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Days Gone Bye S1, Ep1 Oct. 31, 2010 Days Gone Bye Sheriff Deputy, Rick Grimes, wakes up in the hospital, after being shot, to find his town overrun by flesh-eating zombies. After making friends with survivor Morgan Jones and his son Duane, Rick sets out to find his wife and son.

Guts S1, Ep2 Nov. 7, 2010 Guts Rick finds himself trapped, with other survivors, inside a department store, surrounded by zombies.

Tell It to the Frogs S1, Ep3 Nov. 14, 2010 Tell It to the Frogs Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl, but soon decides - along with some of the other survivors - to return to the rooftop and rescue Merle. Back at camp, tensions run high between the other survivors.

Vatos S1, Ep4 Nov. 21, 2010 Vatos While searching for Merle, Rick and the others come across another group of - seemingly hostile - survivors. Meanwhile, back at camp, Jim is deeply disturbed by a dream he cannot fully remember, a dream which may turn out to be prophetic.

Wildfire S1, Ep5 Nov. 28, 2010 Wildfire Rick tries to make contact with Morgan to tell him his location. Back at camp, after the fight with the zombies, Jim has been bitten and is slowly beginning to change; Andrea mourns over Amy's death; and Shane blames it all on Rick for leaving. Now that camp isn't safe anymore, Rick decides that it's time for them all to move out. He plans to take them to the C.D.C., a military base, to find a cure for Jim and, hopefully, more survivors.

TS-19 S1, Ep6 Dec. 5, 2010 TS-19 At the C.D.C., Rick and the others find Dr. Edwin Jenner, a scientist who is on the verge of suicide. But just when they think they're safe, Jenner tells them that the building is on a countdown to self-destruct.

What Lies Ahead S2, Ep1 Oct. 16, 2011 What Lies Ahead The group heads for Fort Benning. But along the way, they run into a herd of zombies and Sophia runs off in fear. Now Rick and the others try to track her down.

Bloodletting S2, Ep2 Oct. 23, 2011 Bloodletting After Carl gets shot, Rick and Shane find Dr. Hershel Greene and his family in a nearby house. But Carl has lost too much blood and Hershel doesn't have everything he needs. Could Carl die before the right equipment is found?

Save the Last One S2, Ep3 Oct. 30, 2011 Save the Last One Shane and Otis try to dodge the zombies as they head back to the house. Meanwhile, Carl is getting worse and time is running out.

Cherokee Rose S2, Ep4 Nov. 6, 2011 Cherokee Rose With Carl recovering, the group, once again, puts their focus on finding Sophia.

Chupacabra S2, Ep5 Nov. 13, 2011 Chupacabra While searching for Sophia, Daryl becomes injured and stranded in the middle of the woods. Now he's beginning to see Merle everywhere. Meanwhile Lori has just found out that she's pregnant and she doesn't know how to tell Rick.

Secrets S2, Ep6 Nov. 20, 2011 Secrets Now that Glen knows there are walkers in the barn, Maggie Greene begs him not to tell anyone. Herschel believes that those walkers, which include loved ones, are just sick and may someday be cured. Herschel's isn't the only secret Glen is asked to keep as Lori asks him to go into town and get something for her from the pharmacy. Shane and Andrea head of to a nearby suburb in search of Sophia and their encounter with walkers leads to a new phase in their relationship. Lori finally breaks down and tells Rick that she is pregnant.

Pretty Much Dead Already S2, Ep7 Nov. 27, 2011 Pretty Much Dead Already Glen tells everyone about the walkers in the barn which adds to the tension among the group. Shane is still arguing they should give up any hope of ever finding Sophia while others refuse to leave. With Carl now healthy, Herschel tells Rick that they are to leave by the end of the week. Dale takes action to make their stay safer but it leads to a confrontation with Shane. While Rick helps Herschel rescue two walkers trapped in a bog, Shane prepares to storm the barn and dispatch the walkers.

Nebraska S2, Ep8 Feb. 12, 2012 Nebraska After the massacre of the walkers kept by Hershel in his barn, Rick's group decides to bury Sophia and the beloved ones of Hershel's family and burn the other copses. Beth is in shock with the violence and Hershel vanishes; Rick and Glenn head to a bar in town to seek out the old farmer. Meanwhile Dale discloses to Lori that he suspects that Shane has sacrificed Otis to save his own life and that Shane would be capable of killing someone in the group. Lori decides to find Hershel and drives away in a car. While checking the map, Lori hits a walker and has a serious …

Triggerfinger S2, Ep9 Feb. 19, 2012 Triggerfinger Lori is attacked in her broken car by two walkers but she succeeds in killing them. Meanwhile, Rick, Hershel and Glenn are ready to leave the bar but the friends of Dave and Tony arrive in the town seeking their friends out and they are trapped. Tony tries to negotiate a truce with the guys, but there is a shootout that attracts many walkers to town. In the farm, the survivors find that Lori is missing and Shane drives a car to seek her out on the road. When he meets Lori, he lies to her and tells her that Rick is safe and sound in the farm. Later he tells to her that…

18 Miles Out S2, Ep10 Feb. 26, 2012 18 Miles Out Rick and Shane drive 18 miles out far from Hershel's farm to seek a safe place to leave the outsider Randall, who has recovered from the injury in his leg, and to find supplies for the winter that is coming. Rick stops the car in a crossroad and has a serious conversation with Shane about Lori and Carl. When they reach a small town, they leave Randall with his hand and legs tied and a knife. However Randall tells that he knows Maggie and Shane decides to kill him. Rick saves Randall and fights against Shane that shoots and throws a tool on Rick. The noise attracts a …

Judge, Jury, Executioner S2, Ep11 Mar. 4, 2012 Judge, Jury, Executioner Daryl interrogates Randall about his group and he learns that they are formed by thirty dangerous men capable to rape two teenage daughters in front of their father. Rick and Shane decide to kill Randall, who is considered a threat to the survivors, but Dale opposes to their decision and Rick summons the group that is supportive to the execution to vote. Dale tries to convince each survivor that they must not lose their humanity. Carl is affected by the situation and has strange actions: first he sneaks to talk to Randall; then he disrespects Carol with an offensive …

Better Angels S2, Ep12 Mar. 11, 2012 Better Angels The group of survivors is organizing the preparation for the winter following the instructions of Rick. Carl is uncomfortable, feeling responsible for the death of Dale and he talks to Shane about what had happened in the swamp. He asks Shane to give the weapon back to Daryl and Shane talks to Rick about the problem. While Rick and Carl are having a conversation, Shane works hard and Lori tells to him that she is not sure whether the baby is his or Rick's. Shane releases Randall and walks with him on the field. Out of the blue, he breaks Randall's neck, hides his body…

Beside the Dying Fire S2, Ep13 Mar. 18, 2012 Beside the Dying Fire Rick and Carl return to the farm but quickly realize that that they are being followed by by a large group of walkers. Mayhem ensues as the humans try to save the farm but they are eventually forced to flee realizing that the it is lost. Several of them do not survive the onslaught and others are separated into small groups. Some are reunited but fed up with the constant bickering and complaints about his leadership, Rick lets it be known that people will now do as they are told. Andrea meanwhile, on her own and separated from the others, is rescued by a hooded …

Episode #3.1 S3, Ep1 Oct. 2012 Episode #3.1

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