Season 1
S1, Ep1 Sep. 30, 1985 The Deathstone

The Star Chariot S1, Ep2 Oct. 1, 1985 The Star Chariot

The Book of Power S1, Ep3 Oct. 2, 1985 The Book of Power

Highway to Terror S1, Ep4 Oct. 3, 1985 Highway to Terror

Video VENOM S1, Ep5 Oct. 4, 1985 Video VENOM

Dinosaur Boy S1, Ep6 Oct. 7, 1985 Dinosaur Boy

The Ultimate Weapon S1, Ep7 Oct. 8, 1985 The Ultimate Weapon

The Roteks S1, Ep8 Oct. 9, 1985 The Roteks

The Oz Effect S1, Ep9 Oct. 10, 1985 The Oz Effect

Death from the Sky S1, Ep10 Oct. 11, 1985 Death from the Sky

The Magma Mole S1, Ep11 Oct. 14, 1985 The Magma Mole

Solaria Park S1, Ep12 Oct. 15, 1985 Solaria Park

The Creeping Terror S1, Ep13 Oct. 16, 1985 The Creeping Terror

Assault on Liberty S1, Ep14 Oct. 17, 1985 Assault on Liberty

The Sceptre of Rajim S1, Ep15 Oct. 18, 1985 The Sceptre of Rajim

The Golden Goddess S1, Ep16 Oct. 21, 1985 The Golden Goddess

Mystery of the Rings S1, Ep17 Oct. 22, 1985 Mystery of the Rings

Bad Vibrations S1, Ep18 Oct. 23, 1985 Bad Vibrations

Ghost Bomb S1, Ep19 Oct. 24, 1985 Ghost Bomb

Cold Fever S1, Ep20 Oct. 25, 1985 Cold Fever

Mardi Gras Mystery S1, Ep21 Oct. 28, 1985 Mardi Gras Mystery

The Secret of Life S1, Ep22 Oct. 29, 1985 The Secret of Life

Vanishing Point S1, Ep23 Oct. 30, 1985 Vanishing Point

Counter-Clockwise Caper S1, Ep24 Oct. 31, 1985 Counter-Clockwise Caper

The Plant Show S1, Ep25 Nov. 1, 1985 The Plant Show

Secret of the Andes S1, Ep26 Nov. 4, 1985 Secret of the Andes

Panda Power S1, Ep27 Nov. 5, 1985 Panda Power

Blackout S1, Ep28 Nov. 6, 1985 Blackout

A Matter of Gravity S1, Ep29 Nov. 7, 1985 A Matter of Gravity

The Lost Riches of Rio S1, Ep30 Nov. 8, 1985 The Lost Riches of Rio

Deadly Blue Slime S1, Ep31 Nov. 11, 1985 Deadly Blue Slime

The Currency Conspiracy S1, Ep32 Nov. 12, 1985 The Currency Conspiracy

Caesar's Sword S1, Ep33 Nov. 13, 1985 Caesar's Sword

Peril in Paris S1, Ep34 Nov. 14, 1985 Peril in Paris

In Dutch S1, Ep35 Nov. 15, 1985 In Dutch

The Lipizzaner Mystery S1, Ep36 Nov. 18, 1985 The Lipizzaner Mystery

The Sacred Rock S1, Ep37 Nov. 19, 1985 The Sacred Rock

Curse of King Solomon's Gorge S1, Ep38 Nov. 20, 1985 Curse of King Solomon's Gorge

Green Nightmare S1, Ep39 Nov. 21, 1985 Green Nightmare

Eyes of the Skull S1, Ep40 Nov. 22, 1985 Eyes of the Skull

Stop Motion S1, Ep41 Nov. 25, 1985 Stop Motion

The Artemis Enigma S1, Ep42 Nov. 26, 1985 The Artemis Enigma

The Chinese Scorpion S1, Ep43 Nov. 27, 1985 The Chinese Scorpion

Riddle of the Raven Master S1, Ep44 Nov. 28, 1985 Riddle of the Raven Master

The Spectre of Captain Kidd S1, Ep45 Nov. 29, 1985 The Spectre of Captain Kidd

The Secret of the Stones S1, Ep46 Dec. 2, 1985 The Secret of the Stones

The Lost Fleet S1, Ep47 Dec. 3, 1985 The Lost Fleet

Quest of the Canyon S1, Ep48 Dec. 4, 1985 Quest of the Canyon

Follow the Rainbow S1, Ep49 Dec. 5, 1985 Follow the Rainbow

The Everglades Oddity S1, Ep50 Dec. 6, 1985 The Everglades Oddity

Dragonfire S1, Ep51 Dec. 9, 1985 Dragonfire

The Royal Cape Caper S1, Ep52 Dec. 10, 1985 The Royal Cape Caper

Patchwork Puzzle S1, Ep53 Dec. 11, 1985 Patchwork Puzzle

Fog on Boulder Hill S1, Ep54 Dec. 12, 1985 Fog on Boulder Hill

Plunder of Glowworm Grotto S1, Ep55 Dec. 13, 1985 Plunder of Glowworm Grotto

Stone Trees S1, Ep56 Dec. 16, 1985 Stone Trees

Incident in Istanbul S1, Ep57 Dec. 17, 1985 Incident in Istanbul

The Creeping Desert S1, Ep58 Dec. 18, 1985 The Creeping Desert

The Scarlet Empress S1, Ep59 Dec. 19, 1985 The Scarlet Empress

Venice Menace S1, Ep60 Dec. 20, 1985 Venice Menace

Treasure of the Nazca Plain S1, Ep61 Dec. 23, 1985 Treasure of the Nazca Plain

Disappearing Act S1, Ep62 Dec. 24, 1985 Disappearing Act

Gate of Darkness S1, Ep63 Dec. 25, 1985 Gate of Darkness

The Manakara Giant S1, Ep64 Dec. 26, 1985 The Manakara Giant

Raiders of the Orient Express S1, Ep65 Dec. 26, 1985 Raiders of the Orient Express

Season 2
Demolition Duel to the Death S2, Ep1 Sep. 9, 1986 Demolition Duel to the Death 'Clutch' Hawkes, driving Wildcat, is competing in the Memphis Demolition Derby against Vanessa 'Snake' Warfield in Manta and 'Mad Dog' Shepard with Stinger. When Boris 'The Czar' Bushkin makes a memorable entrance driving Bulldog, Vanessa tries to recruit the Russian into VENOM and set a trap for Clutch with Lester 'The Lizard' Sludge on Iguana.

Where Eagles Dare S2, Ep2 Oct. 1, 1986 Where Eagles Dare Matt Trakker in Goliath 1 races the Mayhem brothers in Buzzard to secure an African Trade Route for the Peaceful Nations Alliance. But while Matt goes it alone, the Mayhems have Mad-dog, Bird-man and The Lizard to back them up.

Homeward Bound S2, Ep3 Oct. 8, 1986 Homeward Bound Ali Bombay returns to his home town of Kandukar in India for some rest only to find VENOM agents Lester 'The Lizard' Sludge and Nash 'Goon' Gorey terrorizing the village. They are rounding up workers to mine the minerals of a meteorite in a cave. Sludge dares Bombay to a race claiming that VENOM will leave the area if he loses.

The Battle of the Giants S2, Ep4 Oct. 15, 1986 The Battle of the Giants Goliath and Volcano compete against Buzzard and Vampire in the Australia outback's “Battle of the Giants” to win the late Proffesor McDonald's secret metal formula. Trakker 'no-plan' involves using no tricks at all, which is the exact opposite of what Mayhem is expecting.

Race Against Time S2, Ep5 Oct. 22, 1986 Race Against Time Brad 'Chopper' Turner enters the Mediteranian Grand Prix at Gibraltar to transport a valuable life saving plant across the finish line. Vanessa Warfield and Mad Dog Sheppard are doing anything and everything to stop him. While Sly 'Wrecker' Rax and Dusty 'Cowboy' Hayes man the sidelines.

Challenge of the Masters S2, Ep6 Oct. 29, 1986 Challenge of the Masters Ali 'Lightning' Bombay competes in the Masters Challenge Race with Ace 'Falcon' Riker as backup. A microfilm stolen from Peaceful Nations Allegiance is being smuggled inside the Masters trophy. This means Vanessa and Bird-Man Malloy will do anything to win. Mayhem (disguised as a peanut seller) and Mad-Dog are waiting on the sidelines but so are a couple of under cover M.A.S.K. agents.

For One Shining Moment S2, Ep7 Nov. 5, 1986 For One Shining Moment Maximus Mayhem tries to convince his brother Myles to go legitimate and reconcile with his former partner in science, Matt Trakker. But while the former enemies compete in a friendly race in Chicago, Clutch Hawkes is lured into a trap.

High Noon S2, Ep8 Nov. 12, 1986 High Noon The M.A.S.K. race team takes a vacation at the Wichita Kansas car races and air show and when a couple of VENOM agents show up, they appear to only be their to race as well. But when Ace 'Falcon' Riker's flying stunt show is sabotaged by Buzzard's drone, it becomes clear there's more at stake than just rest and relaxation.

The Battle for Baja S2, Ep9 Nov. 19, 1986 The Battle for Baja Mexican president Vega lets M.A.S.K. enter the Baja race, but only if his son Raoul can drive Goliath. Wildcat and Bulldog's rematch is interrupted as VENOM, represented by Buzzard, Vampire and Iguana, are out to kidnap the President's son. Luckily Clutch and the Czar get some help from The Chief and Lightning.

Cliff Hanger S2, Ep10 Nov. 26, 1986 Cliff Hanger The rivalry between Vanessa Warfield and Brad Turner heats up at the Mesa Verde Memorial Road Race. Nevada 'The Chief' Rushmore has asked Turner, Calhoun Burns and Ali Bombay to represent his tribe. Vanessa and fellow VENOM agents Bruno Sheppard and Floyd Malloy are also competing for an extinct tribe that mysteriously vanished. Meanwhile Lester Sludge has gotten his hands on a container of dangerous seeds that can can cause insanity when added to water.

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