Ro and Zee stop by Hillburg, to visit her first foster family, hoping to find a lead to Ro's family.

Shadows S1, Ep8 Apr. 7, 2001 Shadows While waiting for a conference where Dr. Selig is supposed to attend, Zeta is attacked by an infiltration unit they encountered earlier. Batman believes Zeta has returned to his old programming and comes to deal with him.

Crime Waves S1, Ep9 Apr. 14, 2001 Crime Waves Zeta and Ro meet Wade Pennington. A rich teen who finds himself harassed by a biker gang.

Taffy Time S1, Ep10 May 5, 2001 Taffy Time Zeta is targeted by a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter captures Agent Lee and uses her as bait for Zeta.

Kid Genius S1, Ep11 Aug. 11, 2001 Kid Genius Bucky needs Zeta and Ro's help to get his parent back from Dr. Tanner. Tanner has them working on a technological Fountain of Youth that's not quite perfected.

Ro's Reunion S1, Ep12 May 12, 2001 Ro's Reunion Ro has an opportunity to appear on a talk show and reunite with her brother. But appearing on the show means that she can no longer travel with Zeta.

Absolute Zero S2, Ep1 Mar. 23, 2002 Absolute Zero

Wired: Part 1 S2, Ep2 Mar. 30, 2002 Wired: Part 1

Wired: Part 2 S2, Ep3 Apr. 6, 2002 Wired: Part 2

Resume Mission S2, Ep4 Apr. 13, 2002 Resume Mission

Hunt in the Hub S2, Ep5 Apr. 20, 2002 Hunt in the Hub

Ro's Gift S2, Ep6 Apr. 27, 2002 Ro's Gift

Lost & Found S2, Ep7 May 11, 2002 Lost & Found

Eye of the Storm S2, Ep8 May 18, 2002 Eye of the Storm

Quality Time S2, Ep9 Jul. 13, 2002 Quality Time

On the Wire S2, Ep10 Jul. 20, 2002 On the Wire

Cabin Pressure S2, Ep11 Jul. 27, 2002 Cabin Pressure

The River Rising S2, Ep12 Aug. 3, 2002 The River Rising

The Hologram Man S2, Ep13 Aug. 10, 2002 The Hologram Man

The Wrong Morph S2, Ep14 Aug. 17, 2002 The Wrong Morph

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