Ray Bradbury Theater, The


Marionettes, Inc.
S1, Ep1
May 21, 1985
Marionettes, Inc.
A suburban drone sees no escape from his dull job, nor from his upbeat wife's constant attention and advice. He's a computer salesman, and suddenly every computer he logs onto immediately blares his most detailed personal information, plus a cryptic ad for the mysterious Marionettes, Inc. Now he has to take action.

The Playground S1, Ep2
Jun. 4, 1985
The Playground
Charles Underhill lives in the suburb with his young son Steve, but he does not allow Steve to play in the nearby playground with other children. Charles has a childhood trauma with the bully Ralph and his friends, and he frequently sees his ghost challenging him, until the day he decides to go to the playground with Steve and face the wounds of his past.

The Crowd S1, Ep3 Jul. 2, 1985 The Crowd After leaving a party late night, Joe Spelliner drives high speed through the empty streets and has a car accident. A couple of seconds later, he is surrounded by a crowd until an ambulance arrives with the paramedic at 2:00 AM. Twenty-four hours later he is discharged by the hospital and he is intrigued from where that crowd arrived. He meets his friend and colleague Morgan to celebrate and they witness another car accident. In twenty-one seconds, the victim is surrounded by a crowd and Joe recognizes many of the persons from his own accident. Joe asks Morgan to …

The Town Where No One Got Off S1, Ep4 Feb. 22, 1986 The Town Where No One Got Off While traveling by train, the aspirant writer Cogswell is challenged by an old salesman to get off the train and settle in a small town to lead a boring life. Cogswell asks the conductor to stop the train and arrives in a quiet town. He wanders through the town and finds hostile dwellers; further, he notes that an old man is following him. The man tells Cogswell that he has been waiting for twenty years for a strange to commit the perfect crime. Cogswell replies that he has had the same feeling.

The Screaming Woman S1, Ep5 Feb. 22, 1986 The Screaming Woman A young girl is playing in a seemingly deserted part of the local wood hears a woman screaming. Is she imagining it? Is it a ghost? Or could it be something worse?

Banshee S1, Ep6 Feb. 22, 1986 Banshee An American visiting a remote Irish manor hears an eerie moan from the grounds. Braving the dark night, the man sees a beautiful woman flitting across the moor. When he returns to the house, his host, an inveterate practical joker, informs him the woman is really a banshee and dares him to confront her.

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl S2, Ep1 Jan. 23, 1988 The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl A guest murders his host after an argument, then becomes increasingly worried about removing all his fingerprints from the crime scene.

Skeleton S2, Ep2 Feb. 6, 1988 Skeleton A hypochondriac feels there is something wrong with his bones so he consults a creepy “bone specialist” who promises to help him; sometimes the cure really is worse than the disease.

The Emissary S2, Ep3 Feb. 13, 1988 The Emissary Martin is a lonely boy confined to bed because of his illness. His only contact with the outside world is through his loyal dog that brings flowers and objects from the streets to him. When his mother questions the actions of his dog, Martin decides to prove his efficiency to his mother and asks the animal to find a friend for him. The dog brings Miss Haight, Martin's teacher if the boy could go to the school, and she becomes his friend, visiting him every day. One day, Martin is informed by his parents that Miss Haight died in a car crash; after her funeral, his dog …

Gotcha! S2, Ep4 Feb. 20, 1988 Gotcha! At a masquerade party, a lonely man dressed as comedian Oliver Hardy is about to leave, when he meets a woman costumed as Hardy's comic partner Stan Laurel ! Captivated with each other, they run off into the night. They stay in love and in their fantasy, until the man muses if this dream can last ? The woman suggests they see, by playing a game she calls Gotcha !

The Man Upstairs S2, Ep5 Mar. 5, 1988 The Man Upstairs In Paris, the weird traveler Mr. Koberman stays in a small pension nearby the Seine River owned by the grandmother of the boy Douglas. Mr. Koberman's strange habits and his aversion to silver cause Douglas to be suspicious that he is a vampire. One morning, when the student Miss Treadwell does not return to the inn, Douglas spies the guest and concludes that he is a vampire with tragic consequences.

The Small Assassin S2, Ep6 Apr. 9, 1988 The Small Assassin Alice delivers an unwanted child and Doctor Jeffers is apprehensive with the situation. He has a private conversation with her husband David, but he says that Alice will get used to the baby. When the family moves to their manor, Alice is scared, telling them that the baby wants to kill her. She swears that she is not being paranoid and asks David to protect her. Furthermore, she says that the baby never cries in his presence, and David says that babies do not do things like that. When Doctor Jeffers pays a visit to the family, he has a dreadful surprise.

Punishment Without Crime S2, Ep7 Apr. 16, 1988 Punishment Without Crime George Hill is stunned when he is sentenced to death–for murdering a robot facsimile of his adulterous young wife.

On the Orient, North S2, Ep8 Apr. 29, 1988 On the Orient, North A nurse accompanies a “dying” ghost on a train ride across Europe to Great Britain in search of a place of refuge where people still believe in the supernatural.

The Coffin S2, Ep9 May 7, 1988 The Coffin When the eccentric millionaire Charles Braling takes all his savings to his manor and builds a glass coffin, his greedy brother Richard Braling mocks him. Charles dies and in the will, Richard may have the mansion and all his savings if he finds where it is hidden. Richard finds the money in the coffin, but it's not as easy as it first seemed.

Tyrannosaurus Rex S2, Ep10 May 14, 1988 Tyrannosaurus Rex Bombastic producer Joe Clarence hires Terwilliger to do the stop-motion animation for a dinosaur film he's making. Frustrated at Clarence's constant bullying and complaining, Terwilliger subconsciously finds a way to work out his stress.

There Was an Old Woman S2, Ep11 May 21, 1988 There Was an Old Woman A stubborn old woman has spent her entire life defying death; after the Grim Reaper finally pays his call, her ghost tries to reclaim her body from the mortuary.

And So Died Riabouchinska S2, Ep12 May 28, 1988 And So Died Riabouchinska A ventriloquist is implicated in the murder of a man at a theater.

The Dwarf S3, Ep1 Jul. 7, 1989 The Dwarf Every night, a tiny man visits the carnival's hall of mirrors to stare at a mirror which makes him look much taller. Carny worker Aimee finds herself drawn to this lonely sad man and conceives a plan to befriend him.

A Miracle of Rare Device S3, Ep2 Jul. 14, 1989 A Miracle of Rare Device Two drifters, Robert and William, stumble across a desert mirage while evading their nemesis, Ned. The two men soon realize that the mirage shows each viewer the city where they'd like to be, and start selling views.

The Lake S3, Ep3 Jul. 21, 1989 The Lake An artist, now an adult, visits the lake where his childhood sweetheart died when he was 10.

The Wind S3, Ep4 Jul. 28, 1989 The Wind A weather expert is stalked by a sentient wind.

The Pedestrian S3, Ep5 Aug. 4, 1989 The Pedestrian In a totalitarian city, a rebel persuades his nervous friend to commit a subversive act: taking a walk with him around the neighborhood at night.

A Sound of Thunder S3, Ep6 Aug. 11, 1989 A Sound of Thunder A company provides big game hunters with expeditions to the past to kill dinosaurs.

The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone S3, Ep7 Aug. 18, 1989 The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone At a book signing, celebrated author Dudley Stone is approached by a rival who announces his intention to murder him. Stone turns out to be surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea.

The Haunting of the New S3, Ep8 Sep. 15, 1989 The Haunting of the New Wealthy socialite Nora is notorious for her decadent parties and wild escapades; when her stately mansion burns to the ground, she has it rebuilt–but it will not let her back in.

To the Chicago Abyss S3, Ep9 Sep. 22, 1989 To the Chicago Abyss In a large city after an devastating holocaust, an old man is hunted by the police for the crime of reminding people of the good old days.

Hail and Farewell S3, Ep10 Sep. 30, 1989 Hail and Farewell A 12-year-old boy discovers that he can't grow up.

The Veldt S3, Ep11 Nov. 10, 1989 The Veldt Two parents become increasingly concerned that their children are spending far too much time in the virtual reality playroom, which seems permanently set to the African veldt.

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! S3, Ep12 Nov. 17, 1989 Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! A father begins to suspect that the mushrooms his son ordered from a boy's magazine and is growing in the basement may be alien invaders.

Mars Is Heaven S4, Ep1 Jul. 20, 1990 Mars Is Heaven The first Earth visitors to Mars discover a replica of small town America, just as they remembered it from their childhoods.

The Murderer S4, Ep2 Jul. 27, 1990 The Murderer A psychiatrist is summoned to a prison to interview Albert Brock, a respectable businessman who went on a murderous rampage–against phones, computers, music players, and all the other electronic devices that fill the world with ceaseless noise and distraction.

Touched with Fire S4, Ep3 Aug. 3, 1990 Touched with Fire Two retired insurance salesman seek out aggravating people and attempt to convince them to change their ways and avoid murder.

The Black Ferris S4, Ep4 Aug. 10, 1990 The Black Ferris Two young boys investigate a sinister carnival.

Usher II S4, Ep5 Aug. 17, 1990 Usher II In the future, a millionaire seeks revenge against the government that burned the works of famous literary fiction writers by building a haunted castle populated by androids.

Touch of Petulance S4, Ep6 Oct. 12, 1990 Touch of Petulance A man travels from the future to the present, to warn his younger self against murdering his wife.

And the Moon Be Still as Bright S4, Ep7 Oct. 19, 1990 And the Moon Be Still as Bright An archaeologist on Mars goes berserk and takes the side of the extinct Martian race.

The Toynbee Convector S4, Ep8 Oct. 26, 1990 The Toynbee Convector Craig Bennett Stiles travels 100 years into the future to bring hope back for his dying present. Now a hundred years have passed and he prepares to meet his past self as the world looks on.

Exorcism S4, Ep9 Nov. 2, 1990 Exorcism The charming Clara Goodwater has been the president of the town's Ladies Honeysuckle Harmony Lodge for as long as anyone can remember. Her nosy rival Elmira Brown is convinced Clara maintains her position through witchcraft and plans to exorcise her at the upcoming Lodge election.

The Day It Rained Forever S4, Ep10 Nov. 9, 1990 The Day It Rained Forever In a desert town, three old men wait for rain that never comes.

The Long Years S4, Ep11 Nov. 16, 1990 The Long Years A family of Earth colonists was stranded on Mars twenty years ago when they missed the order to evacuate. Now, after their long wait, a ship from Earth arrives to take them home, but the rescuers notice something odd.

Here There Be Tygers S4, Ep12 Nov. 30, 1990 Here There Be Tygers Astronauts from Earth land on a remote planet and find a pastoral paradise, where all their wishes come true.

The Earthmen S5, Ep1 Jan. 3, 1992 The Earthmen Earth astronauts land on Mars and are puzzled by the reception they receive: most of the Martians are annoyed or angered by their arrival.

Zero Hour S5, Ep2 Jan. 10, 1992 Zero Hour In the near future, young children are persuaded to help an imaginary friend named Drill to play a game called Invasion.

The Jar S5, Ep3 Jan. 17, 1992 The Jar Cuckolded farmer Charlie purchases a weird specimen in a jar from a carnival sideshow, hoping to gain some respect in the town. When his faithless wife threatens to reveal that the creature is a fake, Charlie is driven to an act of desperation.

Colonel Stonesteel and the Desperate Empties S5, Ep4 Jan. 24, 1992 Colonel Stonesteel and the Desperate Empties Greentown, Illnois is in the midst of the “desperate empties,” the doldrums that come at the tail-end of summer. To bring some excitement to the town, twelve-year-old Charlie helps the rascally Colonel Stonesteel bury a fake mummy to be uncovered at the Labor Day parade in an elaborate hoax.

The Concrete Mixer S5, Ep5 Jan. 31, 1992 The Concrete Mixer An invasion force from Mars heads to Earth, prepared to overcome a strong military resistance. Instead, when they arrive they are greeted by glad-handing community representatives, a marching band, and the key to the city. The aliens are soon introduced to the vulgar and consumer-oriented “American way of life” which turns out to be a bigger threat than an armed resistance would have been.

The Utterly Perfect Murder S5, Ep6 Feb. 7, 1992 The Utterly Perfect Murder As a boy, piano prodigy Douglas was tormented by a gang of bullies led by Ralph. Now, fifty years later, Doug looks for closure in his life–by traveling back to his hometown and murdering Ralph.

Let's Play Poison S5, Ep7 Feb. 14, 1992 Let's Play Poison After witnessing a student's accidental death because of bullying, a teacher vows to put children in their place.

The Martian S5, Ep8 Feb. 21, 1992 The Martian A middle-aged Earth couple emigrates to Mars after the death of their son Tom. On a particularly bad night of grieving, a psychically sensitive native Martian is captured by their strong emotions and forced into the form of Tom and is accepted as such by the bereaved mother. The father, though, is torn by the conflict between his revulsion and concern for his wife.

The Lonely One S6, Ep1 Jul. 10, 1992 The Lonely One After discovering the body of the latest victim of the serial killer known as The Lonely One, Lavinia persuades her friends to go to the movies to take their minds off the tragedy. The result is a long, scary midnight walk home for the increasingly terrified Lavinia.

The Happiness Machine S6, Ep2 Jul. 17, 1992 The Happiness Machine A small-town inventor find that building a machine that can create happiness is a harder project than he thought.

Tomorrow's Child S6, Ep3 Aug. 14, 1992 Tomorrow's Child An experimental childbirth procedure results in a couple's baby being born into another dimension. The child's non-human appearance puts a lot of strain on the new parents and threatens to send the wife into madness.

The Anthem Sprinters S6, Ep4 Aug. 21, 1992 The Anthem Sprinters An American author on a visit to Dublin stops by a pub where he is caught up in the excitement over a local sporting event known as “anthem sprinting.” In this challenge runners compete to see who can get out of the theater fastest during the pause between the end of the film and the start of the Irish national anthem and this time the stakes are the American's first edition of Joyce versus the pub's Sean O'Casey autographed playbill.

By the Numbers S6, Ep5 Sep. 11, 1992 By the Numbers The manager of a hotel pool drills his young son with military precision, leading to tragedy.

The Long Rain S6, Ep6 Sep. 19, 1992 The Long Rain When a spaceship crash lands on a world where it never stops raining, the survivors try to reach the Sundome that has been erected on the planet.

The Dead Man S6, Ep7 Sep. 26, 1992 The Dead Man A lonely middle-aged woman moves to a small town to take a job as a manicurist and finds she is strangely drawn to local eccentric Odd Martin–who claims to be dead.

Sun and Shadow S6, Ep8 Oct. 3, 1992 Sun and Shadow An American film crew arrives in a Mexican village to shoot a TV commercial; Ricardo, a townsman, interferes with the filming because he resents his life being treated as a colorful prop by these arrogant interlopers.

Silent Towns S6, Ep9 Oct. 10, 1992 Silent Towns A technician accidentally stranded on Mars by a sudden evacuation searches desperately for another human being on the desolate world. When he finds an equally lonely woman, she is not what he was expecting.

Downwind from Gettysburg S6, Ep10 Oct. 17, 1992 Downwind from Gettysburg Walter Bayes has devoted his life to creating a robot duplicate of Abraham Lincoln to inspire the American people to recommit themselves to the nation's ideals. On the night of its unveiling, however, a maniac named Booth plots to assassinate the Presidential automaton.

Some Live Like Lazarus S6, Ep11 Oct. 24, 1992 Some Live Like Lazarus A young couple falls in love but his domineering mother comes between them; when the old woman finally dies–forty years later–the next step is not very clear.

The Handler S6, Ep12 Oct. 27, 1992 The Handler A small town mortician takes a perverse delight in exacting postmortem revenge against his enemies, until his day of reckoning arrives.

Fee Fie Foe Fum S6, Ep13 Oct. 28, 1992 Fee Fie Foe Fum A vicious prankster convinces his wife's mean old grandmother that he is planning to kill her and grind her up in the new garbage disposal.

Great Wide World Over There S6, Ep14 Oct. 29, 1992 Great Wide World Over There Cora Gibbs is an illiterate woman living on an isolated farm with her much older husband. When her educated nephew Benjy visits for the summer, she sees her opportunity to connect with the “great wide world over there” by sending and receiving mail.

The Tombstone S6, Ep15 Oct. 30, 1992 The Tombstone A bickering couple checks into the last available room in a small hotel only to discover that the previous occupant left a tombstone in the room. No one gets any sleep as the wife is now convinced the room is haunted.

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