Odyssey 5


Pilot S1, Ep1 Jun. 21, 2002 Pilot The astronaut crew of a space shuttle looks on in horror as they witness the violent destruction of the Earth. However, they are given a chance to change humanity's fate when a sympathetic alien sends them five years into the past. Their mission–find out who's responsible for the plot to destroy the planet. Can they deal with their own pasts while saving the world from the mysterious organism known only as “Leviathan?”

Shatterer S1, Ep2 Jun. 28, 2002 Shatterer

Astronaut Dreams S1, Ep3 Jul. 5, 2002 Astronaut Dreams

Time Out of Mind S1, Ep4 Jul. 12, 2002 Time Out of Mind

Symbiosis S1, Ep5 Jul. 19, 2002 Symbiosis

The Choices We Make S1, Ep6 Jul. 26, 2002 The Choices We Make

Rapture S1, Ep7 Aug. 2, 2002 Rapture

L.D.U. 7 S1, Ep8 Aug. 9, 2002 L.D.U. 7

Flux S1, Ep9 Aug. 16, 2002 Flux

Kitten S1, Ep10 Aug. 23, 2002 Kitten

Dark at the End of the Tunnel S1, Ep11 Aug. 30, 2002 Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Trouble with Harry S1, Ep12 Sep. 6, 2002 Trouble with Harry

Skin S1, Ep13 Sep. 13, 2002 Skin

Begotten S1, Ep14 Jan. 15, 2003 Begotten

Vanishing Point S1, Ep15 Jan. 22, 2003 Vanishing Point

Follow the Leader S1, Ep16 Jan. 29, 2003 Follow the Leader

Half-Life S1, Ep17 Feb. 5, 2003 Half-Life

Rage S1, Ep18 Feb. 20, 2003 Rage

Fossil S1, Ep19 Feb. 27, 2003 Fossil

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