He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


1983 The Cosmic Comet S1, Ep1 Oct. 21, 1983 The Cosmic Comet Skeletor takes control of the powerful Cosmic Comet to destroy Castle Grayskull. To stop him, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko and Cringer seek the advise of the comet wizard, Zagraz.

The Shaping Staff S1, Ep2 Oct. 20, 1983 The Shaping Staff Evil-Lyn and Beast Man get their hands on the Shaping Staff, a wand with great power. They cast spells on He-Man and all of his friends in order to take full control of the kingdom.

Disappearing Act S1, Ep3 Oct. 11, 1983 Disappearing Act Orko accidentally sends Adam's sword to the past. Skeletor plans to kidnap Adam to use as bait for He-Man.

Diamond Ray of Disappearance S1, Ep4 Sep. 5, 1983 Diamond Ray of Disappearance Skeletor uses the Diamond of Disappearance to cause King Randor, Queen Marlena, Men-At-Arms, and The Sorceress all to disappear. Now, He-Man and Teela must find a way to get them back.

She-Demon of Phantos S1, Ep5 Sep. 12, 1983 She-Demon of Phantos Queen Elmora of the planet Phantos, has fallen under the power of Skeletor. He-Man, along with his friends, must rescue her. Unfortunately, Queen Elmora has access to photanium, the strongest metal in the universe.

Teela's Quest S1, Ep6 Sep. 19, 1983 Teela's Quest As much as she loves Man-At-Arms, Teela has always been curious about who her real mother and father were. She seeks the Oracle of the Crystal Sea for answers. Unfortunately, the Crystal Sea is Mer-Man's territory.

The Curse of the Spellstone S1, Ep7 Sep. 26, 1983 The Curse of the Spellstone Skeletor steals the Spellstone from its resting place and uses it to control the weather. With He-Man and friends going after the Spellstone, Evil-Lyn attacks King Randor's palace with a being known as the Creeping Horac.

The Time Corridor S1, Ep8 Oct. 3, 1983 The Time Corridor Skeletor and his men go back in time to destroy Castle Grayskull.

The Dragon Invasion S1, Ep9 Sep. 29, 1983 The Dragon Invasion Skeletor and Beast Man steal baby dragon eggs and use a growth serum on them in order to have them attack He-Man and the others. While He-Man is distracted, Skeletor attacks Grayskull and captures Sorceress inside the Dragon Pearl.

A Friend in Need S1, Ep10 Oct. 17, 1983 A Friend in Need Teela's frail friend, Ileena, wishes she could be braver and stronger. Jarvan creates a potion to help Ileena with her problem, but only if Ileena does his biding.

Masks of Power S1, Ep11 Nov. 10, 1983 Masks of Power He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Orko explore the City of the Ancient Ones. Skeletor sends his new servants to the city to retrieve the Masks of Power. Unfortunately, the masks cause the ancient evil rulers, Demos and Tyrella, to return and go after the Sword of the Ancients.

Evil-Lyn's Plot S1, Ep12 Oct. 12, 1983 Evil-Lyn's Plot Skeletor wants the Coridite, from Widget Fortress, in order to make his own armor to match He-Man's. Evil-Lyn disguises herself in order to gain access to it.

Like Father, Like Daughter S1, Ep13 Oct. 10, 1983 Like Father, Like Daughter He-Man and Man-At-Arms try to figure out what Skeletor's new plan is. Teela, secretly, follows them.

Colossor Awakes S1, Ep14 Sep. 28, 1983 Colossor Awakes Skeletor's new weapon turns everyone to stone and bring statues to life. He seeks to gather enough energy to awaken the giant statue, Colossor.

A Beastly Sideshow S1, Ep15 Oct. 31, 1983 A Beastly Sideshow A carnival comes to the kingdom. Cringer falls for the female cat and follows her into a trap set by Beast Man. He-Man must get him back.

Reign of the Monster S1, Ep16 Oct. 7, 1983 Reign of the Monster To release the giant monster, Molkrom, from his crystal prison, Skeletor seeks the Staff of Avion, which resides with Stratos.

Daimar the Demon S1, Ep17 Oct. 18, 1983 Daimar the Demon Bored, Orko brings a baby demon out of a spell book to play with. Unfortunately, the demon begins to cause problems for Eternia.

Creatures from the Tar Swamp S1, Ep18 Oct. 4, 1983 Creatures from the Tar Swamp Prince Adam's spoiled cousin, Lady Edwina, comes for a visit and Orko immediately falls for her. To buy love, Orko decides to find a gold medallion that he lost in the Tar Swamp. But Skeletor is beginning to wake the monsters of the swamp.

Quest for He-Man S1, Ep19 Oct. 26, 1983 Quest for He-Man Skeletor erases He-Man's memory and sends him to another planet. Orko, Cringer, and Ram Man try to find out which one.

Dawn of Dragoon S1, Ep20 Oct. 13, 1983 Dawn of Dragoon Dree Elle, one of Orko's people, arrives and asks for Orko's help in stopping Dragoon from destroying their world. With He-Man's help, Orko faces the danger on his planet, Trolla.

The Royal Cousin S1, Ep21 Nov. 23, 1983 The Royal Cousin Jeremy, Adam's kid cousin, comes for a visit. But all he does is cause trouble for everyone. Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops plan to use this to their advantage.

Song of Celice S1, Ep22 Oct. 5, 1983 Song of Celice Skeletor abducts Celice, the Singer of Tahryn, in order to awaken the monster Yog and destroy Eternia.

The Return of Orko's Uncle S1, Ep23 Nov. 4, 1983 The Return of Orko's Uncle Orko's Uncle Montork pursuits the wizard, Azrog, to Eternia. Orko, He-Man, and Teela help Uncle Montork stop Azroth before he joins forces with the witch, Spydra.

Wizard of Stone Mountain S1, Ep24 Dec. 2, 1983 Wizard of Stone Mountain A young wizard, Mallek, sells his soul to a demon in order to win Teela's love.

Evilseed S1, Ep25 Dec. 19, 1983 Evilseed A mysterious sorcerer, Evilseed, uses his magic to cause plants to take control of Eternia. To stop him, He-Man and Skeletor must join forces.

Ordeal in the Darklands S1, Ep26 Nov. 11, 1983 Ordeal in the Darklands Proud of her skills, Teela chooses to test her skills in the Darklands against Man-At-Arms wishes. Evil-Lyn kidnaps Mira, the daughter of the Darkland sorcerer, Kor, and frames He-Man for doing it.

Orko's Favorite Uncle S1, Ep27 Oct. 27, 1983 Orko's Favorite Uncle The evil wizard, Tauron, uses Orko's uncle, Montork, and his pet, Gark, to attack Castle Grayskull.

The Defection S1, Ep28 Nov. 15, 1983 The Defection The sorceress, Sibyline, betrays her former master, the evil Gorgon, and joins King Randor in order to correct what her evil deeds have done. The only one who doesn't trust her is Orko.

Prince Adam No More S1, Ep29 Oct. 14, 1983 Prince Adam No More King Randor has always thought of Adam as unreliable. To prove his worth, Adam tries to change his ways.

The Taking of Grayskull S1, Ep30 Oct. 24, 1983 The Taking of Grayskull Skeletor sends Castle Grayskull into another dimension in order to discover it's secrets.

A Tale of Two Cities S1, Ep31 Nov. 1, 1983 A Tale of Two Cities After He-Man rescues Princess Rhea from Queen Balina's guards, the queen believes that he is a spy from her rival city, Operon, and captures him. Now, He-Man must fight the queen's champion gladiator to survive.

Search for the VHO S1, Ep32 Dec. 20, 1983 Search for the VHO The Royal Historian, Hovar, and his son, Justin, come under attack by creatures while researching the historic ruins on an island. To help them, Man-At-Arms invents a VHO, which Teela and Adam must get to them before it's too late.

The Starchild S1, Ep33 Nov. 17, 1983 The Starchild The Tree People and the Cave Dwellers fight over a child with mystic powers known as, the Starchild.

The Dragon's Gift S1, Ep34 Oct. 19, 1983 The Dragon's Gift Skeletor tries to cast a spell on King Randor, but Man-At-Arms takes the spell instead, turning him to crystal. To help, the Sorceress sends He-Man and Teela to see the ancient dragon, Granamyr.

The Sleepers Awaken S1, Ep35 Dec. 6, 1983 The Sleepers Awaken Adam and Teela explore an ancient castle that was once ruled by the evil Tyrin and his wife Valtira who have both fallen into a deep sleep for 200 years.

The Search S1, Ep36 Nov. 21, 1983 The Search Zodak warns the Sorceress that Skeletor is planning to use the Starseed to conquer the universe. He-Man is sent to stop him.

It's Not My Fault S1, Ep37 Nov. 28, 1983 It's Not My Fault Podi and Orko accidentally break one of Man-At-Arms inventions and Podi doesn't want to take the blame. She runs away, only to be captured by Rago, who plans to use her to overthrow her father.

Valley of Power S1, Ep38 Nov. 2, 1983 Valley of Power A thief named Danavas captures the egg of the Miniature Snow-Hawk of the Valley of Power and upsets her. He-Man and Teela must help her get her baby back.

Trouble in Arcadia S1, Ep39 Nov. 29, 1983 Trouble in Arcadia Adam and Teela come across a secret city called, Arcadia, where the women rule and the men are slaves.

The House of Shokoti: Part 1 S1, Ep40 Dec. 14, 1983 The House of Shokoti: Part 1 When a mysterious pyramid appears in the desert, He-Man and his friends must investigate.

The House of Shokoti: Part 2 S1, Ep41 Dec. 15, 1983 The House of Shokoti: Part 2 Stanlan explores the pyramid on his own, only to get caught by the sorceress, Shokoti. He-Man and the others try to save him.

Double Edged Sword S1, Ep42 Oct. 25, 1983 Double Edged Sword The Kingdom of Eternia has always been run on the power of Eternium, powerful gemstones. But the power supply is running low and it's up to He-Man and his friends to find more.

The Mystery of Man-E-Faces S1, Ep43 Nov. 7, 1983 The Mystery of Man-E-Faces A mysterious man called, Man-E-Faces, attacks the Widgets fortress and takes over as leader. He-Man and his friends stop him and figure out that this man might not be truly evil at heart.

The Region of Ice S1, Ep44 Nov. 9, 1983 The Region of Ice The Ice Lord captures the entire Royal Family, along with Teela and Man-At-Arms. Orko finds out that Skeletor has taken the Ice Lord's daughter and would only trade her back if the Ice Lord brought the entire Royal Family to him.

Orko's Missing Magic S1, Ep45 Nov. 18, 1983 Orko's Missing Magic After one of Orko's experiments goes wrong, his powers are sent to another world, where they fall into the hands of an evil wizard.

Eternal Darkness S1, Ep46 Nov. 22, 1983 Eternal Darkness An old sorcerer, Darkdream, escapes his prison with the help of an eclipse. But now the moon has begun to head straight for Eternia, itself.

Keeper of the Ancient Ruins S1, Ep47 Nov. 8, 1983 Keeper of the Ancient Ruins Man-At-Arms and Professor Smallen get captured by ancient robots in the middle of desert ruins. Teela and He-Man must help them.

Return of Evil S1, Ep48 Nov. 24, 1983 Return of Evil An evil android from Orko's dimension, Aremesh, comes to capture Orko because he has a secret that Aremesh wants. Skeletor finds this interesting and tries to find the secret out, himself.

Return of the Gryphon S1, Ep49 Dec. 7, 1983 Return of the Gryphon Trap Jaw and Beast Man steal the Jewel of the Gryphon and hide it in the Kingdom of Eternia where it is found by a young servant boy, named Thad. When the Gryphon finds out that the jewel is gone, Eternia could be in danger.

Temple of the Sun S1, Ep50 Dec. 1, 1983 Temple of the Sun A poor peasant, Nepthu, discovers the Temple of the Sun and uses it's ancient treasure, the Scarab, to become powerful. Now, He-Man, Battle Cat, and Man-At-Arms must stop him before his evil spreads.

City Beneath the Sea S1, Ep51 Nov. 14, 1983 City Beneath the Sea Eternian ships have been mysteriously disappearing. He-Man and Man-At-Arms investigate and discover the city of Aquatica, which has been taken over by Mer-Man.

Teela's Trial S1, Ep52 Nov. 16, 1983 Teela's Trial When Man-At-Arms is attacked, Teela uses his new transporter device to teleport him back to the palace. But it accidentally sends him into Skeletor's territory, where he's captured. Blaming herself, Teela exiles herself.

Dree Elle's Return S1, Ep53 Dec. 5, 1983 Dree Elle's Return Orko's girlfriend, Dree Elle, and her little brother, Yukkers, return to Eternia because Trap Jaw and Clawful have stolen the Horn of Evil from their dimension.

Game Plan S1, Ep54 Nov. 3, 1983 Game Plan Negator, an evil scientist, captures Man-At-Arms and Teela in order to send He-man into his new computer game.

Eye of the Beholder S1, Ep55 Nov. 25, 1983 Eye of the Beholder Skeletor drains Eternia of it's oxygen supply. Everyone grows weaker, even He-Man, who must stop Skeletor before the oxygen runs out for good.

Quest for the Sword S1, Ep56 Oct. 28, 1983 Quest for the Sword He-Man loses his sword after an earthquake and it's found by a Rock Man. Now He-Man must get it back.

Castle of Heroes S1, Ep57 Nov. 30, 1983 Castle of Heroes Skeletor's old ally, Monteeg, plans to capture He-Man and make him a member of his team.

The Once and Future Duke S1, Ep58 Dec. 21, 1983 The Once and Future Duke Adam and Teela's old friend, David, ends up losing his memory and becomes a child again. He-Man and Teela must find the source of the problem.

The Witch and the Warrior S1, Ep59 Dec. 16, 1983 The Witch and the Warrior An evil sorcerer, Kothos, tries to steal the Fountain of Life, as does Evil-Lyn. But one of Kothos' traps sends Evil-Lyn, along with Teela, into the middle of the desert where they have to work together to survive.

The Return of Granamyr S1, Ep60 Dec. 8, 1983 The Return of Granamyr Granamyr asks for He-Man's help. The youngest dragon, Torm, is in love with a human girl, but her father wishes for a test, which He-Man must take in Torm's place. Unfortunately, an evil wizard, Zem, also desires the girls heart.

Pawns of the Game Master S1, Ep61 Dec. 9, 1983 Pawns of the Game Master He-Man receives a distress call. He finds out that it was a trap by the Game Master, who offers him the chance to be one of his soldiers. After He-Man refuses, Game Master kidnaps Teela in order to make He-Man fight.

Golden Disks of Knowledge S1, Ep62 Dec. 22, 1983 Golden Disks of Knowledge A former traitor, Zanthor, wishes to make amends with the Sorceress and Zordak by recovering the Golden Disks of Knowledge from Skeletor. He-Man helps him.

The Huntsman S1, Ep63 Dec. 12, 1983 The Huntsman Adam and Teela try to stop a hunter from hunting down the very last unicorn.

The Remedy S1, Ep64 Dec. 13, 1983 The Remedy An old friend of Man-At-Arms falls ill and Man-At-Arms asks for He-Man's help in finding a cure.

The Heart of a Giant S1, Ep65 Dec. 23, 1983 The Heart of a Giant He-Man and friends help a giant hermit from the clutches of an evil circus master.

The Shadow of Skeletor S2, Ep15 Sep. 11, 1983 The Shadow of Skeletor The heroic warriors intercept Beast Man while on his way to Eternia's Dark Moon. With Man-E-Faces impersonating Beast Man, they find out Skeletor's warriors are manipulating a war between the inhabitants of the Dark and Bright Moons.

1984 The Cat and the Spider S2, Ep1 Unknown The Cat and the Spider He-Man discovers a statue called, the Grimalken, from the temple of the Cat Folk. But a young feline, Katrina, warns him that it contains a imprisoned demon.

The Energy Beast S2, Ep2 Unknown The Energy Beast A temple is discovered inside Mount Eternia. Feeling useless, Orko decides to use the power of the temple to make him famous, but he ends up releasing the Energy Beast.

Day of the Machines S2, Ep3 Unknown Day of the Machines Man-At-Arms is becoming discouraged about his inventions. Skeletor sends a small demon into Man-At-Arms main computer, which causes every machine in the palace to have minds of their own.

The Gamesman S2, Ep4 Unknown The Gamesman The charming Lord Todd invites Teela to visit Castle Starg while He-Man is trying to stop a rampaging mole like monster that destroys everything in it's path.

Fisto's Forest S2, Ep5 Unknown Fisto's Forest Fisto recounts how he used to work for Skeletor and terrorize the forest he lives in, but had a change of heart because of the kindness of a young girl.

The Rarest Gift of All S2, Ep6 Unknown The Rarest Gift of All Orko messes up Man-At-Arms and Teela's preparations for the King and Queen's wedding anniversary. When he decides to run away, Cringer goes along to keep an eye on him.

The Great Books Mystery S2, Ep7 Unknown The Great Books Mystery Batros steals all of Eternia's most precious books, leading to desperation from the King and admiration from Skeletor.

Island of Fear S2, Ep9 Oct. 3, 1984 Island of Fear Buzz-Off reports a floating island may be connected to a series of disappearing food ships. When Adam and Man-At-Arms investigate, they discover a plot by Skeletor to flood the new Eternian dam.

To Save Skeletor S2, Ep10 Unknown To Save Skeletor Whiplash gatecrashes a royal party to ask the heroic warriors for help. Skeletor has been overpowered by a creature from another dimension called S'Gora. Worse yet, S'Gora is now powerful enough to take on the Sorceress and conquer Castle Grayskull.

The Ice Age Cometh S2, Ep11 Unknown The Ice Age Cometh A young guard named Phillip is relocated to the Weather Station because of neglected duties. When he becomes aware of this, Skeletor sends his ally Icer to take control of the station.

Trouble in Trolla S2, Ep12 Unknown Trouble in Trolla Orko learns his uncle, Montork, has been replaced as head of the Trollan Academy of Magic. He-Man and Battle Cat join Orko on Trolla to find Montorks cocky replacement, Snoob, working with Whiplash and teaching him magic.

Betrayal of Stratos S2, Ep13 Unknown Betrayal of Stratos Stratos is exiled from Avion after being accused of sabotaging the kingdom's defense shield. During his next attack, Skeletor manages to steal the Egg of Avion and hides it in the Demon Zone with his ally Whiplash.

Disappearing Dragons S2, Ep14 Unknown Disappearing Dragons Once again, Granamyr asks for He-Man's help. The dragons of Eternia are mysteriously disappearing and Webstor and Kobra Khan seem to be behind it. But they're sending the dragons to another world where they're used to battle each other.

The Arena S2, Ep16 Unknown The Arena Man-At-Arms has made contact with an immensely powerful yet peaceful alien being known as Om. When King Randor and his subjects welcome Om to Eternos, Skeletor attacks with the help of General Tataran and his Goblin Army. During the mighty battle, Om decides to pit one warrior from each side against each other and chooses He-Man to face Skeletor.

Attack from Below S2, Ep17 Unknown Attack from Below The people of Subternia have been stealing the crops from Eternia's farmers. Now, He-Man must stop them before Eternia is left without food.

Into the Abyss S2, Ep18 Unknown Into the Abyss Teela tries to mix training with fun in order for Adam to become more interested in his studies. But one of her tests goes too far and she ends up falling into the Abyss around Grayskull.

Fraidy Cat S2, Ep19 Unknown Fraidy Cat Kobra Khan, Mer-Man, Whiplash, and Clawful kidnap Queen Marlena, who was under Cringer's protection. Blaming himself, Cringer decides that it's his responsibility to save her.

The Rainbow Warrior S2, Ep20 Unknown The Rainbow Warrior Skeletor kidnaps King Randor, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Orko in order to have the Royal Guards become leaderless. But Queen Marlena may prove to be a more worthy leader than everyone else believes.

Things That Go Bump in the Night S2, Ep22 Oct. 13, 1984 Things That Go Bump in the Night Prince Glitch of Celasia has joined up with Skeletor's gang to find himself some courage. But he soon wants to get away from Snake Mountain and joins the heroic warriors of Eternia. When Glitch's father comes to look for him, Skeletor convinces the King that Randor is holding Glitch hostage.

Three on a Dare S2, Ep23 Unknown Three on a Dare The Royal Palace's transmitter is damaged. Now there can be no radio contact, which means no help for Teela and her students when they end up being captured at Snake Mountain.

Just a Little Lie S2, Ep24 Unknown Just a Little Lie Orko tries to prove to Prince Dal that the Eternia Kingdom is a magical place by telling him it is the home a special crystal that can make anyone invincible. Prince Dal hopes to use the crystal to help his father at war.

One for All S2, Ep25 Jul. 10, 1984 One for All Space Pirates invade the village of Pax and take all the villagers hard earned crops. Luckily, Prince Adam and Teela are nearby on an archaeological assignment.

Jacob and the Widgets S2, Ep26 Unknown Jacob and the Widgets He-Man saves an old hermit named Jacob from Mer-Man's sea monsters and the Widgets volunteer to take care of him until he gets better.

The Littlest Giant S2, Ep27 Unknown The Littlest Giant Squinch wants to be as big as He-Man, so he goes to Skeletor for help. But, instead, Skeletor uses Squinch to set a trap for He-Man.

Trouble's Middle Name S2, Ep28 Unknown Trouble's Middle Name He-Man and the gang are invited to the Sun Temple to witness the charging of the Sun Stone. But along the way, they meet Prankster, a joker from Orko's planet, Trolla, who keeps causing problems for the gang.

A Bird in the Hand S2, Ep30 Unknown A Bird in the Hand Stanlan and Orko find a map inside one of Melaktha's statues. It leads to the Ancients' Book of Spells. Adam and the others must find the book before Skeletor finds out about the map.

Search for the Past S2, Ep33 Unknown Search for the Past Man-At-Arms finds a bracelet adorned by the crest of King Randor's long lost father, King Miro. He joins Randor on a secret mission to search for his the old King, but Queen Marlena sends Adam and Cringer after them in a Wind Raider.

Hunt for He Man S2, Ep34 Unknown Hunt for He Man He-Man accidentally drinks poisoned water in the swamp and becomes weak. Skeletor believes this to be the perfect opportunity to capture him.

The Greatest Show on Eternia S2, Ep35 Unknown The Greatest Show on Eternia The Circus comes to Eternia and Skeletor is planning to ruin it.

Not So Blind S2, Ep36 Oct. 8, 1984 Not So Blind Loos, a blind boy, has always wanted to meet He-Man. So He-Man takes Loos on an adventure to the crystal caves. But after a flash of light temporarily blinds He-Man, it's up to Loos to get them safely home.

Revenge Is Never Sweet S2, Ep37 Oct. 4, 1984 Revenge Is Never Sweet When Orko uses his magic to restore the Wizard Kothos to human form, he captures the heroic warriors and contacts Skeletor to exchange them for Evil-Lyn, who was the one that turned him into a sand-slug.

The Good Shall Survive S2, Ep38 Unknown The Good Shall Survive On the verge of extinction, the Tycons steal the food of Eternia to survive. Skeletor hopes to use this as an advantage.

1985 Origin of the Sorceress S2, Ep8 Sep. 23, 1985 Origin of the Sorceress The Sorceress realizes her old enemy Morgoth is attempting to return to Eternia. She decides to make a stand, and tells He-Man how her first battle against Morgoth caused her to take up the mantle of Sorceress of Grayskull.

A Trip to Morainia S2, Ep21 Sep. 24, 1985 A Trip to Morainia The King Boreas, of Morainia, offers his new power crystals to King Randor. But Skeletor has his own plans for them.

Journey to Stone City S2, Ep29 Sep. 25, 1985 Journey to Stone City Evil-Lyn finds the legendary Stone City the heroic warriors have been looking for and turns the recently awoken warrior leader Vokan against He-Man and Castle Grayskull.

Battlecat S2, Ep31 Sep. 26, 1985 Battlecat Man-At-Arms recounts how Adam found Cringer when they were both still young, and how Cringer first became Battlecat during a battle against the dreaded Gedge.

The Time Wheel S2, Ep32 Sep. 27, 1985 The Time Wheel While exploring the desert, He-Man and Orko come across an old temple. While playing with one of the machines, inside, Orko accidentally brings Tamusk, one of Eternia's most admired kings from the past into the present.

The Secret of Grayskull S2, Ep39 Sep. 30, 1985 The Secret of Grayskull Orko feels unwanted and leaves. Skeletor captures him and forces him to explain how to get into Castle Grayskull.

No Job Too Small S2, Ep40 Oct. 1, 1985 No Job Too Small While on a trip to Phantos, Man-At-Arms, Orco, and Teela are kidnapped by Evil-Lyn. Back at Snake Mountain, Beast Man uses a shrink ray on them.

The Bitter Rose S2, Ep41 Oct. 2, 1985 The Bitter Rose When Orko plucks the fabled Bitter Rose as a gift for Dree Elle, Rose Mountain starts to crumble and threatens to destroy the village of the Insect People. Now aware of it's power, Skeletor also wants to get his hands on the Rose.

The Gambler S2, Ep42 Oct. 3, 1985 The Gambler Melbrag the Gambler tricks Smudge the Widget into giving him some precious Coridite, then uses it to weaken and capture He-Man for Skeletor as a prize.

Teela's Triumph S2, Ep43 Oct. 4, 1985 Teela's Triumph Skeletor sends Zoar to another world, not realizing she is really the Sorceress. The Spirit of Grayskull calls for help and implores Teela to take the Sorceress' place.

Orko's New Friend S2, Ep44 Oct. 7, 1985 Orko's New Friend Orko's old friend Squonge from the Trollan Academy of Magic comes to visit. This Trollan has a tendency to tell tall tales. When he is the first to notice the arrival of the dangerous Slavemaster on Eternia, nobody believes him.

The Problem with Power S2, Ep45 Oct. 9, 1985 The Problem with Power Skeletor tricks He-Man into believing he accidentally killed a man. Distraught, Adam decides to give up being He-Man and throws the Powersword into Grayskull's abyss.

Double Trouble S2, Ep46 Oct. 14, 1985 Double Trouble Skeletor uses the Mirror of Moravad to make an evil clone of He-Man's ally Kol Darr.

The Eternia Flower S2, Ep47 Oct. 16, 1985 The Eternia Flower Count Marzo plans to put the youth of Eternia under his spell by introducing them to the addictive plant the Black Nightmare. His first victim is Boy of the Year Jonno.

Happy Birthday Roboto S2, Ep48 Oct. 17, 1985 Happy Birthday Roboto Adam and Duncan rescue a robot pilot from its crashed spaceship and manage to fix it back up. But Modulok breaks into the palace to claim Roboto's power for himself.

Battle of the Dragons S2, Ep49 Oct. 23, 1985 Battle of the Dragons He-Man and Man-At-Arms are invited to Darksmoke and Orko tags along. But the evil dragon Morningstar steals the magic flame of Granamyr and blames the Eternians to start a new war between Dragons and Humans.

Time Doesn't Fly S2, Ep50 Oct. 31, 1985 Time Doesn't Fly Evil wizard Hexon has stopped time so he can become the new Emperor of Simbar. But Princess Kathay, daughter of the current Emperor, sets out to find the Sands of Time and soon receives help from He-Man and friends.

Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere S2, Ep51 Nov. 1, 1985 Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere Skeletor steals Man-At-Arm's duplicating machine and creates an army of half-sized clones of himself. With these 'Skeletoids' he is certain he can take over Eternia for himself.

Beauty and the Beast S2, Ep52 Nov. 4, 1985 Beauty and the Beast Skeletor kidnaps Teela and Orko and sends them to the unreachable castle of the Monster of Moragore while he demands a hefty ransom: to rule Eternia.

Orko's Return S2, Ep53 Nov. 5, 1985 Orko's Return Beast Man and Trap-Jaw have acquired the Amber Crystal of Milaka and decide to go into business for themselves. After conjuring up a fortress, they summon Orko by magic and hold him to ransom. Meanwhile He-Man & Man-At-Arms travel to the original owners of the Crystal, the insect like Polti.

Visitors from Earth S2, Ep54 Nov. 6, 1985 Visitors from Earth Two Earth astronauts on a mission to destroy a magnetic meteor about to collide with Earth are sucked into a time portal and end up near Eternia instead. To complicate matters, Skeletor seizes the missile intended to destroy the meteor and attempts to use it to blow up Castle Grayskull.

Monster on the Mountain S2, Ep55 Nov. 7, 1985 Monster on the Mountain The villagers of Ruxtown claim to be living in fear of the so-called Tingler of Fear Mountain, so Adam, Teela, Orko and Cringer take a Wind Raider out to investigate.

The Magic Falls S2, Ep56 Nov. 8, 1985 The Magic Falls Evil-Lyn plans to magically disguise Kobra Khan so he can infiltrate Eternos on Eternia day, and Skeletor makes sure Orko won't hinder them by getting rid of his magic powers. He-Man and Orko travel to the Magic Falls to get them back.

Search for a Son S2, Ep57 Nov. 11, 1985 Search for a Son Cout Marzo has found Mekaneck's lost son Phillip and offers to exchange him in return for the King and Queen of Eternia, i.e. the crown.

Mistaken Identity S2, Ep58 Nov. 12, 1985 Mistaken Identity Young Farin pretends to be He-Man's secret identity to impress his girlfriend Karil. But all his boasting lead him to be captured by self made villain Modulok who wants to join Skeletor's gang.

The Toy Maker S2, Ep59 Nov. 13, 1985 The Toy Maker When the Toy Maker offers his services to Skeletor, he is tasked to kidnap Man-At-Arms. In pursuit, the heroic warriors must cross the treacherous Valley of Echoes.

Bargain with Evil S2, Ep60 Nov. 14, 1985 Bargain with Evil Lady Arvela strikes a bargain with Angast, King of the Realm of Evil to free her father from Angast's grip. In order to do so she kidnaps the Starchild who is visiting the Royal Palace. He-Man goes after her with Starchild's guardian Bowena as well as Orko who is disguised as one of Bowena's arrows.

Capture the Comet Keeper S2, Ep61 Nov. 15, 1985 Capture the Comet Keeper Skeletor orders Two Bad to capture Zagraz the comet keeper so he can force him to direct his comets to destroy Castle Grayskull. Soon the comets are causing trouble all over Eternia without Zagraz' direction.

The Ancient Mirror of Avathar S2, Ep62 Nov. 18, 1985 The Ancient Mirror of Avathar Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man board the Fairwind on an expedition to the ancient island continent of Avathar. But Trap Jaw is also on board, disguised as a sailor.

The Games S2, Ep63 Nov. 19, 1985 The Games The alien Bendari select two warriors to pit good against evil. Because Adam is prevented from turning into He-Man in time, Fisto is chosen as the heroic warrior. Meanwhile, Skeletor has amplified Spikor's evilness to make sure he won't be chosen himself. During the game however, the evil warriors are allowed to cheat while the good must try to win without resorting to such tactics.

To Save the Creatures S2, Ep64 Nov. 20, 1985 To Save the Creatures Skeletor plans to replace his Beast Man with the evil inventor Maddok who has built a machine that can digitize wild animals and have them appear in another place, such as during King Randor's birthday celebrations.

The Cold Zone S2, Ep65 Nov. 21, 1985 The Cold Zone Kobra Khan asks He-Man for help in restoring the Eternal Flame of his people, the Reptons. The heroic warriors agree to a truce, but find themselves betrayed as soon as they enter the cold zone.

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