Real Ghost Busters, The


Ghosts R Us S1, Ep1 Sep. 13, 1986 Ghosts R Us Slimer accidentally releases three ghosts from the containment unit and they set out to put Ghostbusters out of business by opening their own business, 'Ghosts R Us'.

Killerwatt S1, Ep2 Sep. 20, 1986 Killerwatt With New York being plagued by power outages, the Ghostbusters set about to capture Killerwatt, a ghost who has the ability to possess electrical devices. But things take a turn for the worse when Killerwatt takes control of the city's power grid.

Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood S1, Ep3 Sep. 27, 1986 Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood A little old lady named Mrs. Rogers calls the Ghostbusters about her haunted house; once inside, Egon discovers the house is being controlled by a creature named 'Watt'.

Slimer, Come Home S1, Ep4 Oct. 4, 1986 Slimer, Come Home Slimer leaves home after Peter yells at him for eating Winston's birthday cake, and the Ghostbusters set out to find him. But more problems arise when Egon discovers a poltergeist feeding off the power of ghosts in the local area; who only needs one more ghost to reach his full power.

Troll Bridge S1, Ep5 Oct. 11, 1986 Troll Bridge An invasion of trolls emerge from the East River and take over the Queensboro Bridge, causing havoc for the citizens of New York. The Ghostbusters are soon on the scene to rid the city of the creatures, but are soon in a race against time to find a troll lost somewhere in the city, otherwise New York will be destroyed.

The Boogieman Cometh S1, Ep6 Oct. 18, 1986 The Boogieman Cometh The guys are hired by a pair of young siblings to rid them of the Bogeyman, an entity Egon is quite familiar with.

Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream S1, Ep7 Oct. 25, 1986 Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream The Sandman is real and is putting all of New York City to sleep, but their dreams are running rampant in the real world.

When Halloween Was Forever S1, Ep8 Nov. 1, 1986 When Halloween Was Forever It is Halloween and New York is sent into chaos when two goblins release the spirit Samhain from a 7th Century relic. The Ghostbusters must work quickly to defeat Samhain & his minions and prevent the world from plunging into darkness forever.

Look Homeward, Ray S1, Ep9 Nov. 8, 1986 Look Homeward, Ray Ray's heading back to his hometown to be the grand marshal in the parade; but when he's called to get rid of the ghosts in a haunted house and they get away, he starts to question his ability as a Ghostbuster.

Take Two S1, Ep10 Nov. 15, 1986 Take Two The Ghostbusters head out to California to be technical assistants for the movie being made about them; but during the process, an old spirit is rudely awakened during renovations of the studio.

Citizen Ghost S1, Ep11 Nov. 22, 1986 Citizen Ghost Peter recounts to a reporter how Slimer came to live at the firehouse after helping the guys trap a group of ghostly impersonators.

Janine's Genie S1, Ep12 Dec. 6, 1986 Janine's Genie Janine wants to go on a job with the guys and helps them catch a ghost. As payment, she takes a lamp that has a sinister genie in it that grants her the wishes of making her the boss over the Ghostbusters, and Egon fall in love with her.

X-Mas Marks the Spot S1, Ep13 Dec. 13, 1986 X-Mas Marks the Spot The fate of Christmas depends on the Ghostbusters filling in for the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future while Egon attempts to retrieve the real ghosts from the containment unit.

Janine's Day Off S2, Ep1 Sep. 14, 1987 Janine's Day Off Janine takes the day off to take Egon to visit her family, only for them to be called back to headquarters after Slimer inadvertently activates a dimensional gate machine created by Egon, which allows a group of miniature demons to pass into the real world. Things take a turn for the worst when the demons combine to make one giant demon and it runs amok throughout New York. Meanwhile, Janine and Louise (Janine's temporary cover), along with Slimer, are left at HQ to battle against a trio of spirits who have passed through the dimensional gate after Louise activates …

Adventures in Slime and Space S2, Ep2 Sep. 15, 1987 Adventures in Slime and Space An experiment with Slimer goes horribly wrong when he starts breaking up and multiplying into hundreds of smaller Slimers, and the Ghostbusters have to catch all the pieces and put them together before Slimer splits into non-existence.

Ragnarok and Roll S2, Ep3 Sep. 16, 1987 Ragnarok and Roll The Ghostbusters investigate several supernatural incidents which lead to them visiting a woman whose home is at the centre of where the events took place. They discover that she is linked to the events and that her ex-boyfriend, named Jeremy, has warned her of his prediction of the events and his intention to bring about the end of the world through what is known as Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Jeremy is possessed by a demon after initiating the beginning of Ragnarok. The Ghostbusters soon have to deal with Jeremy when he arrives in New York with his aide, DiTillio, …

Captain Steel Saves the Day S2, Ep4 Sep. 17, 1987 Captain Steel Saves the Day Ray is distraught when he discovers his favourite comic, Captain Steel, is to be cancelled. But Ray and the rest of the Ghostbusters get more than they bargained for when Captain Steel and his arch enemy, Dr Destructo, emerge from a page from the last edition of the comic to do battle with one another in the real world. The Ghostbusters team with Captain Steel to defeat Dr Destructo after he takes control of the fire house.

They Call Me Mister Slimer S2, Ep5 Sep. 18, 1987 They Call Me Mister Slimer Slimer is blamed by Peter for the fall in the Ghostbusters' finances. So he heads off and in a chance meeting, befriends a young student called Mike who is continually being picked on by a group of bullies. Slimer offers to become Mike's bodyguard and scares off the bullies, the bullies retaliate by finding help of their very own in the form of Barrowhites. But the plan backfires and soon the Ghostbusters get involved to get rid of the Barrowhites before the situation gets out of hand.

Buster the Ghost S2, Ep6 Sep. 21, 1987 Buster the Ghost A ghost called Buster tries to get a job with the Ghostbusters after failing to hold down many other jobs. But even helping out proves to be a problem for Buster after a whole host of ghosts descend on the fire house which causes an energy build up so big that it puts the whole universe under threat.

Night Game S2, Ep7 Sep. 22, 1987 Night Game Supernatural forces take control of the New York Jaguars' baseball stadium and the Ghostbusters head off to investigate, only to find themselves in the middle of a historic battle between good and evil that takes part once every 500 years.

Rollerghoster S2, Ep8 Sep. 23, 1987 Rollerghoster A funfair owned by a crooked businessman runs into trouble when his unofficial Ghostbusters roller-coaster ride becomes haunted by many spirits. The Ghostbusters are soon called into action when the ride transforms and holds several citizens captive.

Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional? S2, Ep9 Sep. 24, 1987 Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional? The Ghostbusters get called out to investigate strange happenings at the old Walt Fleischer studios, the cartoonist who created Ray's favorite cartoon character, Dopey Dog. They find out the cartoonist, who disappeared 40 years ago, got sucked into a cartoon world where his creations took over, and now they have to get him out.

Dairy Farm S2, Ep10 Sep. 25, 1987 Dairy Farm The Ghostbusters decide to take a vacation after several long months of 'busting and head off to Ray's cousin's farm in the countryside. But their vacation is cut short when they discover all is not well on the farm.

Egon's Ghost S2, Ep11 Sep. 28, 1987 Egon's Ghost Egon is transformed into a ghost after the team's de-stabler weapon backfires during a battle with a demon. The rest of the Ghostbusters have to act quickly in order to restore Egon back to normal before before time runs out.

Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster S2, Ep12 Sep. 29, 1987 Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster Janine turns Ghostbuster after her apartment becomes haunted and the team are busy dealing with a backlog of jobs throughout the city. The Ghostbusters are captured by the demon, Proteus, during a battle with a possessed Atlas statue, and are being held captive. Janine, with the help of Slimer, become the team's only hope of escaping the clutches of Proteus.

The Cabinet of Calamari S2, Ep13 Sep. 30, 1987 The Cabinet of Calamari

Ghostbuster of the Year S2, Ep14 Oct. 1, 1987 Ghostbuster of the Year

Egon's Dragon S2, Ep15 Oct. 2, 1987 Egon's Dragon

No One Comes to Lupusville S2, Ep16 Oct. 5, 1987 No One Comes to Lupusville

The Bird of Kildarby S2, Ep17 Oct. 6, 1987 The Bird of Kildarby

The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye S2, Ep18 Oct. 7, 1987 The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye

Cold Cash and Hot Water S2, Ep19 Oct. 8, 1987 Cold Cash and Hot Water Charlie Venkman, Peter's father calls with big news, he has discovered something in Alaska and asks the boys to come up and help him with it.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost? S2, Ep20 Oct. 9, 1987 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost? The Ghostbusters get a call to a mansion where one incident occurs after another.

The Man Who Never Reached Home S2, Ep21 Oct. 12, 1987 The Man Who Never Reached Home

Doctor, Doctor S2, Ep22 Oct. 13, 1987 Doctor, Doctor

You Can't Take It with You S2, Ep23 Oct. 14, 1987 You Can't Take It with You

Victor the Happy Ghost S2, Ep24 Oct. 15, 1987 Victor the Happy Ghost

Lost and Foundry S2, Ep25 Oct. 16, 1987 Lost and Foundry

Chicken, He Clucked S2, Ep26 Oct. 19, 1987 Chicken, He Clucked A man summons a demon to get some magical help. The man wants to get rid of all chickens. The demon gives him the power to make things disappear. And promptly uses his ability to make all the chickens on Earth to disappear. The ghost busters investigate, and he makes them disappear. The demon is embarrassed by how he's been using the powers he was granted, and gives the ghost busters a chance to set things right.

Venkman's Ghost Repellers S2, Ep27 Oct. 20, 1987 Venkman's Ghost Repellers Peter's father arrives in town selling phony ghost repellent ponchos to a ship's crew that disappears in the New Jersey Parallelogram; and the Ghostbusters are called upon to find the crew before it's too late.

The Hole in the Wall Gang S2, Ep28 Oct. 21, 1987 The Hole in the Wall Gang

Ghost Busted S2, Ep29 Oct. 22, 1987 Ghost Busted

The Ghostbusters in Paris S2, Ep30 Oct. 23, 1987 The Ghostbusters in Paris

A Fright at the Opera S2, Ep31 Oct. 26, 1987 A Fright at the Opera

The Collect Call of Cthulhu S2, Ep32 Oct. 27, 1987 The Collect Call of Cthulhu

Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie? S2, Ep33 Oct. 28, 1987 Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin S2, Ep34 Oct. 29, 1987 Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin

Boo-Dunit S2, Ep35 Oct. 30, 1987 Boo-Dunit The Ghostbusters are called out to investigate strange happenings at the estate of the late mystery writer, Agatha Grisley, who died before completing her final novel.

The Revenge of Murray the Mantis S2, Ep36 Nov. 2, 1987 The Revenge of Murray the Mantis

The Headless Motorcyclist S2, Ep37 Nov. 3, 1987 The Headless Motorcyclist

The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic S2, Ep38 Nov. 4, 1987 The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic An old woman pays the Ghostbusters a visit to end the hauntings that have occurred in her attic, where she hasn't set foot for 70 years.

Moaning Stones S2, Ep39 Nov. 5, 1987 Moaning Stones

Knock, Knock S2, Ep40 Nov. 6, 1987 Knock, Knock

The Spirit of Aunt Lois S2, Ep41 Nov. 9, 1987 The Spirit of Aunt Lois When Ray's Aunt Lois comes to visit, she reveals having 'spirit' problems in her home. Much to Ray's dismay, his aunt has hired the phony psychic, Dr. Alfred Bassingham to remove them.

Sea Fright S2, Ep42 Nov. 10, 1987 Sea Fright

Ghost Fight at the O.K. Corral S2, Ep43 Nov. 11, 1987 Ghost Fight at the O.K. Corral

Cry Uncle S2, Ep44 Nov. 12, 1987 Cry Uncle Egon's uncle comes out for a visit and isn't convinced Egon's work in the Ghostbusters is anything worthwhile, and talks Egon into coming back to work with him.

Bustman's Holiday S2, Ep45 Nov. 13, 1987 Bustman's Holiday

The Scaring of the Green S2, Ep46 Nov. 16, 1987 The Scaring of the Green

Ain't NASA-sarily So S2, Ep47 Nov. 17, 1987 Ain't NASA-sarily So

Apocalypse - What, NOW? S2, Ep48 Nov. 18, 1987 Apocalypse - What, NOW?

The Devil to Pay S2, Ep49 Nov. 19, 1987 The Devil to Pay Winston and Ray get on a game show that unknown to them is run by a demon, and if they lose, the cost is their souls.

A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn S2, Ep50 Nov. 20, 1987 A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn

I Am the City S2, Ep51 Nov. 23, 1987 I Am the City

Last Train to Oblivion S2, Ep52 Nov. 24, 1987 Last Train to Oblivion

Beneath These Streets S2, Ep53 Nov. 25, 1987 Beneath These Streets

Play Them Ragtime Boos S2, Ep54 Nov. 26, 1987 Play Them Ragtime Boos

The Old College Spirit S2, Ep55 Nov. 27, 1987 The Old College Spirit Peter's old fraternity, Tri Cuppa Brew, is in trouble when the new members are blamed for the pranks being pulled by ghosts of past students that never made it to graduation.

Hard Knight's Day S2, Ep56 Nov. 30, 1987 Hard Knight's Day

Masquerade S2, Ep57 Dec. 1, 1987 Masquerade

Deadcon 1 S2, Ep58 Dec. 2, 1987 Deadcon 1

Don't Forget the Motor City S2, Ep59 Dec. 3, 1987 Don't Forget the Motor City

The Devil in the Deep S2, Ep60 Dec. 4, 1987 The Devil in the Deep

Lights! Camera! Haunting! S2, Ep61 Dec. 7, 1987 Lights! Camera! Haunting!

Egon on the Rampage S2, Ep62 Dec. 8, 1987 Egon on the Rampage

Station Identification S2, Ep63 Dec. 9, 1987 Station Identification

Hanging by a Thread S2, Ep64 Dec. 10, 1987 Hanging by a Thread

Transylvanian Homesick Blues S2, Ep65 Dec. 11, 1987 Transylvanian Homesick Blues The Ghostbusters go to Boldavia to meet the mysterious Count Vostak.

Baby Spookums S3, Ep1 Sep. 12, 1987 Baby Spookums

It's a Jungle Out There S3, Ep2 Sep. 19, 1987 It's a Jungle Out There

Slimer, Is That You? S3, Ep3 Sep. 26, 1987 Slimer, Is That You?

The Bogeyman Is Back S3, Ep4 Oct. 3, 1987 The Bogeyman Is Back Egon Spangler's fear of death from the World Trade Center has tempted the Bogeyman to come back from hiding.

Once Upon a Slime S3, Ep5 Oct. 10, 1987 Once Upon a Slime

The Two Faces of Slimer S3, Ep6 Oct. 17, 1987 The Two Faces of Slimer

Sticky Business S3, Ep7 Oct. 24, 1987 Sticky Business

Halloween II 1/2 S3, Ep8 Oct. 31, 1987 Halloween II 1/2

Loathe Thy Neighbor S3, Ep9 Nov. 7, 1987 Loathe Thy Neighbor

The Grundel S3, Ep10 Nov. 14, 1987 The Grundel

Big Trouble with Little Slimer S3, Ep11 Nov. 21, 1987 Big Trouble with Little Slimer

The Copycat S3, Ep12 Dec. 5, 1987 The Copycat

Camping It Up S3, Ep13 Dec. 12, 1987 Camping It Up

The Joke's on Ray S4, Ep1 Sep. 10, 1988 The Joke's on Ray

Flip Side S4, Ep2 Sep. 17, 1988 Flip Side

Poultrygeist S4, Ep3 Sep. 24, 1988 Poultrygeist

Standing Room Only S4, Ep4 Oct. 8, 1988 Standing Room Only

Robo-Buster S4, Ep5 Oct. 15, 1988 Robo-Buster

Short Stuff S4, Ep6 Oct. 22, 1988 Short Stuff

Follow That Hearse S4, Ep7 Nov. 12, 1988 Follow That Hearse

The Brooklyn Triangle S4, Ep8 Nov. 19, 1988 The Brooklyn Triangle

Something's Going Around S5, Ep1 Sep. 9, 1989 Something's Going Around

Three Men and an Egon S5, Ep2 Sep. 16, 1989 Three Men and an Egon

Elementary My Dear Winston S5, Ep3 Sep. 23, 1989 Elementary My Dear Winston

If I Were a Witch Man S5, Ep4 Sep. 30, 1989 If I Were a Witch Man

Partners in Slime S5, Ep5 Oct. 7, 1989 Partners in Slime

Future Tense S5, Ep6 Oct. 14, 1989 Future Tense

Jailbusters S5, Ep7 Oct. 21, 1989 Jailbusters

The Ghostbusters Live! From Al Capone's Tomb! S5, Ep8 Oct. 28, 1989 The Ghostbusters Live! From Al Capone's Tomb!

The Halloween Door S5, Ep9 Oct. 29, 1989 The Halloween Door

Venk-Man! S5, Ep10 Nov. 11, 1989 Venk-Man!

Trading Faces S5, Ep11 Nov. 18, 1989 Trading Faces

Transcendental Tourists S5, Ep12 Nov. 18, 1989 Transcendental Tourists

Surely You Joust S5, Ep13 Nov. 25, 1989 Surely You Joust In order to rescue a kidnapped Janine, the Ghost Busters enter a world filled with dragons and knights.

Kitty-Cornered S5, Ep14 Nov. 25, 1989 Kitty-Cornered Slimer finds a mysterious kitten that can make his dream come true.

Slimer's Curse S5, Ep15 Dec. 2, 1989 Slimer's Curse After Slimer wins the lottery, he runs into trouble when he discovers that his winnings are cursed.

Til Death Do Us Part S5, Ep16 Dec. 2, 1989 Til Death Do Us Part Ghostbusters hire a temp who happens to be a ghost. Egon gets into trouble when the temp decides to marry him.

It's About Time S5, Ep17 Dec. 9, 1989 It's About Time

The Ransom of Greenspud S5, Ep18 Dec. 9, 1989 The Ransom of Greenspud A group of ghost kidnap Slimer and try to ransom him back to the Ghostbusters.

Revenge of the Ghostmaster S5, Ep19 Dec. 16, 1989 Revenge of the Ghostmaster The Ghostmaster returns and, in order to get revenge on the Ghostbusters, he cast a spell on them which causes all electronic equipment near them to fail including their proton packs.

Loose Screws S5, Ep20 Dec. 16, 1989 Loose Screws Slimer accidentally breaks a trap and doesn't tell anyone. After the Ghostbusters use it, things start to get dangerous when the Ghost's essence leaks out of the trap and starts possessing things.

Slimer Streak S5, Ep21 Dec. 23, 1989 Slimer Streak The Ghostbusters are stuck on a speeding train. In order to get it to stop, they must play and win a series of games.

Janine, You've Changed S6, Ep1 Sep. 8, 1990 Janine, You've Changed After looking through a photo album, the Ghostbusters begin to suspect that a supernatural force is behind a number of significant changes in Janine.

You Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks S6, Ep2 Sep. 15, 1990 You Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks The Ghostbusters go to another dimension where they meet a demon that is intent on learning magic tricks.

Ghostworld S6, Ep3 Sep. 22, 1990 Ghostworld A ghost gains power over the Ghostbusters by using an amusement park named “Ghostworld”. Egon must somehow set things right.

The Haunting of Heck House S6, Ep4 Sep. 29, 1990 The Haunting of Heck House Peter tells the story of how the Ghostbusters could have earned a million dollars by staying in a haunted house overnight without their proton packs.

Mean Green Teen Machine S6, Ep5 Oct. 6, 1990 Mean Green Teen Machine

Spacebusters S6, Ep6 Oct. 13, 1990 Spacebusters Winston gets to live a childhood dream when he and the rest of the Ghostbusters head of into space to bust a ghost that is haunting a space station.

My Left Fang S6, Ep7 Oct. 20, 1990 My Left Fang

Russian About S6, Ep8 Oct. 27, 1990 Russian About

The Slob S6, Ep9 Nov. 3, 1990 The Slob

Deja Boo S6, Ep10 Nov. 10, 1990 Deja Boo

Afterlife in the Fast Lane S6, Ep11 Nov. 17, 1990 Afterlife in the Fast Lane

Guess What's Coming to Dinner S6, Ep12 Nov. 24, 1990 Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Stay Tooned S6, Ep13 Dec. 1, 1990 Stay Tooned

Very Beast Friends S6, Ep14 Dec. 8, 1990 Very Beast Friends

Busters in Toyland S6, Ep15 Dec. 15, 1990 Busters in Toyland

The Magnificent Five S6, Ep16 Dec. 22, 1990 The Magnificent Five

The Treasure of Sierra Tamale S7, Ep1 Sep. 14, 1991 The Treasure of Sierra Tamale

Not Now, Slimer! S7, Ep2 Sep. 21, 1991 Not Now, Slimer!

Attack of the B-Movie Monsters S7, Ep3 Sep. 28, 1991 Attack of the B-Movie Monsters

20,000 Leagues Under the Street S7, Ep4 Oct. 5, 1991 20,000 Leagues Under the Street

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