Painkiller Jane (II)


Pilot S1, Ep1 Apr. 13, 2007 Pilot

Toy Soldiers S1, Ep2 Apr. 20, 2007 Toy Soldiers The Team tracks a Neuro who can re-animate the dead. Jane and the others suspect terrorist intent when the dead are sent to steal military grade weapons and equipment, but they begin to second guess their theory when the dead start stealing sports equipment. Jane and the team suspect that the Neuro is trying to fill some other need or desire, in addition to, building an army of undead soldiers.

Piece of Mind S1, Ep3 Apr. 27, 2007 Piece of Mind A man, Simon Connelly, has the ability to take someone's skill, experience and memories, merely by touching them. This Neuro also has the ability to transfer knowledge for a short time to other persons as well. Riley Jensen has suffered from an encounter from this Neuro, so not only has Riley lost his memories and abilities, but the Neuro knows all that Riley knows about Jane's secret organization.

Catch Me If You Can S1, Ep4 May 4, 2007 Catch Me If You Can

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself S1, Ep5 May 11, 2007 Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself Strange sounds and hallucinations are driving people insane at a Federal Safe House used for witness protection. Jane's team investigates and begins to experience the same fears and anxieties, but is it the work of a Neuro? or are the spirits of the dead trapped in the house?

Breakdown S1, Ep6 May 18, 2007 Breakdown People are going insane from the same nightmare about drowning, but no one can figure out why. Jane and her team believe that a Neuro is responsible but can't figure out why they would do such a thing. When they meet the compassionate but troubled Dr. Lewis they suspect that one of his patients may be responsible.

Higher Court S1, Ep7 Jun. 1, 2007 Higher Court Jane's team tracks a Neuro who is capable of making people see anything he wants. He used this power to make people in the Witness Protection program commit suicide by making them see something completely different.

Friendly Fire S1, Ep8 Jun. 8, 2007 Friendly Fire Jane wakes up on a hospital with no memory of recent events. She tries to escape but realizes that her old teammates seem to be treating her with contempt and learns that she may murdered Riley Jensen. Maureen begins her own investigation on a doctor doing research on Neuros.

Trial by Fire S1, Ep9 Jun. 15, 2007 Trial by Fire Connor King is on trial for arson, when he is witnessed fleeing several fires. He was in fact chasing a Pyro-kinetic (fire starter) Neuro, but since his mission is classified, he can't reveal his true intentions and thus is the primary suspect. Connor's dark and checkered past also don't make things easy for him at his trial. Jane and the team try to find the fire starter Neuro and prove Connor innocent.

Portraits of Lauren Gray S1, Ep10 Jun. 22, 2007 Portraits of Lauren Gray A young woman who is a runway model at a fashion show, suddenly ages decades overnight and dies. Jane and Maureen are assigned to go undercover as fashion models to find the cause. But can Jane stop a Neuro who can literally suck the life force out of a person?

Ghost in the Machine S1, Ep11 Jun. 28, 2007 Ghost in the Machine Connor suffers a series of serious near accidents, all of which might have been fatal, but he escapes with moderate injuries. At this point Jane queries McBride on Connor's background. It appears that members of Connor's old Police tactical unit are all getting killed by 'mysterious accidents'. Is it a Neuro? Is it someone from Connor's past who has it out for him?

Something Nasty in the Neighborhood S1, Ep12 Jul. 6, 2007 Something Nasty in the Neighborhood Fair Oaks is the perfect bedroom community, except for one thing. Federal agents turn up dead whenever they go there. Jane and her team investigate and run into an entire town who seems to be under a Neuro's control. The team tries to identify the Neuro before they fall under their influence and either betray or kill their own team members.

The League S1, Ep13 Jul. 13, 2007 The League Jane and her team are tracking several people with Neuro like abilities, but they are assassinated by a sniper just before they can be chipped. The mystery is that these people with exceptional powers are not Neuros, but the killer using a sniper rifle is. Jane and the others figure out that this entire affair began years ago when a group of high school outcasts formed a group based on a limited comic book series - The League of Five. Each one of the group were given powers like those in the comic book, but years later they seem to be turning evil, and the real Neuro …

The Amazing Howie S1, Ep14 Jul. 20, 2007 The Amazing Howie Riley is an aspiring amateur Magician but a mysterious performer called “The Amazing Howie” completely trumps him in a Magic competition. Riley suspects Howie of being a neuro, using his powers to perform impossible tricks, so Riley enlists a reluctant Jane to be his Magician's assistant to beat Howie and find out his secret.

The Healer S1, Ep15 2007 The Healer Jane and the team are tracking a neuro who can make himself invisible in order to rob banks, however, once they capture him, their van melts down, almost allowing their prisoner to escape. They are mystified by this since neuros usually don't have more than one ability. On their second mission, to subdue and chip a woman, Jennifer Towne (Sonya Salomaa), who can paralyze people with her mind (and thus steal their possessions), the team is again attacked by an unseen force, nearly thwarting their mission. During this time, Jane is seeing a healer, hoping to reverse her …

Thanks for the Memories S1, Ep16 Aug. 3, 2007 Thanks for the Memories Jane Vasco starts her day by discovering that her boyfriend doesn't recognize her and suddenly has a little daughter. Jane also discovers that the Subway Headquarters doesn't exist anymore, Joe doesn't recognize her and that Andre, Connor and Riley have been “killed”. Fearing her own demise she seeks out Simon Connelly who can take, retain and give out memories. He is also the Neuro who was not chipped by Jane as an act compassion. She tries to pass on all her knowledge of her team, her friends and her missions to Simon, before the death squads can kill her.

Playback S1, Ep17 Aug. 17, 2007 Playback Jane and her team are tracking a Neuro with unknown abilities who is attempting to assassinate a Chinese diplomat. Though they manage to thwart the killer's plan, Jane eventually discovers the neuro's power - he has the ability to rewind and replay the current day over and over again until he gets it right. Usually everyone's memory of events resets to the beginning and no one realizes that they are stuck in a temporal 'loop', but Jane begins to get feelings of Deja-vu and realizes what the Neuro is doing. But with each new day, the killer changes his plans to counter…

Jane 113 S1, Ep18 Aug. 24, 2007 Jane 113 Simon Connelly, the neuro who Jane did NOT chip as an act of mercy, manages to transfer some other people's memories about Jane's past to Jane before he dies of cancer. Jane goes back to the Vonotech Building where she plummeted to her “death” the first time (in the pilot episode). She discovers that she must track down the mysterious Dr. Roberts who suffers from ALS. There she learns a dark secret about herself and the truth about her origins.

What Lies Beneath S1, Ep19 Aug. 31, 2007 What Lies Beneath

The Beast of Bolnar S1, Ep20 Sep. 7, 2007 The Beast of Bolnar When Connor is in a Hungarian village called Bolnar, he's attacked by a creature and the team tries to find out if the beast is the effect of a Neuro's powers.

Reflections S1, Ep21 Sep. 14, 2007 Reflections While maintaining a watchful Eye over NICO (the Neuro hospital/prison) Andre McBride runs into a beautiful and fragile woman he once knew, Sarah Rogers (Ada Tai). Her Neuro skill was that she could pass through solid objects like walls, and, with this skill, could also kill people by removing things like 'brains' directly out of people's heads. However, Sarah is a docile and gentle woman, accepting of her fate and has forgiven Andre for chipping her. Andre begins to once again have feelings for this woman, just like he did before, however, a series of attacks and …

Endgame S1, Ep22 Sep. 21, 2007 Endgame Ever since Jane's meeting with Dr. Butler, her allegiance to the team has been in doubt. Now, Jane leads an insurrection by a group of particularly violent “un-chipped” Neuros. This creates a total lock down on the NICO facility. Andre, Riley and Connor find themselves trapped inside a special “neuro-proof” room. Realizing that Jane has turned against them, Andre and Connor decide to counter strike with a little Neuro help of their own. But is Jane really a traitor? Or will the team discover what Doctor Butler has done to her in time to stop the rebellion?

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