Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense


1984 Mark of the Devil S1, Ep1 Sep. 5, 1984 Mark of the Devil Frank Rowlett is a down on his luck loser who can't win at anything. When he can't come up with money for a poker game, he sneaks into the back of a tattoo parlor, kills the owner and takes his money. Frank wins very big that night, but a small little dot appears on his chest. Day by day, it gets bigger and bigger and forms into a tattoo. The tattoo then starts to spread all over his body and he has to go into seclusion. Can Frank get the help he needs before time runs out?

Last Video and Testament S1, Ep2 Sep. 12, 1984 Last Video and Testament Rich businessman suspects his much younger wife of cheating on him.

Czech Mate S1, Ep3 Mar. 2, 1985 Czech Mate

A Distant Scream S1, Ep4 Jan. 24, 1986 A Distant Scream A woman vacationing with her photographer husband at a lush seaside hotel, where she is tormented nightly by the anguished cries of a man apparently re-enacting his own murder. Or is the tragic specter actually a ghostly echo from the future, foreshadowing ominous events yet to come?

The Late Nancy Irving S1, Ep5 Mar. 2, 1985 The Late Nancy Irving Nancy Irving is an American Professional golfer on tour in England. She is also sought out by a millionaire because she has a rare blood type and he needs a transfusion or he'll die. So his henchmen drug Nancy and stage her death. Now Nancy must find a way to escape his mansion and tell the world she is alive rather than being “The Late Nancy Irving”.

In Possession S1, Ep6 Jan. 12, 1985 In Possession A couple on vacation in the English resort of Brighton see what appear to be spirits. Two years later, the spirits return to their house to haunt them.

Black Carrion S1, Ep7 Mar. 14, 1986 Black Carrion A man searches for a rock band that was popular 20 years ago but just seemed to have vanished and was never heard from again. His investigation leads him to discover more about the band than he bargained for.

The Sweet Scent of Death S1, Ep8 Apr. 4, 1986 The Sweet Scent of Death

Paint Me a Murder S1, Ep9 Mar. 9, 1985 Paint Me a Murder James Laurenson stars as an artist whose paintings don't sell. Laurenson's imaginative wife Michelle Phillips reasons that sales of Laurenson's works would increase tenfold if he were to die.

The Corvini Inheritance S1, Ep10 Jun. 8, 1985 The Corvini Inheritance

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down S1, Ep11 Jan. 5, 1985 And the Wall Came Tumbling Down Workmen digging in a building discover the remains of a 300-year-old devil cult.

Child's Play S1, Ep12 May 2, 1986 Child's Play A family awakens to find themselves trapped in their own home, all windows and doors sealed by impenetrable walls. Now they are faced with a bitter sequence of paranormal events forces that have taken over their lives.

Tennis Court S1, Ep13 Mar. 9, 1985 Tennis Court A WWII fighter plane crashes and although the pilot escapes, his partner burns. Years later, Maggie and Harry Dowl arrive in England to inspect a house left to Maggie by her mother. The house has a dilapidated tennis court, but this seems to have some force which takes over the daughter of John Bray, the local holy man, as well as causing tennis balls to gush blood and kill people with animated nets.

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