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Unknown The Elephant Princess II - Compilation S2, Ep27 Unknown The Elephant Princess II - Compilation After Diva's vanquishing, Manjipur is ruled formally by Alex, but Kuru does most governing work while she concentrates on her music school in Australia, teaming up, also as a band, with Amanda and now friend Taylor, a drummer and their host. But is destitute West Manjipur, Diva reappears. She plans to use Caleb and his sister Zamira, orphaned when their sorceress-mother was killed, to gain control of black magic and seize power. However it's Caleb, who becomes a palace servant and Alex's new closest friend if not lover, who taps into it unwittingly at the temple ruin …

2008 Coming of Age S1, Ep1 Nov. 13, 2008 Coming of Age Alexandra dreams of a singing career, in a pop band with friends Marcus, JB Deekes and Amanda Tucci. At her birthday party they get a complete surprise visit. The mysterious Indian Kuru, riding the often invisible elephant Anala, tells them she's in fact the magical princess-heir of Manjipour. She's expected 'home' to mount the throne in that Indian state she never even heard of. Only its royal house can perform magic.

Don't Call Me Princess S1, Ep2 Unknown Don't Call Me Princess After Kuru's visit, Alexandra's family is unusually accommodating. Kuru reports in Manjipoor that the princess isn't ready for the throne, but the guru is confident she'll grow into it and gives him the magical royal runes. Finding out she's adopted as Kuru said, she goes crazy, wants to run away and tears up a family picture. This magically alters her whole reality, as Vashan senses all the way to Manjipoor, where he hopes she'll never claim the magical throne. She now turns to Kuru and the runes as her only hope to restore normality. After it works, her parents …

Rabbit Season S1, Ep3 Unknown Rabbit Season Alexandra orders Kuru to lie for her, which he reluctantly does after consulting Omar in Manshipoor, while Vashan would stick to the rule royalty must be truthful. She attempts first to pass off Kuru for an exchange student, while he openly treated her as princess, then after the magical elephant's appearance to make him tell the magical truth. These dumb instructions make JB and Amanda loose all trust in her. Now she breaks the rule magic may not be (ab)used lightly to convince them of her magical power by pulling rabbits from a hat, if she can pull that off at all.

Kuru the Guru S1, Ep4 Unknown Kuru the Guru Alex takes guru Kuru to her class, but he doesn't fin there. So she (ab)uses magic to make him 'cool'.

The Powerful Ballad S1, Ep5 Unknown The Powerful Ballad Amanda abuses magic for her guitar playing and forces Kuru to accept a rune, forbidden magic transfer. Kuru reports on her progress to Omar, who orders him to change and address the council. Vashan overhears that, locks Kuru up and abuses his 'unwillingness to appear' to doubt him, the magic and even the princess's existence. But the rune allows Kuru to levitate and drift to the council. As if Alex's family, notably kid sister's 'ballet demonstration' for visitor Marcus, weren't embarrassing enough, she suddenly starts levitating uncontrollably, a side effect of Kuru …

Not Made in Japan S1, Ep6 Unknown Not Made in Japan Alex still puts her teenager life above royal duty. Yet Manjipoor cheerfully awaits her return. Vashan and his servant Diva only pretend approval. Kuru visits Omar, who reassures him time should help. Before he returns, Vashan manages to put a magic reversal spell on Kuru's hands, so as to infect Alex, who now gets unexpected results. JB shares in the confused experience as 'exchange philosophy student' Asuza is conjured up by transforming Zoe's doll. Worse, Alex's power is transferred to her. Asuza believes to be the creator who must eliminate Alex. Kuru figures it …

Lean on Me S1, Ep7 Unknown Lean on Me After Kuru reports Alex still doesn't concentrate on her magic training, Omar invites her. The elders decide to hold a banquet, Vashan prepares a snake venom-drink. Alex misses the appointment because she prefers to play with her band in a talent competition they only make trough her magic abuse. Kuru is sacked for her failure, but the elephant 'teleports' her, so she can convince Omar how well Kuru taught her already.

Welcome to the Fairy Tale S1, Ep8 Unknown Welcome to the Fairy Tale Amanda convinces Alex to visit Manjopoor, and shop at the oriental market. Anala drags along suspicious JB too. They end up in the magic forest and are mistaken for circus people by humble locals. Trying to help their son Johan, who was transformed into a mouse by Vashan for poaching. It seems to go wrong, so his dad chases the with an ax. Vashan senses royal magic is near. Meanwhile Kuru wasn't informed but covers for them at school, even makes their history assignment.

Warts & All S1, Ep9 Unknown Warts & All Despite Kuru's warning that love and magic don't mix, Alex tricks him to tell her a spell to prove if Marcus, who asked her on a band date, loves her. It turns her into a frog, which can only be undone by a kiss from a true lover. Kuru, JB and Amanda now try to look after the frog until they can get her kissed by most unwilling Marcus, who seems to loose patience with his missing date. When all seems lost, Kuru's devotion proves decisive.

The Butterfly Effect S1, Ep10 Unknown The Butterfly Effect Vashan magically enables his trusted servant Diva to transform into butterfly, to ride inconspicuously on the elephant Anala to the 'old' world, and into a blond babe to spy on the princess there. After witnessing Alex's clumsy magic practice on Kuru, 'Julia' enrolls at school. She gets gentleman Kuru to show her around an tutor her, so she can spy them at home. Just then Anala gets an allergic chocolate reaction to muffins, which makes her sick and 'blink' from in- to visible, hard to hide and cure even with mahout and magical skills.

Butterfly Kiss S1, Ep11 Unknown Butterfly Kiss Kuru reports diplomatically to Omar about Alex's slow progress and Devi to Vashan that she's still a magically clumsy brat living a commoner's life, the rival prince allows her to return as butterfly and seduce Kuru as Juliet, so he'll cease being her only good influence. After she even finds opportunity to steal the royal runes she returns to Manjipoor. The elephant Anala comes to still unsuspecting Kuru's aid after irresponsible Alex dares blame him out of girlish jealousy.

Dancing Queen S1, Ep12 Unknown Dancing Queen Kuru accidentally breaks JD's cymbal, but pays for it with a golden coin from Manjipoor worth the eightfold, which he spends on flashy clothes. The Wilsons see Kuru gets rewarded too. When Alex flippantly calls his allowance excessive, he dutifully begs the council to reduce it, which is nearly considered treason for questioning one of its decisions. The Wilson parents put domestic life at hold for spoiled brat Zoe's ballet practice, which she stinks at and lied to be the title lead Alice in Wonderland, so she fakes sickness and runs away.

Destiny's Child S1, Ep13 Unknown Destiny's Child A remark at mother's day from her sanctimonious sister Zoe that Alex is adopted makes her wonder about her magical biological mother, queen Nefari. After Kuru says Omar knew her best, she travels to Manjipoor alone to question him. Vashan spies on them and magically set a trap, entering the queen's magical posthumous vision.

Time After Time S1, Ep14 Unknown Time After Time Kuru warns Alex the powerful royal rune to shift time back in order to change things has only been used twelve times for extreme emergencies. Reasoning one wouldn't know if the royal user doesn't tell, the scamp keeps abusing it for petty accidents all day when Marcus finally asks her on a real date. Meanwhile Vashan tries to win Anala's friendship with strawberries, in vain. Kuru reports to Omar he suspects she has abused it, but it's only confirmed when an irreversible consequence arises.

Happy Birthday Anala S1, Ep15 Unknown Happy Birthday Anala Kuru tells Alex that Anala's birthday is a grand state affair in Manjipoor, where the elephant chooses one subject to be granted a wish. She offers to his and Omar's delight to preside over the palace party. Told it's invitation only, she magically fakes invitations for her friends and even a few Manjipoor commoner market acquaintances. Kuru must leave his duties tending to Anala when Alex orders Diva to fetch him to the party. Thus someone can steal a magical stone from Abala's headdress, needed to travel between the worlds. Even Omar wants the loyal attendant be …

The Big Gig S1, Ep16 Unknown The Big Gig Marcus got the band a gig in his uncle Harry's café, where Zom Records executives have lunch, but the stage is too small, so they must perform a duet by Marcus and Alex, who abuses some minor magic. Omar informs the elders one of Anala's magical headdress jewel was stolen. The guards can't find it for Vashan, but thief Diva shows it to him; Even he ignores how to activate it. But when Kuru travels on Anala the gem travels parallel. Zomp is interested, but only in the duo, and Alex refuses to dump her friends.

Masquerade Ball S1, Ep17 Unknown Masquerade Ball The band bunch prepares for the school's masked dance, an concept unknown to Kuru. JB was turned down by 48 girls, so he's desperate to ask Kosma on the Manjipoor market and tricks Alex to take him there, supposedly looking for her perfect dress, behind Kuru's back. Anala is instructed to return his Cinderella by midnight. Vashan observed their arrival and uses the magical gem to secretly follow. He uses the mask feature to intrude and turns her date Marcus into a werewolf.

Almost Too Famous S1, Ep18 Unknown Almost Too Famous Kuru reports to Omar and the council of elders about Vashan's hostile intrusion in the other world, but they can't counter a royal. Meanwhile Vashan has used the magical gem again, and using a box and carpet can prevent being sent back. Having overheard Alex's girlish dream is to become a rock-star, he makes it come true so she'll forget all about Manshipoor. It works, she even gets cut up from family and friends, depending on manager Vashan Vashan. Kuru tries till he gets past their body-guards, to prove her she has magic and hopefully rekindle her memory.

Princess Amanda S1, Ep19 Unknown Princess Amanda Marcus and Alex want to exchange one month together-gifts. Alex just asks Kuru's wise advice, but Marcus left the choice to Amanda. Kuru generously gives her one the royal Manjipoor coins she admires. Amanda tricks sweet-tooth Anala into transporting her to Manjipoor to buy a diamond necklace. The loyal people mistake her for the dish-guised princess. When that's disproved, Vashan threatens her with punishment for high treason unless she teaches him how to command Anala. Kuru and Alex need crafty magic to save the day.

Courtroom Jewel S1, Ep20 Unknown Courtroom Jewel Vashan nearly scares Alex into submission using an illusion. Diva discovers Kuru's report has made Omar call a secret royal council against him, and tells Vashan. He intrudes it to accuse Omar of stealing the magic jewel, which is found is Omar's desk, to which nobody else has access. Kuru brings Alex to an unprecedented trial, but they lack evidence against Vashan. JB has just edited the band's latest recordings, and discovers a crucial scene. Meanwhile boyfriend Marcus feels intolerably excluded as nobody tells him what is important and yet withheld from her.

Sea Change S1, Ep21 Unknown Sea Change Smash is looking forward to 4 paid hours in a recording studio. Anala, who has been a jumbo-size pain for a while, takes Alex's guitar and transports her, first with and then without Kuru, to places she believed to exist only in a childhood dream. There she learns the elephant always protected her. That made her miss the recording session. Still ignorant Marcus, who nearly beat jealously up 'rival' Kuru, considers himself implicitly dumped and resigns from the band he only joined for her sake.

Revelation S1, Ep22 Unknown Revelation Alex is too sad about Marcus having dumped her and effectively split up the band Smash to do her school - or domestic work. Even ever-respectful Kuru can't deny she lacks commitment, especially as the princess. She now declares herself ready to accept the throne. Vashan insists on Manjipoor's tradition she must first be thought the strict, elaborate court protocol by an (the only other) royal: him and his servant Diva. They make clear the unpleasant sides for her and commoners, even Kuru may never see her again. Then they discover she was conceived after the king's …

Unexpected Arrivals S1, Ep24 Unknown Unexpected Arrivals Just when Vashan prepares for his coronation, he discovers Diva has magical powers, but too late: she throws him in the dungeon. When Omar and while he flees Kuru find out, she tries to kill them, but Anala saves them by transportation to the Wilson home. Alex uses magic to cure Omar's wound. Kuru gives her the letter Omar entrusted him, which is from her magical royal mother. Omar confirms he secretly married Nefari out of true love. Learning from the council only Omar knows where the crown is hidden, Diva tricks Vashan to get command over Anala using magical chains….

Good Vibrations S1, Ep25 Unknown Good Vibrations Assumming their and Manjipoor's world are literally on different frequencies, JB tries super-amplifiers. Kuru and weakened Alex indeed return to the kingdom, where the people is in doubt who to obey. Alas after they shred the abdication papers Diva puts up a devious fight, even tricking Omar in betraying the crown's whereabout and stealing Alex's magic.

2009 It's an Ordinary Life S1, Ep23 May 3, 2009 It's an Ordinary Life Having learned Omar is her dad, Alex has ran back to the Wilsons. Kuru comes pack, take his leave from the Wilsons and offer generous gifts. They include a model and wood for a Manjipoorean gazebo, which dad Jim is unable to construct, but he gets JB to help and talks him into making up with Alex. Kuru takes Alex back to sign papers relinquishing control Anala, the right to servants and the throne to a triumphant Vashan. Then Kuru scolds her selfish, cowardly haste and leaves her the royal runes. Diva laughs at him being reduced to shuffling elephant manure, and …

Normal Alex Wilson S1, Ep26 Unknown Normal Alex Wilson At home, JB and Amanda try to convince the Wilson parents missing Alex will be back. With help from the people, brave Kuru cunningly frees Alex, Omar and Vashan, who shows them a rune to restore one's powers, but it can only be used with magic. The men are quickly captured again by Diva, who finds the crown and orders everyone to attend her coronation, where she haughtily violates ancient protocol. Alex and Kuru put up a daring fight during the ceremony, knowing the crown can only be conferred by the elephant Anala, who sides against the usurper.

2011 Enemies Unleashed S2, Ep1 Unknown Enemies Unleashed Visiting West Manjipoor, a dead-poor outskirt of the magical kingdom, the princess and Kuru bump into his old friend Caleb, a mildly rogue adventurer who scams her into paying a gold coin for safe passage facing Senq's real robber gang. Caleb's girl Zamira abuses his trust and the coin to set a real trap for Kuru, who while running stumbles on a mysterious ruin, where he nearly gets swallowed up by a fiery column. In the process of saving him, Alex unwittingly sets free the evil sorceress Diva. Back in Australia, Alex and Amanda find a place to stay as students out of…

The New Recruit S2, Ep2 May 2, 2011 The New Recruit Caleb is highly suspicious about Diva's magical apparition, but his sister Zamira explains their late mother was a black witch and eagerly seeks to negotiate a pact for revenge on the palace for banishing them. In Australia, Taylor's girlfriend Veronica counts on his 'loyalty' to steal the gig Alex's band auditions for at Tony's club, but when Amanda's proposal to hold a contest is accepted, Taylor rather breaks up then then break his promise.

Bad Reputation S2, Ep3 May 3, 2011 Bad Reputation Kuru tries as royal adviser to shield the princess, but too lazy for paperwork, she insists to receive Caleb. He asks for a job, so Kuru gives him his old one, as elephant minder. Alex however enjoys the cocky, handsome knave's sass, enough to engage in a water-fight. Kuru finds and stops Caleb lurking in the palace, but doesn't discover his mission is to search the lost magic book in the library. Later, Diva comes herself, so Kuru and the princess see she's alive and kicking, even uses some aggressive magic.

Falling for the Enemy S2, Ep4 May 3, 2011 Falling for the Enemy Caleb was wounded while shielding Alex from Diva's magical bolt, yet Kuru remains suspicious. Random magic finds the hiding place of the book which contains the key to black magic. Alex decides to take Caleb to 'safe' Australia, to heal him out of Diva's reach. Taylor accepts to put them up. Veronica assumed he just tried to make her jealous, but Amanda plays the same game to ward the bitch off, or at least that's what she and Taylor tell each-other. Caleb sneakily sees her hide the book. They bond further, even kiss, but agree that must remain an inappropriate …

Star Crossed Lovers S2, Ep5 May 4, 2011 Star Crossed Lovers Kuru takes care of princely business in Alex's frequent absence, yet makes time to graciously receive his youth friend Zamira, who rudely leaves when he sticks to respecting the secret where she took Caleb to heal. In Australia, she uses the next performance in Tony's pub as excuse to keep Caleb at a distance, even claims his love is unanswered after he teaches her the Manjipoori martial art. So he bitterly turns his attention to secretly reading the magic book. Victoria fails to make Taylor jealous by flirting with Caleb, who does enjoy the luxury at her fancy home …

Double Trouble S2, Ep6 May 4, 2011 Double Trouble Although Caleb and Alex are on kissing terms and he wants to join her, she wants to return with the book alone, feeling that's safer for him. So she transforms Amanda in decoy princess clone, but the impertinent love-life questions soon give that game away. Kuru tells her Zamira knows the ancient script it's written in, having been expelled from school for it, but she refuses, warning black magic was banned because it can cancel royal white magic. Kuru's detailed account of how the book was discovered at the magical portal helps them to work out from a symbol it must …

Secret Love S2, Ep7 May 5, 2011 Secret Love Caleb is told to butt out of band practice, so he has time to thoroughly study the magic book, in secret. Alex still wastes her time on writing a song and messes up her music theory exam. She senses unprecedentedly powerful magic when Caleb returns to Manjipur as suggested and uses his new knowledge to open the portal and absorb black magic. Unsupecting Kuru orders him back to elephant care duty. Caleb gets visions of having to fight off Senq and even Zamira, whom he warns not to trust or overestimate Diva.

Love Your Enemy S2, Ep8 May 5, 2011 Love Your Enemy Secretly in the Manjipur forest, Caleb waves Zamira's call for loyalty to Diva and patiently practices magic moves, learning to float. Kuru considers Zamira's plea the book would be safer under his care, yet decides it's a princely choice. At school, Alex's future depends on the composition test. Veronica fails to seduce Taylor to take her back, but steals his memory stick with Alex's song for her trio. When teacher Getz finds out, Alex pleads against expulsion and even helps her write and perform another song.

The Secret Admirer S2, Ep9 May 6, 2011 The Secret Admirer Caleb now spends most of his time practicing black magic in the forest. Zamira catches him achieving teleportation and realizes he must have read the book, but can't scare him into reporting to Diva, who clearly is loosing her patience and trust in them. Caleb discovers teleportation even reaches into Alex's world. Thus he attends the band's latest concert at Tony's, where some mild magic scares rude Todd into abjectly apologizing. As none of them noticed Caleb, everyone thinks Taylor scared him off.

Tangled Web S2, Ep10 May 6, 2011 Tangled Web Surprised while reading in the magic book, Caleb avoids being found out by teleportation, but thus accidentally drags Taylor along to West Manjipur. He tells only Zamira, who informs Kuru, who gets Alex. But Diva finds Taylor first and takes him hostage, demanding the book as ransom. Against Kuru's wise warning, Alex is prepared to accept, but Caleb manages to rescue Taylor, unseen by the band members, so only Alex's secret is betrayed .

Welcome to My World S2, Ep11 May 9, 2011 Welcome to My World Caleb is happy practicing ever better black magic in the forest, while working as Kuru's elephant servant, but accepts when Alex brings him an invitation from Taylor to move in with the band permanently. Zamira refuses to follow and break up with Diva, who already suspects-ts foul play and ultimately brings Caleb to use his black magic to stop her. Victoria holds a grand birthday pool party, but fails to seduce Taylor and ends up ridiculed by Amanda.

Exposed S2, Ep12 May 9, 2011 Exposed Caleb is now perfectly happy with Alex. He resigns as elephant-carer, leading to a fight with Kuru, whose aggression costs him a black eye, and showing he controls black magic. Taylor welcomes Caleb for good, but Alex sets a trap at Tony's. Having thus found out Caleb read the book, she dumps him as a traitor. Kuru resigns, feeling a failure, which leaves the princess all alone and as unhappy as both rivals. Diva trusts this will finally bring her the book.

Exiles S2, Ep13 May 10, 2011 Exiles Caleb is too depressed to fight for Alex or team up again with Zamira. Only after Diva convinces his sister, who sneakily read the book in the palace, to open the temple ruin portal, Caleb listens to Kuru, who moved to West Manjipur, warning Alex is in mortal danger. They arrive in Australia just in time to prevent all band members being killed by Diva, but she gets away with the book and occupies the palace.

Trouble Comes to Town S2, Ep14 May 10, 2011 Trouble Comes to Town Caleb isn't happy, unlike Zamira, to stand by Diva, who has taken over the palace. He visits the band, hoping to see Alex, but a rude reception makes him throw an energy bolt at Taylor, no real harm. Kuru can't even stop brigands robbing palace property. Alex refuses his advice to seek Caleb's magic assistance, rather tempts to sabotage the temple ruin portal, but fails.

Under New Management S2, Ep15 May 11, 2011 Under New Management Tony can't pay the club's lease, so the band is canceled. Alex refuses to magically provide capital, but Caleb does after a briefing from Veronica, so her band is added to the program. Alex however refuses his 'dirty money', so Taylor's band pulls out anyway. Diva orders Zamira to decipher the book and wants her to get her brother back to help. Kuru refuses to return to the palace, he now just tends the garden. He gets a visit from the princess, who 'steals' his only campfire-roasted yam meal.

Dangerous Secrets S2, Ep16 May 11, 2011 Dangerous Secrets A haughty sneer from Veronica brings proud Caleb to magically acquire guitarist talent to Taylor's standard. Alex scolds his abuse of magic, despite his generous offer to stop using magic in Australia so as not to endanger her second world. But she resorts to magic herself when Veronica, who found a camera recording, threatens to expose Caleb's supernatural powers unless he makes her a world star.

Feud S2, Ep17 May 12, 2011 Feud Caleb's self-made bracelet for Amada gets him invited to Amanda's well-kept surprise party at Tony's. Kuru also accepts, partially to keep an eye on Caleb. Diva brings Zamira over to demand Caleb's return, to no avail, despite Diva's story that their mother was killed at the temple ruin portal by Alex's royal mother, to disable her threatening black magic.

Reinforcements S2, Ep18 May 12, 2011 Reinforcements

Unmasked S2, Ep19 May 13, 2011 Unmasked Diva orders Senq to capture Kuru, using black magic. Zamira promises to mislead him, but frees him to alert Alex and the gang. Caleb comes along and protects them every time. Alex breaks the book's royal seal, thus starting a vision which shows Zamira not the late queen killed Caleb's mother but Diva herself, who cares little about their escape as she now controls the book's black magic.

A Princess for All S2, Ep20 May 13, 2011 A Princess for All Caleb can't convince his sister that life in Australia is great, but after a talk with Kuru, Zamira reconsiders and accepts a magic mind recollection, which proves their mother and the queen were allies against Diva, hence hid the book. Sooner than Zamira feared, Dive has deciphered the book's language and takes only Senq along when she tries mastering the magic ruins portal, but fails, still lacking the secret language's finesse. Pretending to be mislead, Veronica overhears Taylor and Amanda discussing Alex's magic secret, so when she threatens with Internet exposure…

Out of Control S2, Ep21 May 16, 2011 Out of Control Caleb can't talk Zamira out of returning to Manjipur with Kuru and Anala, so he visits to check up on her safety and suspicious suitor. Senq is scared off, but later surprises Caleb by sabotaging his session at the magic portal, with a mysterious result. Now Veronica knows Alex is a princess, she insists on joining the band, dumping her own mates.

Flare Up S2, Ep22 May 16, 2011 Flare Up Caleb feels obliged to check up on Zamira, both on account Diva and Kuru. Instructed by Diva, who gives up on enlisting Zamira directly, Senq and his mate go after her to provoke Caleb. He now suffers unbearable headaches whenever he tries to use black magic and is magically drawn to the temple ruin portal, where he can no longer control the rite and is possessed further by the black magic flame. Taylor and Amanda bicker, as Alex guesses like lovers, for he insists to join the magicians' rescue when she's missing.

Cursed S2, Ep23 May 17, 2011 Cursed Caleb is delighted when Alex invites him as companion to the music school's awards. But his worsening headaches now draw him back to the ruined temple's magic portal even from Australia. Kuru can't convince him to tell Alex, Zamira says she can't help without the book. He fails to get at it in the palace and refuses to make a deal with Diva, who now realizes his condition.

Hunted S2, Ep24 May 17, 2011 Hunted The gang, now apparently loyally joined by Veronica, learns about Caleb's worrying condition but can barely track him, let alone help, yet Alex is determined to risk it at any cost. Senq's report makes Diva realize and check out that Caleb is being overpowered by the temple ruin portal's black magic. Still, Caleb refuses to help her with the book in exchange for a cure.

Between the Worlds S2, Ep25 May 18, 2011 Between the Worlds After subjecting him to a mind-probe, Diva realizes Caleb's condition is going to worsen until the magic portal consumes him and believes that offers an opportunity to connect both worlds magically. The gang can only watch from a distance, not intervene, but Kuru thinks of slipping into the palace to study the book. Computer-manipulating photographs reveals the frightening hidden message. Anala is their last hope.

Sacrifice S2, Ep26 May 18, 2011 Sacrifice

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