Tales from the Crypt


The Man Who Was Death S1, Ep1 Jun. 10, 1989 The Man Who Was Death After the death penalty is abolished, an executioner continues his former job through freelancing…

And All Through the House S1, Ep2 Jun. 10, 1989 And All Through the House A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus outfit is on the loose.

Dig That Cat… He's Real Gone S1, Ep3 Jun. 10, 1989 Dig That Cat… He's Real Gone A bum displays his ability to resurrect himself.

Only Sin Deep S1, Ep4 Jun. 14, 1989 Only Sin Deep A hooker learns that beauty is only skin deep.

Lover Come Hack to Me S1, Ep5 Jun. 21, 1989 Lover Come Hack to Me Peggy wants to make sure her honeymoon turns out perfect.

Collection Completed S1, Ep6 Jun. 28, 1989 Collection Completed Jonas has been forced into mandatory retirement. He can't relax, though, because Anita's friends are driving him crazy.

Dead Right S2, Ep1 Apr. 21, 1990 Dead Right Cathy wants a rich and successful life, and fast. She visits a medium who tells her she will meet a man who will inherit a lot of money, and die in a violent way soon after. When she meets grossly overweight Charlie who informs her of his rich relatives, she promptly marries him. As it turns out, the medium is always right.

The Switch S2, Ep2 Apr. 21, 1990 The Switch Kelly Preston is a sexy young woman looking for a handsome young stud or so she thinks. She soon learns that she has the undying attraction of a rich elderly man (William Hickey) who would do just about anything to win her heart. He soon meets a doctor (Roy Brocksmith) and his associate Hans (Rick Rossovich), who are more than willing to grant him his wishes, for a very costly price.

Cutting Cards S2, Ep3 Apr. 21, 1990 Cutting Cards Reno and Sam are a pair of hardcore gamblers who don't play for fun, who challenge each other in a sample game of cards and the end result could be deadlier then they could've ever bargained for.

'Til Death S2, Ep4 Apr. 24, 1990 'Til Death Logan is an unscrupulous gold digger who would do anything to catch the right woman with lots of money, including dabble into voodoo. When he meets Margaret, a sexy and rich widow on vacation, he immediately asks his partner, a voodoo priestess to conjure up a love potion for him which she takes unknowingly, she falls in love with him. How long will she love him for is the question?

Three's a Crowd S2, Ep5 May 1, 1990 Three's a Crowd A married couple is trying to enjoy their anniversary. However, the husband is sure his wife is cheating on him.

The Thing from the Grave S2, Ep6 May 8, 1990 The Thing from the Grave Stacy is a really sexy model with a very abusive agent/boyfriend named Mitch. When her photographer friend Cates offers her refuge in his home from his terror, they ultimately fall in love and gives her a special necklace as symbol of love and also promises her that he'd protect her no matter what. When Mitch learns of this, he goes into a deadly rage and question is, will Cates' promise be kept?

The Sacrifice S2, Ep7 May 15, 1990 The Sacrifice Hotshot insurance salesman James becomes involved with the beautiful and seductive Gloria Fleming, who's the wife of crude tycoon Sebastian Fleming. James and Gloria decide to bump Sebastian off for his considerable money. They succeed with killing Sebastian, but things go awry when the meddlesome Jerry enters the picture claiming he has photographic evidence of the murder.

For Cryin' Out Loud S2, Ep8 May 22, 1990 For Cryin' Out Loud A greedy rock promoter tries to steal the money raised at a benefit concert when his conscience intervenes.

Four-Sided Triangle S2, Ep9 May 29, 1990 Four-Sided Triangle Farmer George is attracted to Mary Jo, the nubile young woman who helps out with the chores. The problem is… she's in love with a scarecrow.

The Ventriloquist's Dummy S2, Ep10 Jun. 5, 1990 The Ventriloquist's Dummy Wanting to improve his craft, a ventriloquist seeks out his long retired idol and discovers a shocking secret.

Judy, You're Not Yourself Today S2, Ep11 Jun. 12, 1990 Judy, You're Not Yourself Today A housewife stressed out by her husbands reckless behavior welcomes an elderly cosmetics saleswoman in to her home. Only to discover that the old hag has another more devious motive.

Fitting Punishment S2, Ep12 Jun. 19, 1990 Fitting Punishment Mean and stingy cheapskate funeral home director Ezra Thornberry treats his deceased clients with an appalling lack of respect. Following the death of his mother, Ezra's naive teenage nephew Bobby is forced to live with the nasty old coot. Complications arise when Bobby disapproves of Ezra's unscrupulous business practices.

Korman's Kalamity S2, Ep13 Jun. 26, 1990 Korman's Kalamity Jim Korman (Anderson) is a comic book artist for the popular comic, “Tales From the Crypt.” His overbearing and ruthlessly mean wife (Camp) is constantly nagging him and bothering him at work. While taking some experimental fertility pills, the side effects start to take hold. Strange things begin to happen all over the city, strange creatures start to appear… creatures that Jim has drawn.

Lower Berth S2, Ep14 Jul. 3, 1990 Lower Berth Enoch, the two-faced man, an attraction at a sideshow, falls in love with a 2,000 year old mummy, eventually leading up to the conception of their bastard child, The Crypt Keeper.

Mute Witness to Murder S2, Ep15 Jul. 10, 1990 Mute Witness to Murder Young woman Suzy looks out of the window of her apartment and witnesses a man murdering a woman in the apartment directly across from hers. Suzy is so traumatized by what she sees that she's rendered mute. Suzy is placed in the care of Dr. Trask, who alas turns out to be the man who committed the murder she witnessed.

Television Terror S2, Ep16 Jul. 17, 1990 Television Terror A TV shock journalist gives an on-air tour of an eerie haunted house.

My Brother's Keeper S2, Ep17 Jul. 24, 1990 My Brother's Keeper The reckless Eddie and the correct Frank are Siamese brothers connected by their waists. Eddie wants to convince Frank to be submitted to a surgery with 50% of chances of success, but Frank is afraid. When Frank meets Marie in a bar, he falls in love for her and decides to risk. But a secret is disclosed with fatal consequences, affecting the relationship of the brothers.

The Secret S2, Ep18 Jul. 31, 1990 The Secret Orphan boy Theodore is adopted by the Colbys, who are an eccentric rich couple with a very dark secret.

The Trap S3, Ep1 Jun. 15, 1991 The Trap An abrasive husband comes home to tell his wife that he has lost his job again. She reminds him that they are behind on their bills and suggests she get a job. He refuses. Instead, he comes up with a scheme to make a lot of money quick. Calling his coroner brother over, he tells them his plan to fake his own death and collect his half a million dollar life insurance policy. Making it look like a burglar has murdered him, all he has left to do is fly to Brazil, have plastic surgery to change his appearance, and wait for his wife to meet him. How could anything go wrong?

Loved to Death S3, Ep2 Jun. 15, 1991 Loved to Death A classic “boy wants girl, girl is unresponsive to his attentions” storyline gets the Tales from the Crypt treatment, as a young man gets a Love Potion by his mysterious landlord, in an attempt to win over the girl of his dreams. But things soon get out of hand…

Carrion Death S3, Ep3 Jun. 15, 1991 Carrion Death A sadistic serial killer has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert.

Abra Cadaver S3, Ep4 Jun. 19, 1991 Abra Cadaver A former potential surgeon sets out to wreak revenge on the brother who's cruel practical joke prevented him from realizing his dream.

Top Billing S3, Ep5 Jun. 26, 1991 Top Billing An unattractive and unlucky actor can't get a role because of his looks. His agent and girlfriend leave him. But he doesn't intend to give up - he wants the role of Hamlet.

Dead Wait S3, Ep6 Jul. 3, 1991 Dead Wait Red Buckley is a natural red head in search of a one-of-a-kind black pearl. He gets a job on a plantation owned by Mr. Duval where the pearl is said to be. Shown to his room in Duvall's home by Peligre, he finds a ram head behind the door. She says it is there for his protection but he demands it be removed. After spending a night with Duvall's girlfriend, Kathrine, they decide to become partners in stealing the pearl. Waking up to find a dying chicken in his bed, Peligre warns him that Kathrine is dangerous. Is she or is Peligre the dangerous one? Will he get the …

The Reluctant Vampire S3, Ep7 Jul. 10, 1991 The Reluctant Vampire A good natured vampire takes a more novel approach to satisfying his blood lust with his chosen undercover employment.

Easel Kill Ya S3, Ep8 Jul. 17, 1991 Easel Kill Ya Painter Jack Craig gains himself a wealthy patron when he sells a morbid painting. He soon finds that in order to please his patron, he must continue to paint pictures of death - and this leads him down a murderous path.

Undertaking Palor S3, Ep9 Jul. 24, 1991 Undertaking Palor Four boys find out that the local undertaker and a pharmacist are in cahoots to murder rich locals and profit from their funerals.

Mournin' Mess S3, Ep10 Jul. 31, 1991 Mournin' Mess There's a killer on the loose who preys on the homeless. Dale Sweeney is a recently fired reporter. He's approached by a homeless man named Robert who is accused of committing these murders. He tells Dale that he will give him the whole story with names to help prove his innocence if Dale will go the Grateful Homeless Cemetery and hang out until sunset then meet him after. Dale gets sidetracked by Jess Gilchrist, the spokesperson for the Grateful Homeless Society. By the time he meets up with Robert, he finds he has become the latest victim of the homeless killer. …

Split Second S3, Ep11 Aug. 7, 1991 Split Second Liz is a beautiful, but loose, bar waitress who marries Steve Dixon, the rich owner of a lumber camp. It Isn't a difficult decision as he's able to offer her a fairly comfortable life. But Steve has a violent jealous streak, not liking the attention she get's from his 'salt of the earth' employees. Things begin to turn sour, particularly in the bedroom, and Liz get's bored very quickly. But when the handsome young Ted turns up at their door looking for a job, the promiscuous seductress sets her sights on relieving her boredom.

Deadline S3, Ep12 Aug. 14, 1991 Deadline Charles McKenzie is a drunk out of work reporter who would do anything for a story. He meets Vicki in a bar who makes him feel like he can turn his life around. He quits drinking and can get his old job back as long as he can stay on the wagon and prove he can still bring in a good murder story. While reading a newspaper in Niko's Grill, he hears the owner kill his wife in the back. This is just the story he needs…

Spoiled S3, Ep13 Aug. 21, 1991 Spoiled Janet is married to a doctor who's married to his work. She wants to live her life with passion, danger, and romance like Fuchsia Monroe, a soap opera character she watches religiously. When her television goes haywire, her friend Louise convinces her to get cable. With her husband unresponsive to her “needs,” she begins a steamy affair with the cable guy.

Yellow S3, Ep14 Aug. 28, 1991 Yellow The year is 1918. During World War I, somewhere in France, it's the 49th day of continuous battle on the front lines. Lieutenant Martin Kalthrob doesn't want to be in the army anymore and asks his father, General Kalthrob, for a discharge. His father refuses but says he will transfer him to the rear if he leads a patrol to the German lines and fix the broken communication line. When he proves himself to be a coward, his father orders a court martial with penalty of death by firing squad.

None But the Lonely Heart S4, Ep1 Jun. 27, 1992 None But the Lonely Heart A con-man who meets and marries rich old widows through a dating service, then murders them and takes the inheritance, finally gets the date of his dreams - the very worst of them.

This'll Kill Ya S4, Ep2 Jun. 27, 1992 This'll Kill Ya Sophie Wagner and Pack Brightman are a couple of scientists who work at a research center with their sleazy and sadistic diabetic boss George Gatlin. Sophie and Pack decide to teach George a lesson by lacing his insulin with an unstable experimental serum that they have been working on.

On a Deadman's Chest S4, Ep3 Jun. 27, 1992 On a Deadman's Chest Arrogant and decadent singer Danny Darwin fronts the popular hard rock group Exorcist. Danny fears that guitarist Nick Bosch's marriage to the disapproving Scarlett will cause the band to break up. Groupie Vendetta sets Danny up with mysterious tattoo artist Farouche in an attempt to calm him down, but things go awry when Farouche's tattoo for Danny proves to be anything but comforting.

Seance S4, Ep4 Jul. 4, 1992 Seance A pair of con artists, Benny Polosky and Alison Peters, want to swindle a rich man, Presco Chalmers, and make up this story: Benny is the lawyer of Chalmers' dead uncle Albert Peters, Alison is his daughter. Albert robbed $200,000 from the Wilmington bank in 1901, opened an illegal account where he put all the money, got arrested, spent 20 years in jail, then began a new life in Chicago, started a business, married, raised a family, and died last year. The amount of the money in the bank has reached almost $3 million. Chalmers and Alison will get the money if they pay…

Beauty Rest S4, Ep5 Jul. 11, 1992 Beauty Rest Life hasn't been easy for model Helen. She is getting older and her dreams of hitting the big time are drying out. So when she finally gets the chance to take part in a beauty contest, she is determined to do ANYTHING in her hands to win.

What's Cookin' S4, Ep6 Jul. 22, 1992 What's Cookin' Married couple Fred and Erma's restaurant has seen better days. But things change once a stranger walks in, with a rather unique steak recipe…

The New Arrival S4, Ep7 Jul. 25, 1992 The New Arrival A poltergeist tests a psychologist.

Showdown S4, Ep8 Aug. 1, 1992 Showdown A gunfighter confronts his past.

King of the Road S4, Ep9 Aug. 8, 1992 King of the Road A life on the edge hot rodder named Billy comes to town run by Sheriff Garrett, he immediately dates and romances his daughter with ulterior motives linked to Garrett's past, for which he was once a champion of the hot rodding. Will Garrett accept Billy's challenge to the death?

Maniac at Large S4, Ep10 Aug. 19, 1992 Maniac at Large A mousy librarian over-react reports of a serial killer.

Split Personality S4, Ep11 Aug. 26, 1992 Split Personality A swindler, Jack loves money and… twins. One day he meets rich twins that show interest in him.

Strung Along S4, Ep12 Sep. 2, 1992 Strung Along An aging puppeteer suspects his much younger wife has a lover.

Werewolf Concerto S4, Ep13 Sep. 9, 1992 Werewolf Concerto An Agatha Christie-style mystery sees the inhabitants of a remote hotel terrorized by rumors of a werewolf prowling the area. Not to fear, as a self-appointed werewolf hunter is amongst them. But might he have a dark secret of his own?

Curiosity Killed S4, Ep14 Sep. 16, 1992 Curiosity Killed Two radically contrasting elderly couples – the bitter and bickering Jack and Cynthia and the more content and laid-back Harry and Lucille – spend a weekend together in the woods. Lucille and Harry produce a magical voodoo potion that restores one's youth and beauty, but the shrewish Cynthia puts a damper on everyone's plans to become young again.

Death of Some Salesmen S5, Ep1 Oct. 2, 1993 Death of Some Salesmen A conniving con-man posing as a salesman gets more than he bargained for when he comes knocks at the door of the wrong family.

As Ye Sow S5, Ep2 Oct. 2, 1993 As Ye Sow Wealthy and successful middle-aged businessman Leo Burns suspects that his much younger wife Bridget is having an extramarital affair. Leo hires sleazy private investigator G.G. Devoe to find out the identity of Bridget's lover.

Forever Ambergris S5, Ep3 Oct. 2, 1993 Forever Ambergris A jaded, has-been photographer plots the demise of his younger, talented protégé when they go on assignment in Central America.

Food for Thought S5, Ep4 Oct. 6, 1993 Food for Thought The great Zambini is an old carnival psychic who performs his act of mind reading with the aid of his young assistant Connie. She however is a slave to her cruel master who often beats her. But when she and a handsome fire eater called Johnny become secret lovers, things look set to change. Sadly Zambini has the advantage of being able to read his desperate assistant's mind.

People Who Live in Brass Hearses S5, Ep5 Oct. 13, 1993 People Who Live in Brass Hearses Hot-tempered convict Billy DeLuca gets out of prison after serving a two year sentence. Billy convinces his dim-witted brother Virgil to help him rob a warehouse as a means of getting revenge on kindly ice cream vendor Mr. Byrd, who's responsible for sending Billy to jail. However, the plan goes seriously awry.

Two for the Show S5, Ep6 Oct. 20, 1993 Two for the Show A man murders his beautiful younger wife when she threatens to leave him. He then packs her body in a big suitcase and boards a train, where he is stalked by an inquisitive detective.

House of Horror S5, Ep7 Oct. 27, 1993 House of Horror Three pledges for a fraternity on probation run by a soft-spoken leader and his two sidekicks are visited by a beautiful young sorority gal, who is looking for a frat to pledge her own sorority ends up tagging along with the pledges to an abandoned house where an “urban legend” murder took place years before. Led by the obnoxious head pledge master, the three pledges must enter the house and past each test given to them. The question is will they survive to join the frat?

Well Cooked Hams S5, Ep8 Nov. 3, 1993 Well Cooked Hams Inept struggling magician Miles Federman murders rival master magician Kraygen so he can steal Kraygen's Box of Death trick and finally achieve the success he's been striving for. However, events from Federman's past come back to haunt him on the night he premieres his new act.

Creep Course S5, Ep9 Nov. 10, 1993 Creep Course Stella Bishop is a full blown geek taking a course on Egyptian mythology led by the pompous Professor Finley, who also happens to be a collector of Egyptian antiquity and one undead, horny mummy! Little does Stella know that she's intended to be the target [sacrifice] for his undead living collectible and is soon wooed by the charismatic Reggie, who has his own sinister plans. In the end, who will be the one to survive this Creep Course?

Came the Dawn S5, Ep10 Nov. 17, 1993 Came the Dawn A lecherous millionaire offers a lift to a beautiful seductress in the middle of nowhere with horrific consequences.

Oil's Well That Ends Well S5, Ep11 Nov. 24, 1993 Oil's Well That Ends Well A gold digger who believes no one can top her in extortion gets the ultimate prize. Gina teams with Jerry or is it Carl to plant her husband Larry and resurrect him for a payoff. Gina and Jerry/Carl devise a plot to bilk some hoped for investors at the Legion bar of money in return for delaying notification of an oil strike. Gina is unaware that the guys are all in cahoots. When Gina learns her plans are turned upside down by the guys revelations. Gina lights up the stage with another discarded flame.

Half-Way Horrible S5, Ep12 Dec. 1, 1993 Half-Way Horrible The owner of a chemical company's sinister past dealings come back to haunt him when he identifies the body of a business associate.

Till Death Do We Part S5, Ep13 Dec. 8, 1993 Till Death Do We Part

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime S6, Ep1 Oct. 31, 1994 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Only Skin Deep S6, Ep2 Oct. 31, 1994 Only Skin Deep

Whirlpool S6, Ep3 Oct. 31, 1994 Whirlpool

Operation Friendship S6, Ep4 Nov. 9, 1994 Operation Friendship Put upon computer programmer Nelson DeMears doesn't have an easy time at work. He doesn't have the respect of his co-workers or his boss. He doesn't have any friends either. That is except for his imaginary friend Eddie. One day a beautiful young psychologist moves in to the apartment building where the meek Nelson lives. Threatened by the fact that she is a psychologist. Eddie is none to please by the growing attraction and fed up of taking a back seat to Neslon's wimpy personae. He sets about resolving the situation.

Revenge Is the Nuts S6, Ep5 Nov. 16, 1994 Revenge Is the Nuts Residents at a shelter for the blind turn the tables on their cruel overseer.

The Bribe S6, Ep6 Nov. 23, 1994 The Bribe

The Pit S6, Ep7 Nov. 30, 1994 The Pit Felix Johnson and Aaron Scott are two of the top martial arts fighters in their game. Their last fight was a draw, and for the most part, they can accept that. Its their wives who are a different story. Their hatred for one another has gotten the two fighters into a no holds barred death match. However, the wives are in for a shock on fight night.

The Assassin S6, Ep8 Dec. 7, 1994 The Assassin A happy housewife is pitted against three CIA agents, who have come to kill her husband, a supposed rogue agent.

Staired in Horror S6, Ep9 Dec. 14, 1994 Staired in Horror

In the Groove S6, Ep10 Dec. 21, 1994 In the Groove

Surprise Party S6, Ep11 Dec. 28, 1994 Surprise Party

Doctor of Horror S6, Ep12 Jan. 4, 1995 Doctor of Horror A Mad Doctor enlists the help of two security guards in a morgue in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the human soul.

Comes the Dawn S6, Ep13 Jan. 11, 1995 Comes the Dawn Colonel Parker and Sergeant Burrows are two ex-soldiers with a murky past. They head in to the Alaskan wilderness to do some illegal hunting. Bringing a local girl called Jeri Drumbeater to act as a scout. Unknown to the two army men they are going to be made to face the consequences of their evil past actions in the dark, cold region.

99 & 44/100 Pure Horror S6, Ep14 Jan. 18, 1995 99 & 44/100 Pure Horror

You, Murderer S6, Ep15 Jan. 25, 1995 You, Murderer Plastic surgery makes a criminal look like Humphrey Bogart.

Fatal Caper S7, Ep1 Apr. 19, 1996 Fatal Caper

Last Respects S7, Ep2 Apr. 26, 1996 Last Respects

A Slight Case of Murder S7, Ep3 May 3, 1996 A Slight Case of Murder

Escape S7, Ep4 May 17, 1996 Escape

Horror in the Night S7, Ep5 May 24, 1996 Horror in the Night

Cold War S7, Ep6 May 31, 1996 Cold War

The Kidnapper S7, Ep7 Jun. 7, 1996 The Kidnapper

Report from the Grave S7, Ep8 Jun. 14, 1996 Report from the Grave A scientist named Elliot invents a way to read memories of the dead. To test the device, Elliot and his girlfriend Arianne break into the crypt of a dead serial killer.

Smoke Wrings S7, Ep9 Jun. 21, 1996 Smoke Wrings

About Face S7, Ep10 Jun. 28, 1996 About Face A sleazy minister in Victorian England gets a nasty surprise when he discovers he previously fathered twin daughters.

Confession S7, Ep11 Jul. 5, 1996 Confession A man suspected in a series of murders is questioned by a hard case detective.

Ear Today… Gone Tomorrow S7, Ep12 Jul. 12, 1996 Ear Today… Gone Tomorrow

The Third Pig S7, Ep13 Jul. 19, 1996 The Third Pig An animated horror version of the Three Little Pigs story. When the third pig is tried and convicted for the murder of his two brothers by a wolf jury, he builds a zombie Frankenpig to take out his revenge on the actual murderer.

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