I Got a Rocket!



Episode #1.3 S1, Ep3 Unknown Episode #1.3

Episode #1.4 S1, Ep4 Unknown Episode #1.4

Viva Vroom S1, Ep18 Unknown Viva Vroom When Vinnie finds himself overwhelmed with chores, Prof Q comes up with a scientific solution; installing a cleaning chip into Rocket. Despite being told not to alter the chip, Vinnie and Rocket toy with it to increase the cleaning speed so they can have more leisure time. But when the chip goes wild, Rocket goes on a make-over spree, much to everyone's annoyance, until the only thing Vinnie and Rocket can do to escape s make themselves over

Episode #1.31 S1, Ep31 Unknown Episode #1.31


Three Strikes… You're Out S1, Ep1 Unknown Three Strikes… You're Out Vinnie gets blamed for the Duckys' misdeeds, he finds himself only one detention away from expulsion. After frantically trying to stop the Duckys' ongoing rule-breaking spree, Vinnie and Rocket realize they must beat the bad guys at their own game.

Late Fees S1, Ep2 Unknown Late Fees Vinnie and Rocket discover three overdue library books, but instead of paying the fines, Rocket tries to dodge them with a little help from time travel. Unfortunately, he leaves Vinnie owing billions in fines, and together they must find the money any way they can.

Vertigoing Going Gone! S1, Ep5 Unknown Vertigoing Going Gone! To gain the respect of the city, Vinnie decides to become a risk-taking daredevil, just like Rocket. But when a stunt goes wrong, Vinnie loses his reputation, and worse, Rocket loses his nerve! Vinnie must help his friend overcome his fear and regain his courage.

Really Really Really Blind Date Unknown Unknown Really Really Really Blind Date To free Vinnie from the tyranny of the Ducky's, Rocket offers Frankie Ducky the thing she wants most - a date with Vinnie! By the time Vinnie finds out, the date is halfway over, and Rocket must help Vinnie to stick it out, including the good night kiss!

They Say It's Your Build Day! Unknown Unknown They Say It's Your Build Day! To mark Vinnie and Rocket's joint birthday, Prof Q gives them a shiny golden hood ornament. Later, the Duckys trick them out of their gift, and Vinnie and Rocket must unite their friends n order to get their present back.


Manners Maketh Rocket S1, Ep6 Unknown Manners Maketh Rocket When Vinnie and Rocket learn that the most ill-mannered student at school will be sent on a luxury cruise to learn proper polite behavior, they decide to transform Vinnie from nice, clean and gentlemanly, into the most disgusting pupil ever to walk the halls.

Protection Rocket S1, Ep7 Unknown Protection Rocket The Ducky's are taking out their bad mood on the entire town, so when Rocket helpfully gets rid of them for Vinnie, the two become town heroes. But life without their sworn enemies isn't as fun as they thought t would be, and Vinnie and Rocket realize they must do the unimaginable; they must get the Ducky's back!

Rocket Rules S1, Ep8 Unknown Rocket Rules When Ma Ducky rewrites the school rule book, Vinnie and Rocket find that everything they do only gets them into trouble. So Prof Q installs a good behavior chip into Rocket to keep him on the right side of the law, unwittingly turning Rocket from Vinnie's best friend into Ma Ducky's rule-abiding henchman!

Rocket the Vote! S1, Ep9 Unknown Rocket the Vote! Trouble strikes when Vinnie unwillingly runs for Class President against Biffo Ducky! Knowing his life won't be worth living if he wins, Vinnie enlists Rocket to make sure he loses the election. But the harder he tries to lose, the closer he comes to winning as they votes swing firmly in his favor!

Three Feet High and Rising S1, Ep10 Unknown Three Feet High and Rising In an attempt to take the greatest school photo ever, Vinnie and Rocket use Prof Q's latest invention, but Vinnie ends up with a foot growing out of his head! Embarrassed and shunned by classmates, Vinnie soon learns to accept his extra foot and turn it into the coolest fashion accessory ever.

Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! S1, Ep11 Unknown Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! With the promise of a golden game card, Vinnie and Rocket try to perform a year's worth of good deeds n a single day. But their frenzy of helping ends up making matters worse, until Vinnie learns that good deeds are done for bigger reasons than prizes.

I Got a Remote! S1, Ep12 Unknown I Got a Remote!

Mackarel Mates S1, Ep13 Unknown Mackarel Mates Prof Q enrolls Vinnie and Rocket n The Scouts to follow in his footsteps and become the best scout ever. But when Vinnie enlists the help of Rocket in his high-tech quest for badges, it only hinders him. Vinnie learns that sometimes he must do things on his own, without his Rocket's help.

Not So Spare Parts S1, Ep14 Unknown Not So Spare Parts When Vinnie discovers Rocket's cash value, he becomes worried his pal will be stolen, and rightly so, as the Duckys strip Rocket down for spare parts. Even though Prof Q installs Rocket's bran in a toaster, it's not the same, so Vinnie trades everything he owns to get his friend's fuselage back.

Swollen Cranium S1, Ep15 Unknown Swollen Cranium When Vinnie breaks V.P. Stern's nerd, he finds himself forced to compete in an inter-school genius quiz. Worried about being seen as a brainy nerd, Vinnie enlists Rocket's help in dumbing him down. But when he discovers his father is the question master, Vinnie has to reverse his training and try winning the competition.

Tomorrow x 3 S1, Ep16 Unknown Tomorrow x 3 After Rocket's chips get fired with electricity, he and Vinnie begin receiving emails from the future. Knowing the news from tomorrow s helpful, as Vinnie aces his test and outwits the Duckys. But when tomorrow's happenings become harrowing, Vinnie finds that trying to change the future only causes more trouble.

Rockin' Rocket S1, Ep17 Unknown Rockin' Rocket When Vinnie's interpretation of his favorite song is contested, he and Rocket go on a journey to discover the truth; asking the coolest person they know, Prof Q's lyrics machine, and even Frankie, who is president of the musician's fan club. He even sacrifices his concert ticket to find out. When everyone disagrees with him, Vinnie's confidence fails and Rocket urges him to be confident, as they go ask the singer himself, to prove Vinnie is correct.

Mistake Over! S1, Ep19 Unknown Mistake Over! Vinnie and Rocket's friend Gabby feels like they take her for granted, so she gets a makeover and quickly becomes the school's most popular student. Now Vinnie and Rocket find themselves missing her and try to win back her friendship, but when their plan involves kidnapping her and forcing her to be their friend, she must teach them how to be better friends.

No More Joe's! S1, Ep20 Unknown No More Joe's! When the Duckies open a diner to rival Joe's Milk Bar, Vinnie and Rocket vow to do everything they can to put them out of business and save Maya's job. The only trouble s, the Duckys' food s fantastic, and they soon find themselves spending more time at the rival restaurant. When Maya discovers their betrayal, Vinnie and Rocket decide to make a signature dish to bring the customers back to Joe's.

Writing on the Wall S1, Ep21 Unknown Writing on the Wall Vinnie longs to be recognized for his “awesomeness” and get his picture on the school's Wall of Fame. But his rival for the spot s Scuds Ducky, forcing Vinnie into a competition with the brash Ducky and his cheating siblings. Despite being over matched by the Duckys, in the final contest, Vinnie and Rocket save Scuds from danger, creating a new winner of the Wall of Fame picture…Rocket!

Biffo Blossoms! S1, Ep22 Unknown Biffo Blossoms! When Vinnie becomes Biffo's new study partner, he's sure life will be terrible. But away from his siblings, Biffo s friendly, intelligent and articulate. Unfortunately, when the other Duckys are around, he reverts to his old ways. Vinnie thinks about quitting as Biffo's partner, but decides with Rocket to help Biffo overcome his affliction. They are successful, until Biffo decides that his old ways were more fun.

Vices and Principles! S1, Ep23 Unknown Vices and Principles! When V.P. Stern quits, Vinnie is made Vice Principal of his school. The power soon goes to his head, and he exploits it to make his life easier. But Vinnie learns that with power comes responsibility, and he discovers that running a school s hard work. When the school starts to fall apart, Vinnie and Rocket must convince V.P. Stern to return and take charge again.

Space Camp! S1, Ep24 Unknown Space Camp! Vinnie refuses to prepare for the future because it's so dull and far off. But when a Space Ranger captain comes to the school, Vinnie and Rocket decide it would be the perfect profession for them and they enroll, only to discover that the job s hardly glamorous and requires a ton of boring training and labor. They quit, but are soon called to duty to save the captain and find their training saves the day.

The Tell Tale Squid S1, Ep25 Unknown The Tell Tale Squid Vinnie and Rocket find an mp3 player and try to do the right thing by handing it in to lost property. But when the lost property office is closed, Vinnie and Rocket must keep the mp3 player overnight, quickly developing an attachment to it. They want to do the right thing, but are coerced by the Duckys into keeping it. However, their guilty consciences are drowned out by the magnified sounds of the mp3 player, until it drives them mad enough to give the player back

Maya Kovsky S1, Ep26 Unknown Maya Kovsky

Genius Company Picnic S1, Ep27 Unknown Genius Company Picnic

Father to the Prof S1, Ep28 Unknown Father to the Prof

Advinnies in Rocketsitting S1, Ep29 Unknown Advinnies in Rocketsitting

Date My Sister S1, Ep30 Unknown Date My Sister

The Brunchfast Club S1, Ep32 Unknown The Brunchfast Club

Publish and Be Wedgied! S1, Ep33 Unknown Publish and Be Wedgied!

Hair Apparent S1, Ep34 Unknown Hair Apparent

Rebirth of Cool S1, Ep35 Unknown Rebirth of Cool

Hypocritical Mass S1, Ep36 Unknown Hypocritical Mass

Parent Substitute S1, Ep37 Unknown Parent Substitute

Body Double Booked S1, Ep38 Unknown Body Double Booked

Two of the Girls S1, Ep39 Unknown Two of the Girls

Share and Share Unalike! S1, Ep40 Unknown Share and Share Unalike!

Author! Author! S1, Ep41 Unknown Author! Author!

Shrodinger's Rocket S1, Ep42 Unknown Shrodinger's Rocket

0.9 of the Law! S1, Ep43 Unknown 0.9 of the Law!

Retro Rocket S1, Ep44 Unknown Retro Rocket

Fly a Mile in My Boosters S1, Ep45 Unknown Fly a Mile in My Boosters

3 Stage Rocket S1, Ep46 Unknown 3 Stage Rocket

Spaceship Earth S1, Ep47 Unknown Spaceship Earth

I Got a Vinnie S1, Ep48 Unknown I Got a Vinnie

Truce or Consequences S1, Ep49 Unknown Truce or Consequences

Rocket Roommates S1, Ep50 Unknown Rocket Roommates

Life: A Users Guide S1, Ep51 Unknown Life: A Users Guide

To Wedgie or Not to Wedgie S1, Ep52 Unknown To Wedgie or Not to Wedgie

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