Earth- Final Conflict


1997 Decision S1, Ep1 Oct. 6, 1997 Decision Police captain William Boone is asked to join the security team of Companion Da'an of the Taelon, an alien race that came to earth three years ago.

Truth S1, Ep2 Oct. 13, 1997 Truth Boone tries to find out who murdered his wife.

Miracle S1, Ep3 Oct. 20, 1997 Miracle Boone helps prevents a suicide of a handless girl. Da'an wants to use revolutionary Taelon technology to help the girl for propaganda reasons.

Avatar S1, Ep4 Oct. 27, 1997 Avatar Boone and Marquette must find James Pike, a mysterious escaped serial killer who rose from the dead.

Old Flame S1, Ep5 Nov. 3, 1997 Old Flame While plutonium is stolen from a nuclear plant, Boone is is having a tough time concentrating. His mind is on Elyse Chapel, a famous musician and old flame.

Float Like a Butterfly S1, Ep6 Nov. 10, 1997 Float Like a Butterfly Elijah Good, a doctor from an Amish community, asks Boone for help with some unexpected deaths. They might have to do with a Taelon-related disease.

Resurrection S1, Ep7 Nov. 17, 1997 Resurrection Doors makes a public appearance, leading to an increase in anti-Taelon sentiment. The Taelon Synod is fed up with Da'an and sends Zo'or in his stead.

Horizon Zero S1, Ep8 Nov. 24, 1997 Horizon Zero A high profile mission to Mars is suddenly canceled, much to the dismay of the public. Involved air force captain Paul Chandler steals Lili's shuttle.

Scorpion's Dream S1, Ep9 Dec. 29, 1997 Scorpion's Dream Dr. Larry Clark is a bio engineer who works on the skrills. When the companions decide to get rid of a series, one of them joins with Clark.

1998 Live Free or Die S1, Ep10 Jan. 5, 1998 Live Free or Die Navy Seal major Raymond McIntyre kidnaps Da'an and demands to know where his men are. They were involved in a inter-dimensional space flight test that went wrong.

The Scarecrow Returns S1, Ep11 Jan. 12, 1998 The Scarecrow Returns Research continues on the 'scarecrow' probe. Boone starts learning Taelon to interpret its messages. The device meanwhile absorbs a scientist, Rayna.

Sandoval's Run S1, Ep12 Jan. 19, 1998 Sandoval's Run Sandoval's CVI is breaking down. While Dr. Belman tries to remove it before implanting a new one, Sandoval escapes. He wants to rescue his wife DeeDee.

The Secret of Strand Hill S1, Ep13 Feb. 2, 1998 The Secret of Strand Hill An Irish guide finds the possible burial location of Ma'el, a Taelon that came to Earth 2000 years ago. It is crucial for the Taelons to find his research material.

Pandora's Box S1, Ep14 Feb. 9, 1998 Pandora's Box While Boone is haunted by hallucinations of captain Lucas Johnson, the Taelon Rho'ha is to undergo a experiment of experiencing human emotions.

If You Could Read My Mind S1, Ep15 Feb. 16, 1998 If You Could Read My Mind The Taelon Commonality is invaded and psychic Katya Petrenko is the prime suspect. She tells Boone she knows about his secret activities and needs him.

The Wrath of Achilles S1, Ep16 Feb. 23, 1998 The Wrath of Achilles The resistance releases a virus of Augur on the Taelon headquarters in Washington. Things get out of hand.

The Devil You Know S1, Ep17 Apr. 13, 1998 The Devil You Know While a dying colonel implants his brain in a deceased criminal, the Taelons show a new electromagnetic pulse weapon. Jonathan Doors wishes to acquire it.

Law & Order S1, Ep18 Apr. 20, 1998 Law & Order The Synod agrees to let Rho'ha be charged with murder in a human court. He will be prosecuted by Joshua Doors, the son of Jonathan Doors.

Through the Looking Glass S1, Ep19 Apr. 27, 1998 Through the Looking Glass A new inter-dimensional portal system for human travel turns out to be something more when the resistance discover a CVI in a boy who got lost in the system.

Infection S1, Ep20 Jul. 27, 1998 Infection Ne'eg is killed by a bacteria that is both deadly to Taelons and Humans. If it spreads, it might be disastrous. A new racist group attacks a community center.

Destruction S1, Ep21 May 4, 1998 Destruction The Liberation sends a team to destroy the scarecrow probe before the Taelons crack it. Joshua Doors is appointed as secretary of Human-Taelon relations.

The Joining S1, Ep22 May 11, 1998 The Joining An excavation team unleashes a very dangerous Taelon on Earth. Siobhan Beckett comes over to America. She suspects Lili of being a spy and investigates.

The First of Its Kind S2, Ep1 Oct. 5, 1998 The First of Its Kind Following Boone's confrontation with Hegel that left him severely injured, he was eliminated by Zo'or. Beckett who was impregnated by Hegel gives birth to a boy who immediately grows up to a man. He assumes the name Liam Kincaid and goes to Boone's funeral where Quon would be eliminated by an alien replicant. After impressing Da'an he is made his new protector.

Atavus S2, Ep2 Oct. 12, 1998 Atavus

A Stitch in Time S2, Ep3 Oct. 10, 1998 A Stitch in Time

Dimensions S2, Ep4 Oct. 26, 1998 Dimensions

Moonscape S2, Ep5 Nov. 2, 1998 Moonscape

Sleepers S2, Ep6 Nov. 9, 1998 Sleepers

Fissures S2, Ep7 Nov. 16, 1998 Fissures

Redemption S2, Ep8 Nov. 23, 1998 Redemption

Isabel S2, Ep9 Dec. 28, 1998 Isabel

1999 Between Heaven and Hell S2, Ep10 Jan. 11, 1999 Between Heaven and Hell

The Gauntlet S2, Ep11 Jan. 18, 1999 The Gauntlet

One Man's Castle S2, Ep12 Jan. 25, 1999 One Man's Castle

Second Chances S2, Ep13 Feb. 1, 1999 Second Chances

Payback S2, Ep14 Feb. 8, 1999 Payback

Friendly Fire S2, Ep15 Feb. 15, 1999 Friendly Fire

Volunteers S2, Ep16 Feb. 22, 1999 Volunteers

Bliss S2, Ep17 Mar. 1, 1999 Bliss

Highjacked S2, Ep18 Apr. 19, 1999 Highjacked

Defectors S2, Ep19 Apr. 26, 1999 Defectors

Heroes & Heartbreak S2, Ep20 May 3, 1999 Heroes & Heartbreak

Message in a Bottle S2, Ep21 May 10, 1999 Message in a Bottle

Crossfire S2, Ep22 May 17, 1999 Crossfire

Crackdown S3, Ep1 Oct. 4, 1999 Crackdown

The Vanished S3, Ep2 Oct. 11, 1999 The Vanished

Emancipation S3, Ep3 Oct. 18, 1999 Emancipation

Déjà Vu S3, Ep4 Oct. 25, 1999 Déjà Vu

The Once and Future World S3, Ep5 Nov. 1, 1999 The Once and Future World

Thicker Than Blood S3, Ep6 Nov. 8, 1999 Thicker Than Blood

A Little Bit of Heaven S3, Ep7 Nov. 15, 1999 A Little Bit of Heaven

Pad'ar S3, Ep8 Nov. 27, 1999 Pad'ar

In Memory S3, Ep9 Nov. 29, 1999 In Memory

The Cloister S3, Ep10 Dec. 11, 1999 The Cloister

2000 Interview S3, Ep11 Jan. 22, 2000 Interview

Keep Your Enemies Closer S3, Ep12 Jan. 24, 2000 Keep Your Enemies Closer

Subterfuge S3, Ep13 Jan. 31, 2000 Subterfuge

Scorched Earth S3, Ep14 Feb. 7, 2000 Scorched Earth

Sanctuary S3, Ep15 Feb. 14, 2000 Sanctuary

Through Your Eyes S3, Ep16 Feb. 21, 2000 Through Your Eyes

Time Bomb S3, Ep17 Feb. 28, 2000 Time Bomb While examining Ma'el's ship, Liam and Renee find a chamber and in it are some life pods and the persons are all dead except for one. He awakes and reveals himself to be from Ancient Rome and he was chosen by Ma'el to deal with the Taelons if they chose not heed Ma'el's telling them not to come to Earth. At the same Tathan decides to challenge Zo'or for the right to lead the Synod and Zo'or decides to get an advantage by using Sandoval.

The Fields S3, Ep18 Apr. 17, 2000 The Fields

Apparition S3, Ep19 Apr. 24, 2000 Apparition

One Taelon Avenue S3, Ep20 May 1, 2000 One Taelon Avenue

Abduction S3, Ep21 May 8, 2000 Abduction

Arrival S3, Ep22 May 15, 2000 Arrival

The Forge of Creation S4, Ep1 Oct. 2, 2000 The Forge of Creation

Sins of the Father S4, Ep2 Oct. 9, 2000 Sins of the Father

First Breath S4, Ep3 Oct. 16, 2000 First Breath

Limbo S4, Ep4 Oct. 23, 2000 Limbo

Motherlode S4, Ep5 Oct. 30, 2000 Motherlode

Take No Prisoners S4, Ep6 Nov. 6, 2000 Take No Prisoners

Second Wave S4, Ep7 Nov. 13, 2000 Second Wave

Essence S4, Ep8 Nov. 20, 2000 Essence

Phantom Companion S4, Ep9 Nov. 27, 2000 Phantom Companion While on board the mother ship, Renee sustains an injury and while being teated, she gets pulled into the walls and disappears. Liam searches for her. While Zoor believes that Renee's accident was not an accident that someone on board is deliberately causes problems.So Sandoval tries find out who could be doing it. Both Liam and Sandoval discover that another protector who was believed dead is the one they're looking for.

Dream Stalker S4, Ep10 Dec. 4, 2000 Dream Stalker

2001 Lost Generation S4, Ep11 Jan. 15, 2001 Lost Generation

The Summit S4, Ep12 Jan. 22, 2001 The Summit Da'an leaves and doesn't being Liam along. Zo'or is frantic as to why Da'an left. Liam wants to help but Zo'or doesn't trust him because he doesn't have a CVI, so Liam agrees to be implanted. But his CVI enables Zo'or to see and hear what Liam does. So he tells Renee. She tells Street who comes up with a plan to make double of Liam which doesn't have a CVI so with the double they try to find Da'an.

Dark Matter S4, Ep13 Jan. 29, 2001 Dark Matter

Keys to the Kingdom S4, Ep14 Feb. 5, 2001 Keys to the Kingdom

Street Chase S4, Ep15 Feb. 12, 2001 Street Chase

Trapped by Time S4, Ep16 Feb. 19, 2001 Trapped by Time

Atonement S4, Ep17 Feb. 26, 2001 Atonement

Blood Ties S4, Ep18 Apr. 16, 2001 Blood Ties

Hearts & Minds S4, Ep19 Apr. 23, 2001 Hearts & Minds

Epiphany S4, Ep20 Apr. 30, 2001 Epiphany

Dark Horizons S4, Ep21 May 7, 2001 Dark Horizons

Point of No Return S4, Ep22 May 15, 2001 Point of No Return

Unearthed S5, Ep1 Oct. 1, 2001 Unearthed

Pariahs S5, Ep2 Oct. 8, 2001 Pariahs

The Seduction S5, Ep3 Oct. 15, 2001 The Seduction

Subterra S5, Ep4 Oct. 22, 2001 Subterra

Boone's Awakening S5, Ep5 Oct. 29, 2001 Boone's Awakening

Termination S5, Ep6 Nov. 5, 2001 Termination

Guilty Conscience S5, Ep7 Nov. 12, 2001 Guilty Conscience

Boone's Assassin S5, Ep8 Nov. 19, 2001 Boone's Assassin

Entombed S5, Ep9 Nov. 26, 2001 Entombed

2002 Legacy S5, Ep10 Jan. 14, 2002 Legacy

Death Suite S5, Ep11 Jan. 21, 2002 Death Suite

Atavus High S5, Ep12 Jan. 28, 2002 Atavus High

Deep Sleep S5, Ep13 Feb. 4, 2002 Deep Sleep

The Art of War S5, Ep14 Feb. 11, 2002 The Art of War

Grave Danger S5, Ep15 Feb. 18, 2002 Grave Danger

Deportation S5, Ep16 Feb. 25, 2002 Deportation

Honor and Duty S5, Ep17 Apr. 8, 2002 Honor and Duty

Bad Genes S5, Ep18 Apr. 15, 2002 Bad Genes

Subversion S5, Ep19 Apr. 22, 2002 Subversion

Street Wise S5, Ep20 Apr. 29, 2002 Street Wise

The Journey S5, Ep21 May 6, 2002 The Journey

Final Conflict S5, Ep22 May 13, 2002 Final Conflict

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