Ocean Girl


The Bug S4, Ep7 Unknown The Bug

A Wrong Friend S4, Ep8 Unknown A Wrong Friend

The Hunt for the Golden Ankh S4, Ep9 Unknown The Hunt for the Golden Ankh

The History of the Whale Woman S4, Ep10 Unknown The History of the Whale Woman

Attempt at Revival S4, Ep13 Unknown Attempt at Revival

A Spirit Appears S4, Ep15 Unknown A Spirit Appears

Mera Escapes to Earth S4, Ep17 Unknown Mera Escapes to Earth

The Race S4, Ep18 Unknown The Race

The Taking of Hostages S4, Ep20 Unknown The Taking of Hostages

The Countdown S4, Ep23 Unknown The Countdown

The Ice Melts S4, Ep24 Unknown The Ice Melts

The Blood Test S4, Ep25 Unknown The Blood Test

The Queen S4, Ep26 Unknown The Queen

The Girl in the Sea S1, Ep1 Aug. 29, 1994 The Girl in the Sea The Bates family moves to ORCA to research whales. While trying to tag a whale, Jason Bates has a surprising encounter.

Set Adrift S1, Ep2 Sep. 5, 1994 Set Adrift Vanessa, the new girl on ORCA, doesn't take her welcome-prank too well. As an act of revenge, she pulls a prank on Brett. Only that her prank turns dangerous when a storm approaches.

Wall of Death S1, Ep3 Sep. 12, 1994 Wall of Death The Bates-Brothers encounter Neri once more while trying to get rid of an illegal fishing net.

The Earthquake S1, Ep4 Sep. 19, 1994 The Earthquake After an earthquake hits ORCA, two kids are trapped in a damaged section, which is filling with water.

Human Tears S1, Ep5 Sep. 26, 1994 Human Tears Jason talks to Neri about the divorce of his parents. Meanwhile, Dianne is trying to convince Commander Lucas to ratify new equipment for her lab and Brett is convinced that his mother wants Commander Lucas to be his step-father.

Property Developers S1, Ep6 Oct. 3, 1994 Property Developers Property Developers want to turn Neri's island into a big holiday resort. Jason and Neri must work together to save her home.

Toxic Waste S1, Ep7 Oct. 10, 1994 Toxic Waste

Day Pass S1, Ep8 Oct. 17, 1994 Day Pass

Romance S1, Ep9 Oct. 24, 1994 Romance

Major Breakthrough S1, Ep10 Oct. 31, 1994 Major Breakthrough

Industrial Spy S1, Ep11 Nov. 7, 1994 Industrial Spy

Neri's Secret S1, Ep12 Nov. 14, 1994 Neri's Secret

Tough Decision S1, Ep13 Nov. 21, 1994 Tough Decision

The Return S2, Ep1 Jul. 3, 1995 The Return

Where No Whale Swims S2, Ep2 Jul. 10, 1995 Where No Whale Swims

Father's Message S2, Ep3 Jul. 17, 1995 Father's Message

Records and Recollections S2, Ep4 Jul. 24, 1995 Records and Recollections

Mera S2, Ep5 Jul. 31, 1995 Mera

The Institute S2, Ep6 Aug. 8, 1995 The Institute

No Place Like Home S2, Ep7 Aug. 14, 1995 No Place Like Home

Our Island S2, Ep8 Aug. 21, 1995 Our Island

Underwater and Undercover S2, Ep9 Aug. 28, 1995 Underwater and Undercover

Secrets Out S2, Ep10 Sep. 4, 1995 Secrets Out

Sabotage S2, Ep11 Sep. 11, 1995 Sabotage

The Arrival S2, Ep12 Sep. 18, 1995 The Arrival

The Return S2, Ep13 Sep. 25, 1995 The Return

Danger in the Reef S3, Ep1 Aug. 3, 1996 Danger in the Reef

Amnesia S3, Ep2 Aug. 10, 1996 Amnesia

Draining the Spaceship S3, Ep3 Aug. 17, 1996 Draining the Spaceship

Kal Who Knows No Fear S3, Ep4 Aug. 24, 1996 Kal Who Knows No Fear

Diving Around Obtacles S3, Ep5 Aug. 31, 1996 Diving Around Obtacles

Winston and Water S3, Ep6 Sep. 7, 1996 Winston and Water

A Super-Sportsman S3, Ep7 Sep. 14, 1996 A Super-Sportsman

Extraterrestial Abilities S3, Ep8 Sep. 21, 1996 Extraterrestial Abilities

The Capsule in the Desert S3, Ep9 Nov. 3, 1996 The Capsule in the Desert

Benny in Trouble S3, Ep10 Nov. 10, 1996 Benny in Trouble

Cassandra's Nightmare S3, Ep11 Nov. 17, 1996 Cassandra's Nightmare

The Helicopter Exam S3, Ep12 Nov. 24, 1996 The Helicopter Exam

Lena's Betrayal S3, Ep13 Dec. 1, 1996 Lena's Betrayal

Changes S3, Ep14 Dec. 8, 1996 Changes

The Spy S3, Ep15 Dec. 14, 1996 The Spy

Gamma Level: Radioactive S3, Ep16 Dec. 22, 1996 Gamma Level: Radioactive

Charlie Is Stranded S3, Ep17 Dec. 29, 1996 Charlie Is Stranded

The Love Letter S3, Ep18 Jan. 5, 1997 The Love Letter

Jason and the Abyss S3, Ep19 Jan. 12, 1997 Jason and the Abyss

Eavesdropper S3, Ep20 Jan. 19, 1997 Eavesdropper

Water in the Desert S3, Ep21 Jan. 26, 1997 Water in the Desert

The Safe Deposit Key S3, Ep22 Feb. 2, 1997 The Safe Deposit Key

The China Man S3, Ep23 Feb. 8, 1997 The China Man

The Stone Fish S3, Ep24 Feb. 16, 1997 The Stone Fish

Time Bomb in the Jungle S3, Ep25 Feb. 23, 1997 Time Bomb in the Jungle

The Last Chance S3, Ep26 Mar. 2, 1997 The Last Chance

Operation Sphinx S4, Ep1 Nov. 17, 1997 Operation Sphinx

The Mysterious Pyramid S4, Ep2 Nov. 18, 1997 The Mysterious Pyramid

The Transport S4, Ep3 Nov. 19, 1997 The Transport

The Golden Ankh S4, Ep4 Nov. 22, 1997 The Golden Ankh

Stranded in the Desert S4, Ep5 Nov. 23, 1997 Stranded in the Desert

The Lie Detector S4, Ep6 Nov. 24, 1997 The Lie Detector

Cheat S4, Ep11 Dec. 1, 1997 Cheat

Imprisoned in the Bunker S4, Ep12 Dec. 2, 1997 Imprisoned in the Bunker

The Snake Bite S4, Ep14 Dec. 4, 1997 The Snake Bite

Helen Learns the Laughter S4, Ep16 Dec. 8, 1997 Helen Learns the Laughter

The Attack S4, Ep19 Dec. 11, 1997 The Attack

The Red Virus S4, Ep21 Dec. 15, 1997 The Red Virus

Before the Countdown S4, Ep22 Dec. 16, 1997 Before the Countdown

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