Tales from the Darkside


Trick or Treat (Pilot) S1, Ep0 Oct. 29, 1983 Trick or Treat (Pilot) Town miser Gideon Hackles spends Halloween hiding IOU's in his house, which he then rigs as haunted and invites local kids to search for the IOU's so he can scare them. This year, he gets his comeuppance.

The New Man S1, Ep1 Sep. 30, 1984 The New Man A reformed alcoholic is visited by his young son. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a young son.

I'll Give You a Million S1, Ep2 Oct. 7, 1984 I'll Give You a Million Wily millionaire Duncan Williams engages his longtime acquaintance Jack Blaine in a cat & mouse game … by offering Jack one million dollars for his mortal soul.

Pain Killer S1, Ep3 Oct. 14, 1984 Pain Killer Harvey Turman suffers from both back pain and his nagging wife Nadine. Dr. Roebuck finds nothing physically wrong, concludes that the problem is caused by latent anger toward Nadine, & suggests uxoricide to kill ALL Harvey's pain.

The Odds S1, Ep4 Oct. 21, 1984 The Odds Bookie Tom Vale never refuses a bet. Bettor Bill Lacey only bets long shots and beats impossible odds each time. Lacey's latest bet is that Vale will die of natural causes by 8:00 am tomorrow.

Mookie and Pookie S1, Ep5 Nov. 4, 1984 Mookie and Pookie Mookie and Pookie are twins. Computer whiz Mookie is terminally ill. But not even death can sever the bond that exists between the two siblings when his knowledge of technology follows him into the afterlife.

Slippage S1, Ep6 Nov. 11, 1984 Slippage When graphic designer Rich Hall fails to receive timely news about the outcome of a job interview, he begins to discover that he is slowly ceasing to exist.

Inside the Closet S1, Ep7 Nov. 18, 1984 Inside the Closet What is scurrying around inside the closet of the upstairs room that grad student Gail Aynsley rents from veterinary school dean Dr. Fenner? Gail doesn't know, but she is determined to find out and Dr Fenner isn't telling.

The Word Processor of the Gods S1, Ep8 Nov. 25, 1984 The Word Processor of the Gods Struggling writer Richard Hagstrom receives an upgraded computer from his computer-whiz nephew Jonathan right before Jonathan dies in an accident. Thanks to Jonathan, this word processor has the power to grant any wish that Richard desires.

A Case of the Stubborns S1, Ep9 Dec. 2, 1984 A Case of the Stubborns Dressed in black, a very subdued mother and son (Christian Slater, age 15) sit down to breakfast on a hot summer morn, after Grandpa passed away last night in his bed upstairs. But cantankerous Grandpa shows up for breakfast too, lily in the lapel of his best suit, astonished that there's no plate set up for him ! The more folks insist he play dead and dignified, the more persnickety and odoriferous he becomes.

Djinn, No Chaser S1, Ep10 Jan. 13, 1985 Djinn, No Chaser Mental patient Danny Squires tells his unseen psychiatrist the story of how his wife Connie purchased an old lamp, rubbed it, and brought an ill-tempered genie into their lives.

All a Clone by the Telephone S1, Ep11 Jan. 20, 1985 All a Clone by the Telephone The life of failed TV screenwriter Leon is taken over by a voice that emanates from inside his answering machine.

In the Cards S1, Ep12 Jan. 27, 1985 In the Cards Soft-hearted Catherine makes a living as a tarot card reader but faces a crisis of conscience in the process.

Anniversary Dinner S1, Ep13 Feb. 3, 1985 Anniversary Dinner Henry and Elinor Colander are preparing to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a special dinner. Hiker Sybil has just broken up with her boyfriend, so they invite her to join them.

Snip, Snip S1, Ep14 Feb. 10, 1985 Snip, Snip Warlock Abe North and hairdresser Anne MacColl do battle over a winning lottery ticket.

Answer Me S1, Ep15 Feb. 17, 1985 Answer Me Commercial actress Joan Matlin is constantly annoyed by the sound of a ringing phone coming from the apartment next door.

The Tear Collector S1, Ep16 Feb. 24, 1985 The Tear Collector A young woman who can't stop crying meets a mysterious man who collects tears.

The Madness Room S1, Ep17 May 5, 1985 The Madness Room A wealthy couple finds an extra room in their house with the help of a Ouija board.

If the Shoes Fit… S1, Ep18 May 12, 1985 If the Shoes Fit… Gubernatorial candidate Bo Gumbs fervently believes that politics is nothing more than entertainment, and he shows his true colors graphically during his campaign.

Levitation S1, Ep19 May 19, 1985 Levitation Two young hecklers goad once-great circus magician Kharma into reviving his legendary wireless levitation trick, which he abandoned years ago because it went horribly wrong.

It All Comes Out in the Wash S1, Ep20 May 26, 1985 It All Comes Out in the Wash Unsavory real estate developer Carl Gropper pays Chinese laundry man Chow Ting to perform an expensive special service: washing away all of Gropper's sins.

Bigalow's Last Smoke S1, Ep21 Jun. 9, 1985 Bigalow's Last Smoke Chain smoker Frank Bigalow is imprisoned in a simulacrum of his apartment, then forced to quit smoking and punished each time he lights up.

Grandma's Last Wish S1, Ep22 Jun. 16, 1985 Grandma's Last Wish Given one last wish to enliven her days before she is moved into the Tranquil Gardens retirement home, elderly Grandma sees to it that her self-centered family finds out what it's like to grow old.

The False Prophet S1, Ep23 Aug. 4, 1985 The False Prophet A young woman depends on an astrology machine to help her make all her decisions.

The Impressionist S2, Ep1 Sep. 26, 1985 The Impressionist Nightclub impressionist Spiffy Remo is blackmailed into helping the government establish communication with Hoffgosh, a seemingly hostile alien who holds the secret to nuclear fusion.

Lifebomb S2, Ep2 Oct. 6, 1985 Lifebomb A CEO working himself to death receives an offer of a special service designed to keep him alive.

Ring Around the Redhead S2, Ep3 Oct. 13, 1985 Ring Around the Redhead Death Row inmate Billy Malone tells a journalist of how he survived an earthquake and found a portal to another dimension. Out of that portal popped young Keena, whose ensuing relationship with Billy seals his fate.

Parlour Floor Front S2, Ep4 Oct. 20, 1985 Parlour Floor Front After Linda, a landlady, speaks to her tenant, Mars Gillis, who she wants to move out of the parlour floor front apartment, bad things start happening all over the apartment she and her husband live in, and suspect it's Mars's voodoo.

Halloween Candy S2, Ep5 Oct. 27, 1985 Halloween Candy Nasty old Mr Killup uses Halloween to taunt kids. This year, he's in for a surprise, from which even his long-suffering son Michael cannot save him.

The Satanic Piano S2, Ep6 Nov. 3, 1985 The Satanic Piano Struggling composer Pete Bancroft is contacted by strange Wilson Farber, who has invented a piano that can read minds and may be able to help Bancroft in his career.

The Devil's Advocate S2, Ep7 Nov. 10, 1985 The Devil's Advocate A hate-filled host of a radio call-in shows discovers where his anger and cynicism leads.

Distant Signals S2, Ep8 Nov. 17, 1985 Distant Signals Mr. Smith is a cult follower of the failed 60's TV show MAX PARADISE and approaches Hollywood studio executives about recreating it, despite the reluctance of its now-alcoholic leading man Van Conway.

The Trouble with Mary Jane S2, Ep9 Nov. 24, 1985 The Trouble with Mary Jane Mrs. Nugent enlists the aid of bumbling occult students Jack and Nora Mills to exorcise Aisha Candisha, the demon who is possessing her now-goat-footed daughter Mary Jane. The price? Fifty thousand dollars.

Ursa Minor S2, Ep10 Dec. 1, 1985 Ursa Minor Richard and Joan's birthday gift for their daughter Susie is a large stuffed teddy bear … or is it?

Effect and Cause S2, Ep11 Dec. 8, 1985 Effect and Cause Artist Kate Collins is afraid to recycle her old canvasses by painting over them because she thinks doing so is bad karma. She soon learns that she has the power to change reality.

Monsters in My Room S2, Ep12 Dec. 22, 1985 Monsters in My Room Biff doesn't understand children well and winds up at odds with his new wife Helen's young son Timmy, whose life is already complicated by the monsters that Timmy finds in his bedroom.

Comet Watch S2, Ep13 Jan. 12, 1986 Comet Watch An amateur astronomer makes a surprising discovery about Halley's Comet after a young woman falls out of his telescope.

Dream Girl S2, Ep14 Jan. 19, 1986 Dream Girl A theatrical director finds herself trapped along with her colleagues in a dreamlike world created by a stagehand.

A New Lease on Life S2, Ep15 Jan. 26, 1986 A New Lease on Life Archie Fenton moves into the St. George Apartments, where the lease has caveats: he must take out the trash every night, and he must not hang pictures on the walls. These aren't the only strange things about the St George.

Printer's Devil S2, Ep16 Feb. 2, 1986 Printer's Devil An author uses animal sacrifices to become successful.

The Shrine S2, Ep17 Feb. 9, 1986 The Shrine Cecilia Matthews has turned her daughter Christine's bedroom into a shrine. But Christine didn't die; she merely suffered a nervous breakdown, has recovered, and is coming for a visit. But there's a new tenant.

The Old Soft Shoe S2, Ep18 Feb. 16, 1986 The Old Soft Shoe A traveling salesman has a weird date in a motel.

The Last Car S2, Ep19 Feb. 23, 1986 The Last Car A young woman taking a train home for Thanksgiving learns that this will be her final ride.

A Choice of Dreams S2, Ep20 May 4, 1986 A Choice of Dreams Mobster Jake Corelli has terminal cancer. A stranger promises him his choice of dreams and power over death. The price is ten million dollars.

Strange Love S2, Ep21 May 11, 1986 Strange Love A doctor makes a house call and finds his patients are vampires

The Unhappy Medium S2, Ep22 May 18, 1986 The Unhappy Medium Televangelist Farley Bright, the founder of the Church of the Bright Tomorrow, has died recently. Three greedy relatives gather for the reading of his will. But Farley hasn't finished communicating with them yet.

Fear of Floating S2, Ep23 May 25, 1986 Fear of Floating At an Army recruiting station in Arizona, Arnold Barker asks for protection from the Cooper's, who are trying to hold him hostage as “The Human Balloon” in their circus. But the Cooper's are nearby and have a different story to tell.

The Casavin Curse S2, Ep24 Jul. 13, 1986 The Casavin Curse Beautiful Gina Casavin claims to be under the spell of a decades-old family curse, because everyone with whom she falls in love dies mysteriously.

The Circus S3, Ep1 Sep. 28, 1986 The Circus Newspaperman Bragg debunks charlatans as a way of “staying sane.” His latest quarry is the obscure circus of Dr. Nis. When Bragg visits, Dr. Nis tries to prove its authenticity.

I Can't Help Saying Goodbye S3, Ep2 Oct. 5, 1986 I Can't Help Saying Goodbye Asthmatic Max Smith is dating Libby and plans to marry her, until he learns that her sister Karen appears to be able to make people die by touching their faces and saying goodbye.

The Bitterest Pill S3, Ep3 Oct. 12, 1986 The Bitterest Pill Based on a story by renowned sci-fi writer Frederick Pohl. Twelve-year-old Jonathan Bender is mercilessly and cruelly dominated by his callous parents. After Mom wins the lottery in spite of her stupidity, they are assailed by money-seekers, including a very dubious old acquaintance who is now the miraculously clever inventor – he baldly claims – of pills that will transform anyone into an unthinkably powerful intellect. When Dad throws him out, scattering the pills on the floor, little Jonathan is assigned the task of cleaning up.

Florence Bravo S3, Ep4 Oct. 19, 1986 Florence Bravo Dr. David McCall is cheating on his emotionally unstable wife Emily, who is visited by the specter of Florence Bravo, who murdered her own adulterous husband.

The Geezenstacks S3, Ep5 Oct. 26, 1986 The Geezenstacks Sam Hummel notices eerie parallels between events in the life of his own family, and events in the lives of his daughter Audrey's dolls, the Geezenstacks.

Black Widows S3, Ep6 Nov. 2, 1986 Black Widows On her wedding night, a young bride learns a secret about the women in her family.

Heretic S3, Ep7 Nov. 9, 1986 Heretic Arrogant art “dealer” Harte buys an expensive 16th century tempura painting from an art fence, then lands in a Court of Inquisition to face judgment for his act.

A Serpent's Tooth S3, Ep8 Nov. 16, 1986 A Serpent's Tooth Disappointed with her unappreciative children, Pearl King enlists the aid of a serpent's tooth talisman that has potent powers and produces instant results.

Baker's Dozen S3, Ep9 Nov. 23, 1986 Baker's Dozen Elderly cookie baker Ruby Cuzzins teams up with ad exec Henry Hogan to profit from her baking skills with a plan that includes greed, spousal abuse, and voodoo.

Deliver Us from Goodness S3, Ep10 Nov. 30, 1986 Deliver Us from Goodness Julian Cantrell's bid for mayor in an Alabama town is undermined by his saintly wife Valeria's miraculous behavior. So she decides to change her ways and break the Ten Commandments in order to help Julian get elected.

Seasons of Belief S3, Ep11 Dec. 29, 1986 Seasons of Belief On Christmas Eve, a father ends his two children's boredom by holding them spellbound with a scary story about a fearsome beast known as the Grither.

Miss May Dusa S3, Ep12 Jan. 18, 1987 Miss May Dusa Jimmy James is playing his saxophone in the New York City subway when he meets an enigmatic woman named May Dusa, who claims to suffer amnesia and to have caused several accidental deaths.

The Milkman Cometh S3, Ep13 Jan. 25, 1987 The Milkman Cometh Ruth Cooley is curious as to the reason why her husband Garry leaves unusual written requests in their mailbox for the mail carrier to fulfill.

My Ghostwriter - The Vampire S3, Ep14 Feb. 1, 1987 My Ghostwriter - The Vampire Hack horror writer Peter Prentice receives an offer from Vampire Count Jeffrey Draco: nine hundred years of authentic vampire stories to use as material - in exchange for sanctuary in Peter's home.

My Own Place S3, Ep15 Feb. 18, 1987 My Own Place A young man gets a great deal on a New York apartment, then discovers he has a mysterious roommate.

Red Leader S3, Ep16 Feb. 15, 1987 Red Leader A corrupt business man is offered a top position in Hell by the devil.

Everybody Needs a Little Love S3, Ep17 Feb. 22, 1987 Everybody Needs a Little Love A divorced man dotes upon a mannequin.

Auld Acquaintances S3, Ep18 Mar. 1, 1987 Auld Acquaintances Two accused witches covet a talisman for its powers but can't have it all the time. So they agree to take turns keeping it for one year at a time… through the centuries.

The Social Climber S3, Ep19 Mar. 8, 1987 The Social Climber A shoemaker's assistant discovers that he can live other people's lives by putting on their shoes.

The Swap S3, Ep20 Mar. 3, 1987 The Swap In the Louisiana bayou, loathsome-looking Bubba is the son of an infamous conjure woman. His wife Annabelle is cheating on him with their handsome handyman Claude. But Bubba has a solution to the problem.

Let the Games Begin S3, Ep21 May 10, 1987 Let the Games Begin Harry Carson suffers a heart attack and dies in a hotel room, prompting an angel and a devil to battle each other for possession of Harry's soul.

The Enormous Radio S3, Ep22 May 17, 1987 The Enormous Radio A new radio lets a couple overhear their neighbors' private conversations.

Beetles S4, Ep1 Sep. 27, 1987 Beetles Archaeologist Arthur Hartley is accused of stealing expensive artifacts from a museum, is warned of a curse that befalls those who touch the artifacts, but won't be stopped in his quest for wealth.

Mary, Mary S4, Ep2 Oct. 4, 1987 Mary, Mary A lonely single woman hides behind a mannequin.

The Spirit Photographer S4, Ep3 Oct. 11, 1987 The Spirit Photographer A man invents a camera which can make ghosts disappear and use it in a room haunted by a violent spirit.

The Moth S4, Ep4 Oct. 18, 1987 The Moth Dieing Sybil uses her last hours on Earth to curse her enemies and plan for the afterlife, much to the chagrin of her mother.

No Strings S4, Ep5 Oct. 25, 1987 No Strings Mobster Eddie Minelli plans a private performance by a famous puppeteer, but with a ghoulish new puppet: the bloody remains of Don Paulie, the man Eddie has just murdered.

The Grave Robber S4, Ep6 Nov. 1, 1987 The Grave Robber Two grave robbers play strip poker with a mummy.

The Yattering and Jack S4, Ep7 Nov. 8, 1987 The Yattering and Jack Happy-go-lucky salesman Jack Polo receives a yuletide visit from the 3.5-foot-tall Yattering, a snarling horned demon that wants to claim Jack's soul.

Seymourlama S4, Ep8 Nov. 15, 1987 Seymourlama On a bitter cold night, Henry & Ellen Strand's home is visited by exotic Himalayan strangers who claim that son Seymour Strand has been chosen to replace the recently deceased Llama of their faraway country Lo Pu.

Sorry, Right Number S4, Ep9 Nov. 22, 1987 Sorry, Right Number A woman is troubled by a mysterious phone call and tries desperately to help the person on the other end of the line.

Payment Overdue S4, Ep10 Feb. 14, 1988 Payment Overdue A callous collection agent discovers that she herself has an overdue payment involving Rita Valdez, a client who took drastic steps to end her financial woes.

Love Hungry S4, Ep11 Feb. 21, 1988 Love Hungry Desperate to lose weight in order to please an old boyfriend from high school, compulsive eater Betsy Cowland uses mysterious, and possibly unsafe, products that she receives in the mail.

The Deal S4, Ep12 Feb. 28, 1988 The Deal Starving screenwriter Tom Dash claims he would give anything to sell a script in Hollywood. His acquaintance Donald has the means to help him give anything.

The Apprentice S4, Ep13 May 1, 1988 The Apprentice College sophomore Sarah McBride accepts a job at Colonial Village, a tourist attraction that recreates Puritan life in 1692 Salem and allows nothing from the 20th century. But things aren't quite what they seem.

The Cutty Black Sow S4, Ep14 May 8, 1988 The Cutty Black Sow Young Jamie receives, and takes seriously, a deathbed warning from his great grandmother to guard against the legendary Cutty Black Sow.

Do Not Open This Box S4, Ep15 May 15, 1988 Do Not Open This Box Charles is a meek inventor living with his greedy nagging wife Rose. The mail brings them a misdirected box saying “Do Not Open This Box”. Then the postman comes looking for it and says there will be Hell to pay if he doesn't get it back.

Family Reunion S4, Ep16 May 22, 1988 Family Reunion Janice Perry claims that her husband Robert has kidnapped their son Bobby, but Robert maintains that the boy needs to be cured of an illness. After all, Bobby hasn't been himself lately.

Going Native S4, Ep17 Jun. 19, 1988 Going Native An alien on Earth who is studying humans in a therapy group envies them and wants to be one.

Hush S4, Ep18 Jul. 10, 1988 Hush On a seemingly “ordinary night”, a teenage babysitter, and a young boy, are terrorized by the boy's latest invention, that's gone awry: a “noise eater”, which – in reality – sucks the life out of its victims!

Barter S4, Ep19 Jul. 17, 1988 Barter Harried housewife Ruthie receives a visit from bizarre salesman Klaatzu, whose mechanical device may help her shut out the sound of her son Nicky's constant drum-playing… in a way that Ruthie never imagined.

Basher Malone S4, Ep20 Jul. 24, 1988 Basher Malone Professional wrestler Basher Malone fights Trog, a demon wrestler summoned by unscrupulous promoter Tippy Ryan for a private match in Tippy's gym.

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