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1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 1 - The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe S1, Ep1 Sep. 16, 1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 1 - The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe Zartan and Cobra seize the Delta Space Station and destroy G.I. Joe headquarters. Shipwreck and Snake Eyes are lost behind enemy lines while Cobra Commander reveals his plan to deprive the world of electricity.

The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 2 - Rendezvous in the City of the Dead S1, Ep2 Sep. 17, 1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 2 - Rendezvous in the City of the Dead G.I. Joe sets up temporary headquarters on the U.S.S. Flagg. On the Delta Space Station, Dusty, Buzzer and Mutt work to warn the Joe team about Cobra's plan to plant cubes at strategic locations in order to create the pyramid of darkness.

The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 3 - Three Cubes to Darkness S1, Ep3 Sep. 18, 1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 3 - Three Cubes to Darkness G.I. Joe sends teams to different parts of the world in order to stop Cobra from planting their electronic cubes. Meanwhile, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes continue to lay low behind enemy lines.

The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 4 - Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls S1, Ep4 Sep. 19, 1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 4 - Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls Alpine and Bazooka make an ally in Quick Kick. Meanwhile, Tomax and Xamot betray Cobra Commander and take control of Delta Space Station and the Pyramid of Darkness for themselves.

The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 5 - Knotting Cobra's Coils S1, Ep5 Sep. 20, 1985 The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 5 - Knotting Cobra's Coils As the Cobra leadership fight among themselves, G.I. Joe work together to destroy the Pyramid of Darkness.

Countdown for Zartan S1, Ep6 Sep. 23, 1985 Countdown for Zartan Cobra tries to undermine a global anti-terrorism conference by sending Zarton to replace an ambassador.

Red Rocket's Glare S1, Ep7 Sep. 24, 1985 Red Rocket's Glare Roadblock goes to visit his relatives who have put their life savings into a diner. They're having troubles with bikers. After a few inquiries, Roadblock finds out that ALL of the franchises have been bought by the parent company, except for Roadblock's family, and there's something strange with the parent company and what they've done with the diner's they've bought back.

Satellite Down S1, Ep8 Sep. 25, 1985 Satellite Down Cobra tries to steal a spy satellite but Breaker stops them by forcing the satellite to crash in the African jungle. Efforts to recover the satellite by both Cobra and G.I. Joe are complicated by a tribe of African primitives.

Cobra Stops the World S1, Ep9 Sep. 26, 1985 Cobra Stops the World In an effort to take control of the world's fuel supply, Cobra launches attacks on the world's oil reserves.

Jungle Trap S1, Ep10 Sep. 27, 1985 Jungle Trap In a plan to attack the world's cities with lava, COBRA kidnaps Dr. Shakur and his technology to accomplish this. Can the Joes save the doctor from Cobra's jungle base and destroy the weapon before cities are turned into literal hot spots?

Cobra's Creatures S1, Ep11 Sep. 30, 1985 Cobra's Creatures COBRA gains new allies: the animal kingdom, through “High Freq”, an animal mind control device. In a race against time, the Joes must stop “High Freq” before Mutt loses the fight against Junkyard, his best friend who is now his worst enemy.

The Funhouse S1, Ep12 Oct. 1, 1985 The Funhouse While infiltrating a COBRA temple to save a group of kidnapped scientists, the Joes find the temple filled with funhouse attractions, designed not to amuse, but to stop the Joes in their tracks, permanently.

Twenty Questions S1, Ep13 Oct. 2, 1985 Twenty Questions When Shipwreck tries to show “reporter” Hector Ramirez and his crew that the Joe / Cobra conflict is real, he soon provides all the proof he needs, when COBRA captures them during an operation to steal volatile gas from a weapons arsenal.

The Greenhouse Effect S1, Ep14 Oct. 3, 1985 The Greenhouse Effect When the Joes and COBRA find out that the nitrogen fuel that was stolen from the Joes can also “fuel” the growth of fruits and vegetables, they begin to do battle for the fuel, in a landscape of plants of gigantic proportions.

Haul Down the Heavens S1, Ep15 Oct. 4, 1985 Haul Down the Heavens When the Aurora Borealis begins to go haywire and starts to melt the polar icecap, the Joes and a group of scientists go up north to try to prevent a disaster that could have global implications.

Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 1 S1, Ep16 Oct. 7, 1985 Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 1 Cobra Commander has a plan to defeat G.I. Joe without firing a shot: replacing the officials that's over the Joes with Synthoids, an artificial life form. But Cobra Commander has placed another Synthoid in a place no one would ever expect.

Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 2 S1, Ep17 Oct. 8, 1985 Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 2 The Joes have never seen a worse day: disbanded by the government, fugitives from the military, and betrayed by an impostor in their ranks, this truly is the end of G.I. Joe, that is, unless they accept help from a very unlikely source.

The Phantom Brigade S1, Ep18 Oct. 9, 1985 The Phantom Brigade Through gypsy magic, Cobra Commander gains 3 new forces in the fight against G.I. Joe: a WW1 pilot, a Mongolian princess, and a Roman centurion, which gives the Joes a new dilemma: How do you stop the enemy when they're not flesh and blood?

Lights! Camera! Cobra! S1, Ep19 Oct. 10, 1985 Lights! Camera! Cobra! The Joes go to Hollywood when hired as technical advisers on 'The G.I. Joe Story', to add realism to the film. But the studio may get more realism they can handle when there is a Firebat at the studio that COBRA wants back, at any cost.

Cobra's Candidate S1, Ep20 Oct. 11, 1985 Cobra's Candidate When Robert Harper's rival in the mayoral race keeps sending gang members to reap havoc and ruin Harper's campaign, the Joes are sent in to restore law and order, but Scarlet and Lady Jaye soon find out things are not what they seem.

Money to Burn S1, Ep21 Oct. 14, 1985 Money to Burn COBRA invents a machine that can destroy paper money at a distance, and the Joes must get to the bottom of things and destroy the machine before COBRA can flood the world with their own dubious currency.

Operation Mind Menace S1, Ep22 Oct. 15, 1985 Operation Mind Menace Cobra amplifies the powers of a number of captured psionics one of whom is Airborne's kidnapped brother.

Battle for the Train of Gold S1, Ep23 Oct. 16, 1985 Battle for the Train of Gold When Cobra steals the gold from Fort Knox and puts it on a bullet train, G.I. Joe must find a way to stop the train.

Cobra Soundwaves S1, Ep24 Oct. 17, 1985 Cobra Soundwaves Cobra develops a powerful sound weapon and begins testing it in the Middle East. With the help of a Prince, G.I. Joe tries to stop them.

Where the Reptiles Roam S1, Ep25 Oct. 18, 1985 Where the Reptiles Roam Cobra takes over a dude ranch in an effort to control a nearby power station. G.I. Joe heads to the ranch to stop them.

The Gamesmaster S1, Ep26 Oct. 21, 1985 The Gamesmaster Bored with old games, the Gamesmaster decides to pit Cobra versus G.I. Joe in a high stakes game of life or death.

Lasers in the Night S1, Ep27 Oct. 22, 1985 Lasers in the Night A COBRA spy has infiltrated the Joes Base, and stole a security code that allowed COBRA to steal a highly advanced laser guidance system. Could the spy be Quick Kick's girlfriend, Amber?

The Germ S1, Ep28 Oct. 23, 1985 The Germ Cobra steals a dangerous bacteria and an experimental growth serum. When the two are accidentally combined, a powerful monster is created that must be stopped by G.I. Joe.

The Viper Is Coming S1, Ep29 Oct. 24, 1985 The Viper Is Coming A mysterious person calling himself the Viper is leaving cryptic messages on one of the Joes answering machines. When the Joes investigate the messages, they encounter Cobra. The Joes and Cobra want to find out who is this mysterious Viper and how he knows so much about Cobra.

Spell of the Siren S1, Ep30 Oct. 25, 1985 Spell of the Siren The Baroness has found the Conch of the Sirens, used by the Sirens to control men, and has used it on the G.I. Joe and COBRA males. Can Scarlet, Lady Jaye, and Cover Girl find a way to break the Baroness's control over the men of G.I. Joe?

Cobra Quake S1, Ep31 Oct. 28, 1985 Cobra Quake In an attempt to stop a world financial summit, COBRA decides to use an artificially created earthquake to get the job done. Can the Joes put a stop to COBRA before COBRA puts a stop to the meeting?

Captives of Cobra: Part 1 S1, Ep32 Oct. 29, 1985 Captives of Cobra: Part 1 An explosion at a COBRA lab creates a cluster of explosive crystals, a substance that COBRA wants very much, so Cobra Commander kidnaps a group of people that he knows will get the job done, much to the shock of the Joes.

Captives of Cobra: Part 2 S1, Ep33 Oct. 30, 1985 Captives of Cobra: Part 2 The Joes try to dispose of the highly explosive crystals before COBRA gets their hands on them, while trying to find a way to release their family members from being under the effect of the COBRA brainwashing.

Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent S1, Ep34 Oct. 31, 1985 Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent When on an island to repair a Joe vehicle, Bazooka sees a sea serpent, part of Cobra's plan to control the sea lanes, but when the serpent's remote is accidentally destroyed, it soon becomes an out of control, and very ravenous machine.

Excalibur S1, Ep35 Nov. 1, 1985 Excalibur While the fleeing from the Joes, Storm Shadow finds Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. In addition to stopping Cobra's latest scheme, the Joes must also return Excalibur to its resting place.

Worlds Without End: Part 1 S1, Ep36 Nov. 4, 1985 Worlds Without End: Part 1 Some Joes start to have doubts about whether or not the fight with Cobra is doing any real good. Maybe they should just stop fighting. A small group of Joes find themselves in a place where the Joes have apparently lost to Cobra.

Worlds Without End: Part 2 S1, Ep37 Nov. 5, 1985 Worlds Without End: Part 2 A small group of Joes are on an alternate world where the Joes have lost the war. They find an unexpected ally, and that Cobra has dissension within its ranks. While they try to find a way back to their own reality, some realize why the fight must continue, and where they can do the most good.

Eau de Cobra S1, Ep38 Nov. 6, 1985 Eau de Cobra Cobra finds a tablet with a perfume used by Cleopatra. The scent makes men fall for which ever female wears it. The Baroness uses the formula to woo a rich single bachelor. Flint tries to stop her, but he's affected by the perfume as well. It's up to Lady Jay to stop her, she'll get some help from an unexpected ally.

Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town S1, Ep39 Nov. 7, 1985 Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town After successfully infiltrating Joe headquarters using very unusual means, COBRA plans on ruining Christmas in Keystone City by attacking the city in Joe vehicles. Can G.I. Joe stop COBRA from spreading their kind of “Christmas Cheer”?

An Eye for an Eye S1, Ep40 Nov. 8, 1985 An Eye for an Eye When Lady Jaye decides to help a man get revenge against COBRA for injuring his family, they end up trapped on an island that is being used for the testing of a COBRA weapon that eliminates the power in vehicles.

The Gods Below S1, Ep41 Nov. 11, 1985 The Gods Below COBRA has found the temple of Osiris and seeks the treasure within, and the Joes are in hot pursuit. But who will win at the end of the day: The Joes, COBRA, or something else?

Primordial Plot S1, Ep42 Nov. 12, 1985 Primordial Plot Dinosaur bones, a cloning device, and a rapid growth formula all add up to Cobra's new addition to their ranks: living, breathing dinosaurs, a force that even the Joes may not be able to stop.

Flint's Vacation S1, Ep43 Nov. 13, 1985 Flint's Vacation The good news: Flint goes to Pleasant Cove on vacation to see his relatives on vacation. The bad news: Flint finds out that they, and the whole population of the town are Cobra's brainwashed slaves, and Flint may soon be joining them.

Hearts and Cannons S1, Ep44 Nov. 14, 1985 Hearts and Cannons Dusty and Footloose both vie for the attention of a female scientist during their mission: Getting her to the Joes so she can reveal the secrets of Cobra's powerful plasma cannon before COBRA catches them.

Memories of Mara S1, Ep45 Nov. 15, 1985 Memories of Mara While on a Joe mission to locate a downed sub, Shipwreck saves a woman with blue skin named Mara, and soon finds out why she has blue skin: She's what, in old sailor's terms, is called a mermaid, and COBRA wants her back.

The Traitor: Part 1 S1, Ep46 Nov. 25, 1985 The Traitor: Part 1 Just as the Joes perfect a new body Armour formula, they find evidence to suggest that one of them is giving their secrets away to Cobra. All the evidence seems to point to a senior Joe agent.

The Traitor: Part 2 S1, Ep47 Nov. 26, 1985 The Traitor: Part 2 Duke's been injured. The traitor has been discovered, now the former Joe is working for Cobra. The Joes must capture their former comrade, but he knows their methods, and can anticipate their moves. The Joes are soon captured, but an unexpected turn will reveal what's really going on.

The Pit of Vipers S1, Ep48 Nov. 27, 1985 The Pit of Vipers The Joes get a new weapon to fight COBRA: “WATCHDOG”, a computer designed to keep track on Cobra's actions and assign Joes to go stop the threat. But Shipwreck soon finds out what this WATCHDOG is actually programmed to put it's “bite” on.

The Wrong Stuff S1, Ep49 Nov. 28, 1985 The Wrong Stuff The COBRA Television Network is on the air, everywhere, on every channel, and the Joes must go into orbit to bring down Cobra's broadcasting satellite before COBRA takes over the world through the world of Television.

The Invaders S1, Ep50 Nov. 29, 1985 The Invaders While battling COBRA, the Joes gets two visitors: The Oktober Guard (the Russian version of G.I. Joe), and aliens. Now the Joes and The Oktober Guard must join forces to find out who the aliens are, and what their purpose here on Earth is.

Cold Slither S1, Ep51 Dec. 2, 1985 Cold Slither Cobra's latest scheme is to form a band, Cold Slither. Their music is filled with subliminal messages, that draws whomever listens to their concert. Then they can hold them for ransom. Shipwreck and a few other Joes, listen and get taken as well.

The Great Alaskan Land Rush S1, Ep52 Dec. 3, 1985 The Great Alaskan Land Rush When the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia, they were supposed to get the Seal of Alaska. But the ship carrying the seal was lost at sea. Cobra has found the seal, terms of the agreement specified that the possessor of the seal owned Alaska. The Joes must get the seal from Cobra, but they're not the only interested party who's after the seal.

Skeletons in the Closet S1, Ep53 Dec. 11, 1985 Skeletons in the Closet Lady Jaye gets a letter of inheritance leaving her a castle in Scotland. While roaming the castle late at night, she witnesses a Winter Solstice ritual designed to raise evil power, one Lady Jaye may become an unwilling participant in.

There's No Place Like Springfield: Part 1 S1, Ep54 Dec. 12, 1985 There's No Place Like Springfield: Part 1 Shipwreck and Lady Jay go on a mission to pick up a scientist who claims to have developed a new weapon. When they find him, he implants the secret formula into Shipwreck's brain, which can only be released by a secret code word he gives to Lady Jay. As they try to evade Cobra, Shipwreck is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up it's several years later, the Joes have defeated Cobra, and he's married to Mara. He tries to remember/figure out what happened during the missing years.

There's No Place Like Springfield: Part 2 S1, Ep55 Dec. 13, 1985 There's No Place Like Springfield: Part 2 Shipwreck is still trying to figure out what happened in those past six year, and he's plagued by nightmares. Soon he'll learn the truth.

1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part I S2, Ep1 Sep. 15, 1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part I Fed up with Cobra Commander's leadership, Dr Mind Bender comes up with an idea to create the ultimate leader using the genetic material from some of histories greatest conquerors. Needless to say Cobra Commander isn't too supportive of the plan.

Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 2 S2, Ep2 Sep. 16, 1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 2 The Joes are reunited with old friends (The Oktober Guard), and face new enemies (The B.A.T.'s and new Dreadnok's) as COBRA commences it's DNA extraction operation for the creation of Serpentor.

Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 3 S2, Ep3 Sep. 17, 1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 3 When Sgt. Slaughter destroys a batch of DNA needed for the creation of Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender is undaunted by the action and makes his decision for the subject for a substitute batch, much to the surprise of COBRA.

Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 4 S2, Ep4 Sep. 18, 1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 4 After collecting the DNA needed, Dr. Mindbender begins creating Serpentor, but unknown to Mindbender, Cobra Commander sabotages the experiment, creating a monster. Will this stop Dr. Mindbender from creating the perfect COBRA Emperor?

Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 5 S2, Ep5 Sep. 19, 1986 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part 5 The Joes have their hands full when Serpentor's first action as the Cobra Emperor succeeds, as he takes over Washington, D.C. in this concluding episode of the second season miniseries.

Last Hour to Doomsday S2, Ep6 Sep. 25, 1986 Last Hour to Doomsday Flint and Lady Jaye are racing against time to get information to the Joes about COBRA's latest weapon, a vortex weapon that can create tsunamis and tidal waves, so the Joes can destroy the weapon before COBRA uses it to wipe out the U.S..

Computer Complications S2, Ep7 Sep. 26, 1986 Computer Complications Complications arise over gaining computer control of subs retrieving a space probe. For the Joes, it's not reprogramming them after using them to fight COBRA subs. And for COBRA, it's because Zarana, in disguise, has fallen for Mainframe!

Sink the Montana S2, Ep8 Sep. 29, 1986 Sink the Montana After COBRA persuades Adm. Latimer, using his devotion to the Montana, to change sides and join COBRA. After COBRA installs a pulse weapon and the Montana becomes dangerous, Hawk makes a hard decision: Stop Latimer and sink the Montana!

Let's Play Soldier S2, Ep9 Sep. 30, 1986 Let's Play Soldier In the jungles of Thailand, Dr. Mindbender is concocting a special chewing gum which will put whoever eats it at the mercy of Cobra.

Once Upon a Joe S2, Ep10 Oct. 1, 1986 Once Upon a Joe While repairing the damage to a orphanage caused during the Joes battle with COBRA over “The McGuffin Device”, Shipwreck tells a little girl a simple fairy tale, but little does he know, his story may have the power to help save the day.

The Million Dollar Medic S2, Ep11 Oct. 2, 1986 The Million Dollar Medic After Bree Van Mark and her father are saved by Lifeline after a COBRA attack, she becomes infatuated with the medic, which is bad for Lifeline, but good for COBRA, who uses Bree's crush on Lifeline to launch a deadly attack on the Joes.

Cobrathon S2, Ep12 Oct. 6, 1986 Cobrathon Over spending by Tomax and Xamot leads to the creation of the Cobrathon, to raise five billion dollars, with the end of the world's law enforcement computers as a bonus. Can the Joes stop the Cobrathon before the world's law computers are?

The Rotten Egg S2, Ep13 Oct. 7, 1986 The Rotten Egg Leatherneck goes to CEC Academy to be it's guest of honor and soon finds out that it's a COBRA trap set up by his former cadet who's now a COBRA soldier, who plans to attack Parris Island to kidnap a major, all in the name of revenge.

Glamour Girls S2, Ep14 Oct. 8, 1986 Glamour Girls Cobra sits in a room watching a simulation of a woman going through a beauty transfer. The first woman is old and decrepit and the other woman is young and beautiful. The young woman begs to be let out of the machine but to no avail as her face is left with no eyes or mouth. Then Madame Vail makes Cobra an offer to get her longevity secrets for a price. Cobra must provide Madam Vail with an abundance of young women with which she can keep her operation going. Dr Mindbender calls it “Operation: High Fashion.” Meanwhile Low-Light and Dial-Tone are helping Low-Light's …

Iceberg Goes South S2, Ep15 Oct. 9, 1986 Iceberg Goes South After a meeting with a friend who collects tissue samples ends badly, Iceberg goes to her base to find out why, and finds out that she and her uncle are being forced by COBRA to create animal-human hybrids, and he is the next test subject.

The Spy Who Rooked Me S2, Ep16 Oct. 13, 1986 The Spy Who Rooked Me The Joes, along with British super secret agent Matthew Burke, must deliver to a weapons depository, a black box that, unknown to the Joes, contains a powerful nerve gas, a weapon that COBRA will spare no expense to possess.

Grey Hairs and Growing Pains S2, Ep17 Oct. 14, 1986 Grey Hairs and Growing Pains The investigation into the theft of a youth formula leads Flint, Lady Jaye, and four other Joes to the COBRA owned Ageless Care spa, where they find they might have some trouble stopping COBRA after being turned into young kids and old men.

My Brother's Keeper S2, Ep18 Oct. 15, 1986 My Brother's Keeper When approached by COBRA to perfect a anti-matter weapon, in exchange to walk again, Dr. Jeremy Penser agrees to the deal, but may regret it when his kid brother gets caught up in the fight between COBRA and G.I. Joe over the weapon.

My Favorite Things S2, Ep19 Oct. 16, 1986 My Favorite Things Serpentor collects ancient artifacts from his past lives in order to gain power.

Raise the Flagg! S2, Ep20 Oct. 20, 1986 Raise the Flagg! The fight between the Joes and COBRA to retrieve a COBRA anti-matter pod may pale in comparison to the threat both face in the sunken U.S.S. Flagg: a certifyingly mad cook who believes he's the last surviving member of COBRA.

Ninja Holiday S2, Ep21 Oct. 22, 1986 Ninja Holiday Due to a mix-up. Sgt. Slaughter takes Wetsuit's place in a martial arts tournament put on by an international criminal, but it is actually a contest to see who is good enough to serve COBRA in the capacity of an assassin.

G.I.Joe and the Golden Fleece S2, Ep22 Oct. 27, 1986 G.I.Joe and the Golden Fleece The Joes get a new battleground to fight COBRA: ancient Greece, when a stray laser blast hits a mysterious golden coil, sending the Joes and COBRA back in time, where the Joes must find a way to return to our time, without changing history.

The Most Dangerous Thing in the World S2, Ep23 Oct. 29, 1986 The Most Dangerous Thing in the World Cobra hacks into the the Defense Department, and promotes Life Line, Dial Tone, and Shipwreck to full Colonels. With General Hawk away at a conference, these three are now in charge, which causes major issues when Cobra launches an assault.

Nightmare Assault S2, Ep24 Oct. 30, 1986 Nightmare Assault Dr. Mindbender creates the Somnia machine, a device which he plans to cause disarray in a number of Joes by entering their dreams and change them into nightmares, hoping to affect their morale and mental stability during their waking hours.

Second Hand Emotions S2, Ep25 Oct. 31, 1986 Second Hand Emotions Dr. Mindbender implants a device on a group of Joes, which allows him to affect their emotions using musical tones. Meanwhile, Lifeline tries to reconcile with his father, who hates his son's decision to be a Joe with a passion.

Joe's Night Out S2, Ep26 Nov. 10, 1986 Joe's Night Out Dial Tone, Leatherneck, Wet Suit and their date's night out at the 'Open Air' nightclub is out of this world, literally, as Serpentor sends the club into outer space, as part of a plan to obtain a valuable engine that runs on nitrogen.

Not a Ghost of a Chance S2, Ep27 Nov. 13, 1986 Not a Ghost of a Chance

Sins of Our Fathers S2, Ep28 Nov. 18, 1986 Sins of Our Fathers

In the Presence of Mine Enemies S2, Ep29 Nov. 19, 1986 In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep S2, Ep30 Nov. 20, 1986 Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep

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