Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors



Escape from the Garden of Evil S1, Ep1 Sep. 16, 1985 Escape from the Garden of Evil When a experiment to create a plant that would put a end to starvation once and for all goes wrong, the scientist Audric accidentally creates mutated plants called “The Monsters Mind”. Setting out to find his father, Audric's son Jayce, joined by 1000-year old wizard Gillian, Jayce's sister Flora, Oon, Audric's loyal robot and cocky hired mercenary Herc Stormsailor. Jayce begins the search for Audric and begin the battle against The Monster Minds led by Sawboss, Jayce and his companions become a team of fighters known as “The Lightnining League”, and the adventure …

The Vase of Xiang S1, Ep2 Sep. 17, 1985 The Vase of Xiang

Steel Against Shadow S1, Ep3 Sep. 18, 1985 Steel Against Shadow

Silver Crusaders S1, Ep4 Sep. 19, 1985 Silver Crusaders

Ghostship S1, Ep5 Sep. 20, 1985 Ghostship

Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds S1, Ep6 Sep. 23, 1985 Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds

Fire and Ice S1, Ep7 Sep. 24, 1985 Fire and Ice

Space Outlaws S1, Ep8 Sep. 25, 1985 Space Outlaws

Future of the Future S1, Ep9 Sep. 26, 1985 Future of the Future

Underwater S1, Ep10 Sep. 27, 1985 Underwater

Frostworld S1, Ep11 Sep. 30, 1985 Frostworld

Critical Mass S1, Ep12 Oct. 1, 1985 Critical Mass

The Purple Tome S1, Ep13 Oct. 2, 1985 The Purple Tome

Hook, Line and Sinker S1, Ep14 Oct. 3, 1985 Hook, Line and Sinker

Bloodstone S1, Ep15 Oct. 4, 1985 Bloodstone

The Slaves of Adelbaren S1, Ep16 Oct. 7, 1985 The Slaves of Adelbaren

The Hunt S1, Ep17 Oct. 8, 1985 The Hunt

Blockade Runners S1, Ep18 Oct. 9, 1985 Blockade Runners

The Sleeping Princess S1, Ep19 Oct. 10, 1985 The Sleeping Princess

Deadly Reunion S1, Ep20 Oct. 11, 1985 Deadly Reunion

Sky Kingdom S1, Ep21 Oct. 14, 1985 Sky Kingdom

Quest Into Shadow S1, Ep22 Oct. 15, 1985 Quest Into Shadow

Unexpected Trouble S1, Ep23 Oct. 16, 1985 Unexpected Trouble

Bounty Hunters S1, Ep24 Oct. 17, 1985 Bounty Hunters

Double Deception S1, Ep25 Oct. 18, 1985 Double Deception

Gate World S1, Ep26 Oct. 21, 1985 Gate World

Space Thief S1, Ep27 Oct. 22, 1985 Space Thief

Moon Magic S1, Ep28 Oct. 23, 1985 Moon Magic

Affair of Honor S1, Ep29 Oct. 24, 1985 Affair of Honor

Doomed Flower S1, Ep30 Oct. 25, 1985 Doomed Flower

The Stallions of Sandeen S1, Ep31 Oct. 28, 1985 The Stallions of Sandeen

Brain Trust S1, Ep32 Oct. 29, 1985 Brain Trust

Lightning Strikes Twice S1, Ep33 Oct. 30, 1985 Lightning Strikes Twice

The Liberty Stone S1, Ep34 Oct. 31, 1985 The Liberty Stone

The Vines S1, Ep35 Nov. 1, 1985 The Vines

The Space Fighter S1, Ep36 Nov. 4, 1985 The Space Fighter

Heart of Paxtar S1, Ep37 Nov. 5, 1985 Heart of Paxtar

Appointment at Forever S1, Ep38 Nov. 6, 1985 Appointment at Forever

What's Going On? S1, Ep39 Nov. 7, 1985 What's Going On?

Dark Singer S1, Ep40 Nov. 8, 1985 Dark Singer

Swamp Witch S1, Ep41 Nov. 11, 1985 Swamp Witch

Deadly Reflections S1, Ep42 Nov. 12, 1985 Deadly Reflections

Early Warning S1, Ep43 Nov. 13, 1985 Early Warning

A Question of Conscience S1, Ep44 Nov. 14, 1985 A Question of Conscience

Life Ship S1, Ep45 Nov. 15, 1985 Life Ship

The Mirage Makers S1, Ep46 Nov. 18, 1985 The Mirage Makers

Do Not Disturb S1, Ep47 Nov. 19, 1985 Do Not Disturb

Dream World S1, Ep48 Nov. 20, 1985 Dream World

The Children of Solarus II S1, Ep49 Nov. 21, 1985 The Children of Solarus II

The Gardener S1, Ep50 Nov. 22, 1985 The Gardener

Armada S1, Ep51 Nov. 25, 1985 Armada

The Chimes of Sharpis S1, Ep52 Nov. 26, 1985 The Chimes of Sharpis

Galaxy Gamester S1, Ep53 Nov. 27, 1985 Galaxy Gamester

Circus Planet S1, Ep54 Nov. 28, 1985 Circus Planet

Common Bond S1, Ep55 Nov. 29, 1985 Common Bond

Mistress of Soul Tree S1, Ep56 Dec. 2, 1985 Mistress of Soul Tree

The Life Eater S1, Ep57 Dec. 3, 1985 The Life Eater

Wasteland S1, Ep58 Dec. 4, 1985 Wasteland

The Oracle S1, Ep59 Dec. 5, 1985 The Oracle

Short Circuit, Long Wait S1, Ep60 Dec. 6, 1985 Short Circuit, Long Wait

Time and Time Again S1, Ep61 Dec. 9, 1985 Time and Time Again

The Source S1, Ep62 Dec. 10, 1985 The Source

The Raid S1, Ep63 Dec. 11, 1985 The Raid

The Squire Smith S1, Ep64 Dec. 12, 1985 The Squire Smith

Final Ride at Journey's End S1, Ep65 Dec. 13, 1985 Final Ride at Journey's End

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