Land of the Giants


Collector's Item Unknown Unknown Collector's Item

The Crash S1, Ep1 Sep. 22, 1968 The Crash In this, the pilot episode, a sub-orbital aircraft named the Spindrift flying from New York (Los Angeles in later episodes) is pulled into a space warp which transports its crew and passengers into another dimension. The ship eventually lands on a planet where everything is 12 times larger than normal. In their first night on the planet they are attacked by a giant cat and two of their party , Captain Steve Burton and jet set heiress Valerie Scott, are captured by a pair of giant scientists but are eventually rescued by the rest of the castaways. Unfortunately, they …

Ghost Town S1, Ep2 Sep. 29, 1968 Ghost Town While being chased by a hobo, the castaways find themselves trapped by a force field. They then find a town without any people in it. They soon find out that the town was built by a lonely old man who built the town based on pictures he found on a ship that crash landed on the planet years earlier. They appreciate the old man's kindness, but still try to find a way to escape. Compicating matters is the old man's sadistic granddaughter who is jealous of them and tries kill them.

Framed S1, Ep3 Oct. 6, 1968 Framed While looking for lenses to use to charge the Spindrift's solar batteries, the castaways witness a photographer murder the model he was photographing after he attempted to make a pass at her. He then tries to pin the blame on a bum, but they take a picture of him as he tries to plant evidence. Val, who is an amateur photographer, agrees to go with Steve to try to develop the film and try to clear the bum of a murder rap.

Underground S1, Ep4 Oct. 20, 1968 Underground The castaways are contacted by someone claiming to be from Earth and who promises to help them get back home. However, they soon find out that the “earthman” is really a giant scientist who is part of an underground movement bent on overthrowing the planet's totalitarian government. He then makes a deal with Steve and the others that if they help him retrieve some information on some political prisoners that he will help them get back home.

Terror-Go-Round S1, Ep5 Nov. 3, 1968 Terror-Go-Round Fitzhugh and Barry get caught by a traveling circus act, using a bear to keep other little people to make them escape. Mark and Commander Burton must find a way to divert the kidnappers attention. However the rest are caught and Burton must find a way, maybe the help of the boy who travels with them to escape from this fate to be sold at a carnival…

The Flight Plan S1, Ep6 Nov. 10, 1968 The Flight Plan The castaways meet a supposedly amnesiac man from Earth. They decide to take him in against Steve's better judgment. It is soon revealed that the “little person” is a giant who has taken a drug to shrink himself down to the size of the earthlings. He eventually kidnaps Betty and takes her to their hideout with hopes the others will follow so they can be captured.

Manhunt S1, Ep7 Nov. 17, 1968 Manhunt A prison escapee tries to hide from policemen. While Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh are away, the prisoner takes the Spindrift with the rest of the crew inside. However, he falls in a quicksand pit with the spaceship. The threesome must get the giant out of the instable ground before he sinks with the ship and what's inside…

The Trap S1, Ep8 Nov. 24, 1968 The Trap

The Creed S1, Ep9 Dec. 1, 1968 The Creed While out foraging for food, Barry collapses in pain and it soon becomes apparent that he is suffering from appendicitis. It is then decided that Betty, who has nurses training, will perform the operation. Steve and Mark then go to a local hospital to get the supplies needed for the operation. However, they soon encounter sympathetic Doctor Brulle, who decides to help the castaways and supply them with a medical kit that was on another ship that crashed on the planet on one condition; that Fitzhugh helps to translate a medical encyclopedia that is written in German. …

Double-Cross S1, Ep10 Dec. 8, 1968 Double-Cross

The Weird World S1, Ep11 Dec. 22, 1968 The Weird World The castaways find a tape recorder which has the taped log of Major Kegan, an astronaut who crash landed on the planet with his crew a few years earlier. Barry is later captured by the paranoid Kegan, who thinks that the castaways are working with the giants. However, they later convince him that they are not and he agrees to help them go to the giant's science center to help retrieve his ship, which is being examined by their scientists. However, when they get there Kegan does not enter with them due to the fact that he remembers that something horrible is in there …

The Golden Cage S1, Ep12 Dec. 29, 1968 The Golden Cage The crew finds a woman of their size while on a trek. Mark falls in love with her, who in return, invites him to her home. Burton tries to convince Mark that this is a trap set to become a guinea pig for the Giants. However, blinded by love, Mark is unable to make up his mind, even that his urge ends up with a fight with the commander itself…

The Lost Ones S1, Ep13 Jan. 5, 1969 The Lost Ones Four teen-age punks, the last remnants of another wrecked Earth spaceship, capture Betty and Valerie.

Brainwash S1, Ep14 Jan. 12, 1969 Brainwash

The Bounty Hunter S1, Ep15 Jan. 19, 1969 The Bounty Hunter

On a Clear Night You Can See Earth S1, Ep16 Jan. 26, 1969 On a Clear Night You Can See Earth

Deadly Lodestone S1, Ep17 Feb. 2, 1969 Deadly Lodestone The SID uses a new type of metal detector in its pursuit of the castaways. The detector is programmed to key in on an alloy that is only found on Earth. They hide any and all objects made of the alloy except for one. Unfortunately, the one object they can't hide is a surgical pin in Dan's leg, which was used to fix a broken leg he suffered while competing in the Olympics. They then decide to try to contact their old friend Dr. Brule, who is now in prison after he was caught helping them when Barry needed an operation to remove his appendix. However, Brule and his …

Night of Thrombeldinbar S1, Ep18 Feb. 16, 1969 Night of Thrombeldinbar Fitzhugh is captured by an orphan while trying to flee from a gypsy and his monkey. The kid brings him to a orphanage, where he and his friend think he is an elf called Trumbelindar. However, their minder, who is not keen since he missed his vacation because of them, gives them a hard time. However, Barry told Commander Burton and his crew to free Fitzhugh from the children. However, the two orphans escape and falls into the old gypsy, who is interested by the small pawn the children has in the bag…

Seven Little Indians S1, Ep19 Feb. 23, 1969 Seven Little Indians

Target: Earth S1, Ep20 Mar. 2, 1969 Target: Earth A giant scientist has invented a device that is to be used as a guidance system for their space program. Unfortunately, it is flawed and has failed a critical test. Mark, going against Steve's orders, decides to help fix the problem and in return the scientist promises to help them return to Earth. However, the wife of the scientist is jealous of Mark and feels that any help he gives her husband will help to discredit him and as a result she reports what is going on to Inspector Kobick.

Genius at Work S1, Ep21 Mar. 9, 1969 Genius at Work Barry and Fitzhugh befriend a 12-year old scientific genius named Jodar (Jody) who has invented a substance which causes growth. While talking to the boy, Barry's dog Chipper eats some of the formula and grows to gigantic size. After seeing this, Fitzhugh decides to eat some with the idea that he will no longer have to worry about being hunted down. However, he is mistaken for a giant who was accused of nearly killing a boy. Also, Fitz is found with some of the money he stole back on Earth he is taken to SID headquarters for questioning. When Steve finds out, he goes …

Return of Inidu S1, Ep22 Mar. 16, 1969 Return of Inidu The castaways befriend a giant magician named Inidu after he saves them from a couple of giant bullies. Inidu tells them that he is on the run after being falsely accused of murder when someone died as a result of one his tricks going horribly wrong. Later, his protégée, a young magician named Enog, who was always ambitious, admits to sabotaging the trick as part of a plan to supplant his teacher. Unfortunately, Enog captures Valerie and threatens to kill her unless Inidu reveals his greatest trick to him.

Rescue S1, Ep23 Mar. 23, 1969 Rescue The little people are witness to an attempt to save two children from a cave-in accident. Since the earth is too instable, the little people proposes to the parents to find a way to let the children escape successfully. But Inspector Kobrick gets aware of this plan, and might find a way to capture the little people once the rescue is done…

Sabotage S1, Ep24 Mar. 30, 1969 Sabotage

Shell Game S1, Ep25 Apr. 13, 1969 Shell Game A near-bankrupted giant wants to find a way to help his deaf son. He soon capture several of the little people who were hiding in the shells. Since they notice he is deaf and Mark wants to find a way to help the boy get an earing aid, he suggests, despite the reticence of the family, since hosting little people is a crime, but at the end, they accepted, knowing that maybe this earing aid might get him financially viable…

The Chase S1, Ep26 Apr. 20, 1969 The Chase A gang of rebels are attacking the Secret Police headquarters. Inspector Kobick needs the help of the Little People promising their freedom if he catches them. However, he keeps Betty in hostage, while Burton and Mark are going under the city's sewers to track them down, as they are also counterfeiters…

The Mechanical Man S2, Ep1 Sep. 21, 1969 The Mechanical Man A huge robot that is even bigger than many of the giants that the castaways have encountered accidentally destroys a store and in the process kills a policeman. Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh, who were scavenging for food and supplies witness this and in the process Mark and Fitzhugh are captured. They are then brought to the laboratory of its creator Professor Gorn who offers to help them return to Earth if they can help him fix the flaw in his creation. They eventually do and the robot works perfectly. Unfortunately, Gorn double crosses them and decides to turn them over …

Six Hours to Live S2, Ep2 Sep. 28, 1969 Six Hours to Live

The Inside Rail S2, Ep3 Oct. 5, 1969 The Inside Rail While visiting a racetrack to gather horsehair to be used for cables for the electrical system, Fitzhugh gets a case of gambling fever. He decides to use his horse playing knowledge to place a few bets using a bum as an intermediary. Unfotunately, a track security official finds out what's going on and starts hunting down the castaways and winds up capturing Mark, Valerie and Betty.

Deadly Pawn S2, Ep4 Oct. 12, 1969 Deadly Pawn The Earthlings are forced to compete in a life-and-death chess game with a Giant chess expert. The little people find themselves bound to the chess pieces.

The Unsuspected S2, Ep5 Oct. 19, 1969 The Unsuspected Exposures to mushroom spores have caused Steve to go crazy and he captures his fellow shipmates one by one.

Giants and All That Jazz S2, Ep6 Oct. 26, 1969 Giants and All That Jazz A musician, threatened by thugs for a money debt, abducts Valerie and Barry and wants to report them to S.I.D. for the reward. Fitzhugh who escaped brings Dan, Steve and Mark to free them. However, the musician has second thoughts and hesitates about reporting them, but when Dan encounters the Giant, he suggests the way he can be successful is to being shown some jazz lessons. The thugs are suspicious of this new talent improvement and tries to exploit him. In the meanwhile, Fitzhugh is also abducted by the musician's strange neighbor: a snake charmer !

Collector's Item S2, Ep7 Nov. 2, 1969 Collector's Item A penniless man wants to kill his uncle once he puts him on his will. Knowing he collects all kind of weird gadgets, he purchases a music box with a doll dancer. However, once he notices Valerie, he abducts her and put her in the cage as he asks to dance in the cage for her uncle. The little people gets aware of this, but also knows that the man has put explosives under the music box, putting Valerie's life in danger.

Every Dog Needs a Boy S2, Ep8 Nov. 9, 1969 Every Dog Needs a Boy While playing with a giant dog, Chipper is injured when the dog sneezes and it causes him to hit a wall. Against Steve's orders, Barry, along with Val, goes to the veterinarian's office where the dog is being kept. They then meet his young assistant who agrees to help save Chipper. Unfortunately, the vet's lazy son finds out and holds Barry and Val hostage. The young man also was responsible for the dog that Chipper was playing with to run away. Now Steve, Mark, Dan and Fitzhugh must not only save Barry and Val, but also find the giant dog, which was a valuable movie …

Chamber of Fear S2, Ep9 Nov. 16, 1969 Chamber of Fear

The Clones S2, Ep10 Nov. 30, 1969 The Clones A Giant scientist experimenting with cloning technology succeeds in cloning Valerie and Barry. These are returned to the camp where they prepare a booby trap to kill the rest of the Earth party.

Comeback S2, Ep11 Nov. 23, 1969 Comeback Some of them meet a suicidal actor who was once a great horror movie actor. He captures them and plans to offer them to a movie studio to use in a movie. After being turned away by every studio he turns to a disreputable director. The rest follow them and tries to free them.

A Place Called Earth S2, Ep12 Dec. 7, 1969 A Place Called Earth A pair of time travelers from Earth's distant future are sent back to the past by their superiors on a mission of observation. However, the pair use the trip to plot for the eventual takeover of Earth in the future by wiping out most of mankind with a deadly virus and using the planet of the giants as a staging base. They eventually run into the castaways and use them as unwitting accomplices to their plot. Eventually Steve, Mark and the others find out the pair's scheme and try to stop them before they change mankind's future.

Land of the Lost S2, Ep13 Dec. 14, 1969 Land of the Lost While the castaways are collecting fireworks at a carnival for gun powder to use to make explosives, Barry is injured when a young giant boy shoots off a roman candle. Steve, Mark and Valerie take him into a miniature balloon gondola to keep him from getting hit by more sparks, but the balloon is accidentally released and heads for the sky. They immediately are caught in an incredible windstorm and are taken to the other side of the planet where they find a society run by the dictator Titus. Titus can't believe that there is another society on the other side of the …

Home Sweet Home S2, Ep14 Dec. 21, 1969 Home Sweet Home Steve and Fitzhugh attempt to return to Earth in a spacepod, but travel back in time to the year 1900 where the local villagers decide they are being attacked by warlocks.

Our Man O'Reilly S2, Ep15 Dec. 28, 1969 Our Man O'Reilly

Nightmare S2, Ep16 Jan. 4, 1970 Nightmare While working on a small nuclear reactor invented by a sympathetic giant scientist, the castaways are accidentally exposed to strange radiation that causes them to seemingly vanish or experience wild hallucinations. They then try to find a way to alleviate the symptoms. However, while Steve, Mark and Dan are away, an impatient Fitzhugh activates the device and it gets dangerously close to critical mass.

Pay the Piper S2, Ep17 Jan. 11, 1970 Pay the Piper

The Secret City of Limbo S2, Ep18 Jan. 18, 1970 The Secret City of Limbo

Panic S2, Ep19 Jan. 25, 1970 Panic

The Deadly Dart S2, Ep20 Feb. 1, 1970 The Deadly Dart

Doomsday S2, Ep21 Feb. 15, 1970 Doomsday

A Small War S2, Ep22 Feb. 22, 1970 A Small War

The Marionettes S2, Ep23 Mar. 1, 1970 The Marionettes The Earthlings help a friendly puppeteer when he is injured by performing as marionettes at a carnival, but the owner suspects that the aliens are the real star of the show and plans to capture them for the reward.

Wild Journey S2, Ep24 Mar. 8, 1970 Wild Journey Steve and Dan meet up with a pair of time travelers from another planet. The two pilots wind up stealing the device the pair uses for their travels and use it to go back to the day the Spindrift crashed on the planet of the giants in order to prevent the accident from happening. However, the two time travelers have followed them and warn the pair that if they do change history there is a good chance that when the Spindrift crashes that this time no one will survive.

Graveyard of Fools S2, Ep25 Mar. 22, 1970 Graveyard of Fools

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