Earth 2


1994 First Contact S1, Ep1 Nov. 6, 1994 First Contact Devon Adair and her crew are searching a new home for the human race. The colonization of “Earth 2” is difficult. Some government forces want to destroy the ship of the colonists. But they manage to escape and arrive in orbit around “Earth 2”. There the crew has to face some technical problems and they crash land on the planet. Soon they find out that the Earth like planet is inhabited by intelligent humanoid life forms…

The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two) S1, Ep2 Nov. 13, 1994 The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two) In the 23rd century, the colonists discover more from the indigenous humanoid aliens, and find a human, Gaal, who claims creates beat him near death. He also claims to be an astronaut that landed on planet G889, but several are uncertain of his truthfulness and suspicious of him. But the colonists believe they cannot leave a human behind, so they invite him to join them on the journey to New Pacifica. He teaches them that the Grendlers poison doesn't kill them, but leaves them in a coma like state for several days. They race back to recover the Commander, whom they …

Life Lessons S1, Ep3 Nov. 20, 1994 Life Lessons

Promises, Promises S1, Ep4 Nov. 27, 1994 Promises, Promises

A Memory Play S1, Ep5 Dec. 4, 1994 A Memory Play

Water S1, Ep7 Dec. 11, 1994 Water

The Church of Morgan S1, Ep8 Dec. 18, 1994 The Church of Morgan

1995 Natural Born Grendlers S1, Ep6 May 28, 1995 Natural Born Grendlers

The Enemy Within S1, Ep9 Jan. 8, 1995 The Enemy Within

Redemption S1, Ep10 Jan. 22, 1995 Redemption

Moon Cross S1, Ep11 Feb. 5, 1995 Moon Cross

Better Living Through Morganite: Part 1 S1, Ep12 Feb. 19, 1995 Better Living Through Morganite: Part 1

Better Living Through Morganite: Part 2 S1, Ep13 Feb. 26, 1995 Better Living Through Morganite: Part 2

Grendlers in the Myst S1, Ep14 Mar. 5, 1995 Grendlers in the Myst

The Greatest Love Story Never Told S1, Ep15 Mar. 12, 1995 The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Brave New Pacifica S1, Ep16 Mar. 26, 1995 Brave New Pacifica

The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King S1, Ep17 Apr. 23, 1995 The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King As Uly celebrates his ninth birthday, his adult self from the future contacts Devon to persuade her to help him evade the authorities determined to wipe his Terrian-traits from his DNA. Meanwhile, Yale and True nurse a sick koba to health.

After the Thaw S1, Ep18 Apr. 2, 1995 After the Thaw (Day 109) While foraging for food during the harsh winter, Julia finds a Terrian body frozen in the ice. The hope of learning more about the native inhabitants turns to fear as strange things start to happen around the camp.

Survival of the Fittest S1, Ep19 Apr. 23, 1995 Survival of the Fittest

Flower Child S1, Ep20 Jun. 4, 1995 Flower Child Scouting in all directions, Danziger, Bess and Morgan come upon colorful flower buds which burst open throwing a golden powder in their faces. The flower pollen carries a sickness that causes them to emit a golden vapor.

All About Eve S1, Ep21 May 21, 1995 All About Eve

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