Episode #1.1 S1, Ep1 Nov. 24, 2009 Episode #1.1 Astro-physicist Christian King receives images from outer space showing fragments of an explosion which will occur in eighteen hours and result in several deaths. He approaches police inspector Rebecca Flint, who is initially unconvinced until she sees that a phone number among the images is genuine. With her team of Gada and Holt, and helped by King, she pin-points the catastrophe as happening on a railway bridge, where a train has broken down and towards which a lorry containing explosive materials is heading. Ultimately, as Rebecca seeks solace with Gada, King sees…

Episode #1.2 S1, Ep2 Dec. 1, 2009 Episode #1.2 Christian King's Prometheus lab receives eight pictures, seven of which predict that a schoolboy called Jack Barclay will drown in an underground sewer. Jack has played truant with older friend Danny, whose car is amongst the images, but Danny is, for whatever reason, obsessed with Jack and imprisons him in an underground cell which begins to flood Rebecca tracks down Danny but he gets run over and killed. Added to the race of time to save Jack is the presence of an eighth image, which Christian has kept from Rebecca, because it shows an apparently dead Ben Holt.

Episode #1.3 S1, Ep3 Dec. 8, 2009 Episode #1.3 Whilst Ben is annoyed that noone told him his 'death' was featured in the last batch of images,another seven pictures appear, including Holly's beauty shop and the Enterprise Club and seeming to foretell a violent attack on a woman. Investigations lead to Stuart Taylor, who served time for rape but he has no connection with either venue whilst Gerry Morrison's girlfriend Katie works at Holly's and is about to celebrate her birthday at the club. The team stake out both spots to try and save Katie.

Episode #1.4 S1, Ep4 Dec. 15, 2009 Episode #1.4 Christian gets no joy from his bosses when he suspects the Ministry of Defence is controlling the images beamed to him, the latest dozen including those of burnt bodies and serial numbers from stolen bank-notes. Ben traces the cash to robbery suspect Tony Gooding and his money launderer, travel agent Martin Bennett, whose tie is in one of the pictures, as is a plane ticket Bennett sold maintenance man Jaz Roy. As the disaster deadline looms Jaz is working high up on a tower and Bennett torches his shop for the money, unaware that a woman is squatting in the building …

Episode #1.5 S1, Ep5 Dec. 22, 2009 Episode #1.5 Christian's latest images show four corpses and the arm of their apparent slayer wearing Rebecca's watch. Ben meanwhile is concerned about his daughter Leah's friendship with local villain's son Zac Hedley, whose dozy younger brother has fallen in with a vicious knife gang who are persecuting Matt Hughes, a teacher standing up to them. Both brothers, Rebecca, Leah, Christian and Ben arrive at Matt's classroom at the time of the projected fatalities. Callum is still obsessive about Stuart Taylor after a murder at the beauty parlour and takes the law into his own hands.

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