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The Dark Hand S1, Ep1 Sep. 9, 2000 The Dark Hand Jackie recovers a shield from Bavaria. When he returns home, he finds some people are very interested in the shield, including an old friend who asks Jackie for some help. Jackie's niece, Jade, arrives in America.

The Power Within S1, Ep2 Sep. 16, 2000 The Power Within Uncle tells Jackie of the legend of the Talismans. The Dark Hand tries to get the Rooster Talisman from Jackie.

The Mask of El Toro Fuerte S1, Ep3 Sep. 23, 2000 The Mask of El Toro Fuerte Jackie travels to Mexico to find the Ox Talisman. But someone else already has the Talisman. He encounter El Toro Fuerte, who is unaware of the Talisman's magic and wears it as part of his wrestling costume.

Enter the Viper S1, Ep4 Nov. 11, 2000 Enter the Viper Jackie and Jade go to New York to get the Snake Talisman which is in a museum. Jackie finds out the Dark Hand plans on stealing the Talisman, and makes plans of his own. Meanwhile the Viper wants another object in the museum.

Shell Game S1, Ep5 Oct. 14, 2000 Shell Game An aquarium acquires a tortoise, with a Talisman attached to its shell. The new stations broadcast the story on the tortoise which sends Jackie and the Dark Hand racing to the aquarium.

Project A, for Astral S1, Ep6 Oct. 28, 2000 Project A, for Astral Jackie finds the Sheep Talisman. While Jackie and Uncle research it power, Jade discovers it power of Astral Projection and its unexpected consequences.

Bullies S1, Ep7 Nov. 11, 2000 Bullies Jade's temper gets her in trouble at school. The Dark Hand get a hold of the Dragon Talisman. Valmont goes on a crime spree using the Talisman's power, injuring Jackie's friend, Captain Black in the process. Now Jackie starts to have problems with his temper.

Tough Break S1, Ep8 Nov. 18, 2000 Tough Break Jackie gets the Rat Talisman. When he returns he slips on one of Jade's toys, and breaks his leg. Jade tries to make amends by helping him, and accidentally discovers the power of the Rat Talisman.

The Rock S1, Ep9 Dec. 2, 2000 The Rock Tired of Jackie's interference, Valmont lures Jackie into a trap and poisons him with a potion that will turn him to stone. He offers Jackie the cure, in exchange for the Talismans.

The Jade Monkey S1, Ep10 Dec. 9, 2000 The Jade Monkey It's Career Day at school for Jade, as part of the assignment she has to accompany Jackie to work. They find the Monkey Talisman, and figure out its power. Jade and Jackie are shipwrecked on an island with the Dark Hand still trying for the talisman.

The Dog and Piggy Show S1, Ep11 Jan. 6, 2001 The Dog and Piggy Show After returning home with the Dog Talisman, Jackie finds a clue to the location of the Pig Talisman. Uncle figures out the power of the Dog Talisman and uses it to accompany Jackie on his latest quest. Meanwhile Valmont hires Hak Foo to help in the search.

The Tiger and the Pussycat S1, Ep12 Mar. 10, 2001 The Tiger and the Pussycat The Tiger Talisman is finally located. It has the power of balance, when Jackie accidentally splits the talisman in half, Jackie is split in two, and causes some trouble.

Day of the Dragon S1, Ep13 Mar. 17, 2001 Day of the Dragon With the help of Jackie Dark, Shendu lives. Now with all 12 talismans, he'll raise his demon army and destroy Asia. Unless Jackie can find a way to stop him.

Through the Rabbit Hole S2, Ep1 Sep. 8, 2001 Through the Rabbit Hole In a mix of science and magic, Jade finds herself in 1976 where she encounters Jackie and Uncle.

The Warrior Incarnate S2, Ep2 Sep. 15, 2001 The Warrior Incarnate Jackie and Uncle try to study the marking on the statue of Lo Pei, the warrior who scattered the Talismans, hoping to find clues to the remaining ones. When Jade shatters the statue. She finds a way to repair the damage, and brings the ancient warrior to life.

Snake Hunt S2, Ep3 Sep. 22, 2001 Snake Hunt Precursor to Enter the Viper, Jackie and Jade search for the Snake Talisman. They encounter the Dark Hand and an ambitious TV archaeologist.

Mother of All Battles S2, Ep4 Sep. 24, 2001 Mother of All Battles Tohru's mom comes for a visit. Tohru fears that she doesn't approve of Tohru's decision to leave Valmont, and contemplates a return to his old life.

The Stronger Evil S2, Ep5 Sep. 29, 2001 The Stronger Evil With Shendu and the Dark Hand no longer a threat, Jackie prepares to leave Section 13. The Dark Hand comes out of hiding and they're packing the Talismans. Jackie agrees to help one last time.

The J-Team S2, Ep6 Oct. 6, 2001 The J-Team Shendu is back and he's inside Valmont's body. They break into Uncle's shop and steal a book, then leave the country. While Jackie and Uncle make preparations to follow them, Jade calls some old friends to form the J Team.

Jade Times Jade S2, Ep7 Oct. 13, 2001 Jade Times Jade Shendu and the Dark Hand find a clue to the first gate that will enable him to release his sister, the Mountain Demon. Jackie goes to Japan to stop them, while Uncle begins to train his new apprentice Tohru. Meanwhile Jade causes havoc with a duplication spell.

The Curse of El Chupacabra S2, Ep8 Oct. 15, 2001 The Curse of El Chupacabra While exploring some Pyramids in Mexico, Jackie gets a call from El Toro. He needs Jackie's help dealing with the legendary El Chupacabra.

Rumble in the Big House S2, Ep9 Oct. 20, 2001 Rumble in the Big House The Dark Hand allows themselves to be captured and sentenced to prison so they can open the Wind Demon's portal in Hollowlands Prison. Jackie must go undercover.

Lost City of the Muntabs S2, Ep10 Oct. 22, 2001 Lost City of the Muntabs Jackie guides a wealthy museum supporter on a expedition to find the remnants of the Muntabs. They discover the Muntabs aren't extinct.

And He Does His Own Stunts S2, Ep11 Oct. 27, 2001 And He Does His Own Stunts Shendu goes to Hollywood to free his brother the Thunder Demon. Jade tries to make Jackie the next big action superstar in Hollywood as Jackie tries to prevent the demon from returning.

Showdown in the Old West S2, Ep12 Oct. 29, 2001 Showdown in the Old West Jackie and company stop in ghost town. They find a book with the story of Jackie's ancestor who was a sheriff in the Old West.

Queen of the Shadowkhan S2, Ep13 Nov. 3, 2001 Queen of the Shadowkhan When her classmates get a tattoo, Jade decides to get one also. The design she chooses, comes from a magical book which has unexpected consequences.

Origami S2, Ep14 Nov. 5, 2001 Origami Jackie is asked to authenticate some artwork in Paris. The art is stolen by Origami, a thief who can fold himself like paper. Jade calls Viper hoping the ex-thief can help them capture him.

Shanghai Moon S2, Ep15 Nov. 10, 2001 Shanghai Moon The Panku box reveals the location of the Moon Demon's portal. The quest leads to outer space.

The Lotus Temple S2, Ep16 Nov. 12, 2001 The Lotus Temple Jackie searches for the Lotus Temple. Jade gets lost and finds the temple. She also encounters a young girl who is cursed. Jade promises to help her break the curse.

Armor of the Gods S2, Ep17 Nov. 17, 2001 Armor of the Gods Jackie finds the Armor of the Eight Immortals which proves useful when the portal for the Earth Demon opens. Meanwhile Uncle has trouble sleeping.

Agent Tag S2, Ep18 Nov. 19, 2001 Agent Tag Section 13 sends its best Agent, Tagert McStone to stop Dr. Necrosis. Jade stows away and accompanies him on his mission, sending Jackie after them.

Tale of the Demon Tail S2, Ep19 Nov. 24, 2001 Tale of the Demon Tail The Sky Demon is released. In the battle, he loses his tail, and tries to reclaim it and the Chans try to figure a way to use it to recapture him.

The Return of the Pussycat S2, Ep20 Dec. 1, 2001 The Return of the Pussycat Jackie and Uncle are supposed to explore an underground city the same night as Jade's theatrical debut. Jade's upset that no one will be there to see her perform, and comes up with a solution. An ancient evil is freed from the underground city seeking revenge on the descendants of the one who imprisoned it.

Scouts Honor S2, Ep21 Dec. 8, 2001 Scouts Honor Jackie finds an ancient necklace. But a relic hunter/thief is also after it. When Jackie returns home, he notices Jade's lack of activity and makes her join the Butterscotch Scouts. Jade returns the favor by making Jackie accompany the troop on a camping trip.

Danger in the Deep Freeze S2, Ep22 Dec. 15, 2001 Danger in the Deep Freeze The museum asks Jackie to help someone who claims to have made a major discovery in the arctic circle.

Into the Mouth of Evil S2, Ep23 Jan. 19, 2002 Into the Mouth of Evil Jackie is asked to deliver some photos to a colleague's friend in India. But it's a ploy to deliver something else

The King and Jade S2, Ep24 Jan. 26, 2002 The King and Jade Captain Black asks Jackie to guard the King of Tangra. Jade uses the Snake Talisman to get access to the King, and finds out what the child King's life is like.

The New Atlantis S2, Ep25 Feb. 2, 2002 The New Atlantis Bai Tza, the water demon is released. Angered by Shendu's failures, she starts to work on rebuilding her undersea Empire, by sinking San Francisco. The Chans find an unexpected ally.

The Eighth Door S2, Ep26 Feb. 9, 2002 The Eighth Door The Chans send the last demon sorcerer through the portal. But Jade gets caught in the spell. The only way to free Jade is to find the Eighth Door, Shendu's portal.

Demon World: Part 1 S2, Ep27 Feb. 16, 2002 Demon World: Part 1 Shendu alters the Book of Ages, and changes history. In a world where demons rule, Jade remembers how things were, and must convince her Uncles to help her set things right.

Demon World: Part 2 S2, Ep28 Feb. 23, 2002 Demon World: Part 2 The Chans need help to undo Shendu's alterations. They gather the J Team.

Enter the Cat S2, Ep29 Mar. 2, 2002 Enter the Cat Jackie finds a highly valued cat statue. Anyone who is scratched by it, is magically transformed. Both Valmont and Jade are affected.

Pleasure Cruise S2, Ep30 Mar. 9, 2002 Pleasure Cruise Jackie provides security for a valuable Chinese artifact. The museum decides to transport the artifact via a cruise ship, and allow Jackie to take his family along. Tohru's mother joins them on the cruise.

Tough Luck S2, Ep31 Mar. 16, 2002 Tough Luck Jackie acquires a cursed emerald, and must find a way to break the curse. Meanwhile, Finn decides to leave the Dark Hand.

The Chosen One S2, Ep32 Mar. 23, 2002 The Chosen One Monks arrive and claim that Tohru is their reincarnated leader. They take him to their temple where they hope to awaken the memories of his past lifetimes. But Tao Lon Wong, a dark chi master, plots to prevent his ascension.

Glove Story S2, Ep33 Mar. 30, 2002 Glove Story Jackie finds the treasure of Green Beard the Pirate. When jewels are stolen in the neighborhood, Tohru is suspected because of his past. But they soon discover the real culprits.

The Chan Who Knew Too Much S2, Ep34 Apr. 27, 2002 The Chan Who Knew Too Much Stonehenge is stolen. Jackie goes to England on an archaeological dig, and encounters a secret society that plans to destroy the modern world.

Chi of the Vampire S2, Ep35 May 4, 2002 Chi of the Vampire While examining some antiques in an old castle, Jackie and company encounter a vampire who lives by draining people's chi. When the vampire drains the chi of of the family, the remaining members find a way to temporarily revive their fallen comrade. With vampire growing stronger with each victim, they must quickly find a way to defeat him permanently.

The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute S2, Ep36 May 18, 2002 The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute Uncle receives signs from Chi Master Fong, and follows them to the Hidden Valley. They find DaLong Wong as he prepares to unleash the dark Chi held in check in a statue. Tohru is struck blind, Jackie is mute and Jade is now deaf, and soon Uncle is captured by his archenemy. The team must learn to use their other senses to free Uncle and defeat Dalong Wong.

Shrink Rap S2, Ep37 Aug. 17, 2002 Shrink Rap Jackie finds the Bands of Shiva. Hak Foo pursues Chan back to Uncle's shop to get the bands. Jade casts a spell to make Hak Foo disappear, but inadvertently shrinks Jackie and Hak Foo.

I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet S2, Ep38 Aug. 24, 2002 I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet Jackie buy Jade a Monkey King puppet to help Jade in an upcoming talent show. They inadvertently release the Monkey King, and he quickly causes mischief. Jackie has been turned into a puppet.

The Amazing T-Girl S2, Ep39 Sep. 7, 2002 The Amazing T-Girl Captain Black is ordered to remove the Talismans from Section 13. So they're force to a new place for them. Dai Long Wong tries for the Talismans, unaware that all the powers of the Talismans have been transferred into the Amazing T-Girl.

Re-Enter the J Team S3, Ep1 Sep. 14, 2002 Re-Enter the J Team Captain Black asks Jackie to enter a Martial Arts tournament to get some Intel on a smuggler. Jade suggests sending in the J-Team.

The Powers Unleashed S3, Ep2 Sep. 21, 2002 The Powers Unleashed The Dark Hand and Dalong Wong break into Section 13 to steal the Talismans. Jackie destroys the Talismans to keep them away from both groups. But the powers within the Talismans were not destroyed. The race to recover the Talisman powers begins.

Viva Las Jackies S3, Ep3 Sep. 28, 2002 Viva Las Jackies The search for the tiger leads to Las Vegas. Jackie has a unique situation when the tiger separates.

Aztec Rat Race S3, Ep4 Oct. 5, 2002 Aztec Rat Race The search for the Talisman powered animals continues in Mexico where they get help from El Toro. The rat's power is activated and brings a statue to life.

Monkey a Go-Go S3, Ep5 Oct. 12, 2002 Monkey a Go-Go Some constructions workers inadvertently release the Monkey King. He quickly seeks out the people who last defeated him, Jackie and Jade. But they're out of town, trying to locate the monkey that has the shape shifting power.

When Pigs Fly S3, Ep6 Oct. 19, 2002 When Pigs Fly Jackie locates the rooster in Malaysia and then journeys to Kansas to find the pig. But the pig's owner does not want to part with his prize winning pig.

Rabbit Run S3, Ep7 Nov. 2, 2002 Rabbit Run The quest for the rabbit leads the Chans to a high school where the rabbit is the mascot/lucky charm.

Sheep In, Sheep Out S3, Ep8 Nov. 9, 2002 Sheep In, Sheep Out The Chan Clan locates the sheep with the power of astral projection.

The Invisible Mom S3, Ep9 Nov. 16, 2002 The Invisible Mom The Chans look for the snake in India. Tohru's mother visits him.

A Jolly J-Team X-Mas S3, Ep10 Dec. 14, 2002 A Jolly J-Team X-Mas Dalong Wong attacks Santa, and attempts to drain his good chi. Santa's elves ask Jackie for help.

Little Valmont, Big Jade S3, Ep11 Jan. 25, 2003 Little Valmont, Big Jade After an encounter with Dalong Wong, Valmont is turned into a child. He seeks Jackie's help. The Chans head to England to find the horse with a talisman magic. Jade casts a spell on herself.

The Ox-Head Incident S3, Ep12 Feb. 1, 2003 The Ox-Head Incident The Chans find a yak with the Ox Talisman power. Uncle hides the power from Dalong Wong. But Dalong Wong captures Uncle's spirit.

Animal Crackers S3, Ep13 Feb. 15, 2003 Animal Crackers Jade brings the magical animals to school for show and tell. The Dark Warriors arrive, and the animals escape. The animals must be located quickly.

Tohru Who? S3, Ep14 Mar. 1, 2003 Tohru Who? Valmont uses a potion on Tohru to make him forget. Tohru believes he's working for Valmont. The Chans must rescue their friend.

Re-Enter the Dragon S3, Ep15 Mar. 8, 2003 Re-Enter the Dragon With no dragons on Earth, Dalong Wong bargains with Shendu for the power of combustion. But Shendu want all his powers back.

A Night at the Opera S3, Ep16 Apr. 5, 2003 A Night at the Opera Uncle's old opera troupe is in town, which leads to a reunion with an old friend. Jackie finds that someone may be using some Stage tricks to commit crimes.

Attack of the J-Clones S3, Ep17 May 3, 2003 Attack of the J-Clones Surveillance footage suggests Viper has returned to her old ways. But the J Team soon discovers, there's a duplicate. Someone is out to replace/destroy the J Team.

The Masks of the Shadowkhan S4, Ep1 Sep. 13, 2003 The Masks of the Shadowkhan Dalong Wong awakens Tarakudo, the King of Shadowkhan. He starts to free the spirits of his General who are trapped in Japanese masks.

Samurai Ratso S4, Ep2 Sep. 20, 2003 Samurai Ratso The Chan clan head to Tokyo to locate an Oni mask. They learn that they have to adopt new methods to defeat each mask.

The Amazing T-Troop S4, Ep3 Sep. 27, 2003 The Amazing T-Troop The next Oni mask is in San Francisco. When the mask is located, Jade decides Jackie needs some re-enforcements, and brings in the T-Troop.

Black Magic S4, Ep4 Oct. 4, 2003 Black Magic Captain Black ends up with the latest Oni mask. The Chan Clan must work quickly before the mask corrupts Black, and they lose him forever.

The Demon Behind S4, Ep5 Oct. 11, 2003 The Demon Behind Jackie recovers an Oni mask and attempts to learn more about Tarkudo with some Talisman help. When the mask escapes, and ends up in on Finn.

Fright Fight Night S4, Ep6 Oct. 25, 2003 Fright Fight Night Jackie recovers the latest Oni mask before the Dark Hand can get to it. El Toro and Paco visit for Halloween, but they're not told about the dangers of Oni masks.

Half a Mask of Kung-Fu S4, Ep7 Nov. 1, 2003 Half a Mask of Kung-Fu The Chans and the Dark Hand try to buy an Oni mask offered on an online auction. Neither wins, the winning bidder is familiar to both sides. The mask is split during a fight. Each side possess half a mask, but the mask does not want to be separated.

The Shadow Eaters S4, Ep8 Nov. 15, 2003 The Shadow Eaters The card with the mask removal ingredient is lost. Hak Foo ends up with the Oni mask, and summons his shadowkhan, a tiny army that feeds on human shadows.

The Good Guys S4, Ep9 Nov. 22, 2003 The Good Guys Frustrated by being thwarted by Jackie, the Dark Hand tries to reform.

Deja Vu S4, Ep10 Jan. 17, 2004 Deja Vu Dao Long Wong searches for the Deja Vu Stone in hopes of changing past defeats. Jackie also get sent into the past, and Jackie realizes he can make a decision about Jade.

J2: Rise of the Dragons S4, Ep11 Jan. 31, 2004 J2: Rise of the Dragons In the future, Jade is in charge of Section 13, Drago, Shendu's son, has managed to capture Uncle and Jackie in the future. Jade travels back to the past to prevent Drago's rise to power, encountering Jackie, and her younger self.

The J-Tots S4, Ep12 Feb. 7, 2004 The J-Tots Chang form an Anti-J Team. Jade casts a spell on the team but it doesn't work the way she intended.

Ninja Twilight S4, Ep13 Feb. 14, 2004 Ninja Twilight The final Oni mask is located. A hidden danger is uncovered, and all the Oni Generals are released, and the masks are destroyed. The only hope the J Team has is to defeat Tarakudo once and for all.

Relics of Demon Past S5, Ep1 Sep. 11, 2004 Relics of Demon Past Drago escapes from Section 13. He recruits the Dark Hand for a new quest. Collecting the immortal weapons that contain demon chi.

It's All in the Game S5, Ep2 Sep. 18, 2004 It's All in the Game Discovering an item used as a prop on an Island Game show contains some Demon Chi, the Chan Clan participates in the game.

Black and White and Chi All Over S5, Ep3 Sep. 25, 2004 Black and White and Chi All Over Drago recruits some new henchmen for his quest. Two demon chis are activated, spoiling Jade's birthday

Dragon Scouts S5, Ep4 Oct. 16, 2004 Dragon Scouts Jackie suspects the Enforcers are up to their old tricks, but they claim they've reformed for the sake for their visiting nephews.

The Demon Beneath My Wings S5, Ep5 Jun. 4, 2005 The Demon Beneath My Wings Jade's teacher gets possessed by the Sky Demon Chi in Windsor Mansion. Now the Chans must face the teacher, Drago, and the ghostly residents.

Mirror, Mirror S5, Ep6 Jun. 4, 2005 Mirror, Mirror While visiting Uncle's hometown, the Chan encounter evil spirits trapped in a mirror with the ability to make people's worst fears a reality.

Antler Action S5, Ep7 Jun. 11, 2005 Antler Action An earthquake breaks the containment unit freeing the demon chi. One of the demon chis ends up in teenager longing to be a hero.

Clash of the Titanics S5, Ep8 Jun. 11, 2005 Clash of the Titanics The castanets with the Thunder Demon Chi lie in a sunken ship in the Arctic.

Stealing Thunder S5, Ep9 Jun. 18, 2005 Stealing Thunder Drago possesses the Thunder Demon Chi. He moves to a new base where he can increase his powers. The Chans must remove the Thunder Chi before it becomes permanently linked to Drago

Weight and See S5, Ep10 Jun. 18, 2005 Weight and See The Immortal Weapons with the Mountain Demon Chi are found. But they're mixed in with other normal items. The Mountain Demon Chi is absorbed just as Drago decides to take a new approach to dealing with the Chans.

J2 Revised S5, Ep11 Jul. 8, 2005 J2 Revised The Chans recover half a mystical object. It is stolen, Jade follows the thief through a portal where she encounters her adult self.

The Powers That Be: Part 1 S5, Ep12 Jun. 25, 2005 The Powers That Be: Part 1 Drago kidnaps, Captain Black, Uncle and Jackie. He's willing to return them in exchange for the containment unit with all the demon chi.

The Powers That Be: Part 2 S5, Ep13 Jun. 25, 2005 The Powers That Be: Part 2 Drago has all 8 Demon Chi, and begins to summon his demon brethren. With the ultimate threat, Section 13 must accept help from whomever is willing. The series finale.

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