Jetsons, The


Elroy Meets Orbitty S2, Ep1 Sep. 16, 1985 Elroy Meets Orbitty

Rosie Come Home S2, Ep2 Sep. 17, 1985 Rosie Come Home

Solar Snoops S2, Ep3 Sep. 18, 1985 Solar Snoops

Judy's Birthday Surprise S2, Ep4 Sep. 19, 1985 Judy's Birthday Surprise

SuperGeorge S2, Ep5 Sep. 20, 1985 SuperGeorge

Family Fallout S2, Ep6 Sep. 23, 1985 Family Fallout

Instant Replay S2, Ep7 Sep. 24, 1985 Instant Replay

Fugitive Fleas S2, Ep8 Sep. 25, 1985 Fugitive Fleas

S.M.A.S.H. S2, Ep9 Sep. 26, 1985 S.M.A.S.H.

One Strike, You're Out S2, Ep10 Sep. 30, 1985 One Strike, You're Out

Mother's Day for Rosie S2, Ep11 Oct. 1, 1985 Mother's Day for Rosie

S'No Relative S2, Ep12 Oct. 2, 1985 S'No Relative

Dance Time S2, Ep13 Oct. 3, 1985 Dance Time

Judy Takes Off S2, Ep14 Oct. 7, 1985 Judy Takes Off

Winner Takes All S2, Ep15 Oct. 9, 1985 Winner Takes All

The Mirrormorph S2, Ep16 Oct. 11, 1985 The Mirrormorph

The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane S2, Ep17 Oct. 14, 1985 The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane

High Moon S2, Ep18 Oct. 15, 1985 High Moon

Hi-Tech Wreck S2, Ep19 Oct. 17, 1985 Hi-Tech Wreck

Little Bundle of Trouble S2, Ep20 Oct. 18, 1985 Little Bundle of Trouble

Elroy in Wonderland S2, Ep21 Oct. 22, 1985 Elroy in Wonderland

The Swiss Family Jetson S2, Ep22 Oct. 23, 1985 The Swiss Family Jetson After being laid off of work George buys into a scheme called “DIGIFARM” and moves to the farthest planetoid in the Galaxy. Arriving they run out of fuel and crash-land so the Jetsons have to use survival to make their new home a paradise but developers take notice and move in.

Rip-Off Rosie S2, Ep23 Oct. 24, 1985 Rip-Off Rosie

Fantasy Planet S2, Ep24 Oct. 28, 1985 Fantasy Planet

Space Bong S2, Ep25 Oct. 30, 1985 Space Bong

Haunted Halloween S2, Ep26 Oct. 31, 1985 Haunted Halloween

Astro's Big Moment S2, Ep27 Nov. 1, 1985 Astro's Big Moment

Jetson's Millions S2, Ep28 Nov. 4, 1985 Jetson's Millions

The Wrong Stuff S2, Ep29 Nov. 5, 1985 The Wrong Stuff

The Vacation S2, Ep30 Nov. 7, 1985 The Vacation

Team Spirit S2, Ep31 Nov. 11, 1985 Team Spirit

Future Tense S2, Ep32 Nov. 12, 1985 Future Tense

Far-Out Father S2, Ep33 Nov. 13, 1985 Far-Out Father

Dog Daze Afternoon S2, Ep34 Nov. 15, 1985 Dog Daze Afternoon

Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger S2, Ep35 Nov. 19, 1985 Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger

Robot's Revenge S2, Ep36 Nov. 20, 1985 Robot's Revenge

To Tell the Truth S2, Ep37 Nov. 22, 1985 To Tell the Truth

Boy George S2, Ep38 Nov. 25, 1985 Boy George

Judy's Elopement S2, Ep39 Nov. 27, 1985 Judy's Elopement

The Century's Best S2, Ep40 Nov. 28, 1985 The Century's Best

A Jetson Christmas Carol S2, Ep41 Dec. 13, 1985 A Jetson Christmas Carol What do Santa Claus and George Jetson have in common? They both have to work on Christmas eve! That mean old Mr. Spacely forces George to work late, while the family wonders what has happened to him, while Astro opens one of his presents early, breaks it, accidentally swallows a piece of it (a Spacely Sprockett) and becomes very ill. It seems the Jetsons may lose their Tiny Tim-like dog. Plus, Mr. Spacely is visited by his old partner, Jacob Marsley, who tells him of three spirits that will visit him. And they do, first the Past ghost robot who shows him young Spacely…

Crime Games S3, Ep1 Oct. 19, 1987 Crime Games

ASTROnomical I.Q S3, Ep2 Oct. 21, 1987 ASTROnomical I.Q

9 to 5 to 9 S3, Ep3 Oct. 23, 1987 9 to 5 to 9

Invisibly Yours, George S3, Ep4 Oct. 27, 1987 Invisibly Yours, George

Father/Daughter Dance S3, Ep5 Oct. 29, 1987 Father/Daughter Dance

Clean as a Hound's Tooth S3, Ep6 Nov. 2, 1987 Clean as a Hound's Tooth

Wedding Bells for Rosey S3, Ep7 Nov. 4, 1987 Wedding Bells for Rosey

The Odd Pod S3, Ep8 Nov. 6, 1987 The Odd Pod

Two Many Georges S3, Ep9 Nov. 10, 1987 Two Many Georges

Spacely for a Day S3, Ep10 Nov. 12, 1987 Spacely for a Day

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