Early Edition


Pilot S1, Ep1 Sep. 28, 1996 Pilot A stockbroker recently evicted by his wife starts receiving tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. This offers the opportunity to win at gambling, or to use the foreknowledge to help people.

The Choice S1, Ep2 Oct. 5, 1996 The Choice Gary must choose between stopping a fatal plane crash or saving the life of one girl.

Baby S1, Ep3 Oct. 12, 1996 Baby After the newspaper shows Chuck delivering a baby on the L, Gary and Marissa try to convince him to go through with it.

The Paper S1, Ep4 Oct. 19, 1996 The Paper While searching for answers about the paper, Gary becomes involved with a reporter who is suspicious of his apparent knowledge of a certain story.

Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog S1, Ep5 Oct. 26, 1996 Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog Lottery fever grips Chicago with the jackpot climbing every night. Meanwhile, Gary tries to understand why someone would want to steal the Mayor's dog.

Hoops S1, Ep6 Nov. 2, 1996 Hoops Gary tries to stop a popular basket-baller with a medical condition from risking his life on the court.

After Midnight S1, Ep7 Nov. 9, 1996 After Midnight A woman plans to abandon her baby and take her own life. Gary's attempts to reunite her with her parents fail while he runs out of time to help her.

Gun S1, Ep8 Nov. 16, 1996 Gun

His Girl Thursday S1, Ep9 Nov. 23, 1996 His Girl Thursday

The Wrong Man S1, Ep10 Dec. 7, 1996 The Wrong Man Gary is having trouble moving on from his divorce after an encounter with Marcia. At the same time he finds his ex-boss will have troubles with one of his former co-workers. despite the contempt he has for his ex-boss, Gary must find out who the disgruntled employee is and stop him in time.

Christmas S1, Ep11 Dec. 21, 1996 Christmas

Frostbite S1, Ep12 Jan. 11, 1997 Frostbite

Mob Wife S1, Ep13 Jan. 25, 1997 Mob Wife

The Wall: Part 1 S1, Ep14 Feb. 1, 1997 The Wall: Part 1

The Wall: Part 2 S1, Ep15 Feb. 8, 1997 The Wall: Part 2

Bat Masterson S1, Ep16 Feb. 22, 1997 Bat Masterson

The Jury S1, Ep17 Mar. 8, 1997 The Jury While trying to help someone, Gary finds himself serving on a jury. Now the trial is a little unusual because the defendant is defending himself so the judge has the jury sequestered, which means Gary can't get access to the paper. When it does come it's taken away from and he manages to get a glimpse of it which tells him that the man is innocent but he's not doing a good job defending himself. Eventually Gary has to turn to Chuck for help.

Psychic S1, Ep18 Apr. 12, 1997 Psychic

The Cat S1, Ep19 Apr. 13, 1997 The Cat

Phantom at the Opera S1, Ep20 Apr. 19, 1997 Phantom at the Opera

Faith S1, Ep21 Apr. 26, 1997 Faith

Dad S1, Ep22 May 3, 1997 Dad

Love Is Blind S1, Ep23 May 10, 1997 Love Is Blind

Home S2, Ep1 Sep. 27, 1997 Home

The Medal S2, Ep2 Oct. 4, 1997 The Medal

The Wedding S2, Ep3 Oct. 11, 1997 The Wedding

Jenny Sloane S2, Ep4 Oct. 18, 1997 Jenny Sloane

Downsized S2, Ep5 Oct. 25, 1997 Downsized

Angels and Devils S2, Ep6 Jan. 11, 1997 Angels and Devils

Redfellas S2, Ep7 Nov. 8, 1997 Redfellas Gary must reunite a father and daughter who were torn apart in Russia many years ago. The father is now a taxi driver, and the daughter is grown and touring America as a violin prodigy.

March in Time S2, Ep8 Nov. 15, 1997 March in Time If Gary is unable to defuse the hatred at a white supremacist march, the leader of the white supremacists will be shot and killed. Gary is concerned about the leader's young son, who questions his father's views.

A Regular Joe S2, Ep9 Nov. 22, 1997 A Regular Joe Believing he gets no help in running “McGinty's”, and feeling he is not respected, Chuck quits and leaves the bar. Gary is suffering his own emotional trauma in dealing with the newspaper, and begins to have dreams in which a psychiatrist counsels him to take Sunday's off from the paper and relax. Watching the Chicago Bears play on TV, he reads in tomorrow's news that the Bears' quarterback and toast of the town, Joe Damski, is going to suffer a serious injury. Gary and Damski's wife try to get the quarterback to retire, but he doesn't want to. Gary and Chuck …

A Bris Is Just a Bris S2, Ep10 Dec. 20, 1997 A Bris Is Just a Bris Chuck begins dating a rabbi, and is compelled to tell the truth around her and be honest in his dealings with others. This creates a myriad of problems, forcing him to break up with her. Gary saves the life of an accident prone librarian several times in one day, and she falls head-over-heels in love with him. Unfortunately, Gary's cook at McGinty's was planning on asking the librarian out. Becoming jealous of Gary, he quits, but is hired back as Gary tries to be a matchmaker for the young lovers.

A Minor Miracle S2, Ep11 Jan. 10, 1998 A Minor Miracle A small girl inadvertently leaves her school yard as she chases after a pet rabbit, and becomes lost in the sewers and storm drains of Chicago. The more Gary tries to find her, the more he becomes the number one suspect of the Police, as they think he had something to do with her disappearance. Chuck becomes involved with an inventor of a machine that can detect movement below ground, and he persuades the inventor to test his machine by finding the girl below the pavement. As heavy rains hit the city, the storm drains become full of water, and finding the girl before …

Romancing the Throne S2, Ep12 Jan. 17, 1998 Romancing the Throne A young princess of a small country in the Balkans visits Chicago. She has many functions to attend and people to meet in performance of her royal duties, but she yearns for time away from her handlers to be by herself and sight-see the town. Slightly inebriated, she leaves a party unnoticed and falls asleep in Gary's car. Unaware of who she is he takes her to the bar, and the next day she tags along with him as he goes about saving people throughout the city. When the time comes for her to return to her duties, she thanks Gary as feelings have developed between the …

Walk, Don't Run S2, Ep13 Jan. 24, 1998 Walk, Don't Run Gary is asked to fill in a vacant City Council seat and he tries to get a street light install in an area where a lot of street accidents occur. But he's told that first he has to vote with them on a project that Gary learns will displace a lot of people. So Gary decides not to vote with them and they decide not to back Gary's project. He eventually gets help from Molly Greene and a former and honest Council member.

Return of Crumb S2, Ep14 Jan. 30, 1998 Return of Crumb A crooked D.A. has aspirations to be Mayor of Chicago, and is holding hearings about police corruption as a way of getting there, focusing on Lt. Crumb's partner who has taken bribes in the past. Crumb's partner steals a portion of the money he and Crumb are using in a sting operation, leaving Crumb holding the bag. The D.A. dislikes Crumb anyway, and proceeds to frame Crumb for the missing money, three weeks before his retirement. Gary tries to help Crumb, but he is his usual obstinate and cranky self.

Mum's the Word S2, Ep15 Apr. 4, 1998 Mum's the Word When an Egyptian mummy goes on display at the museum, a man steals the emerald eyes and scarab from the mummy, unleashing an ancient curse. Soon, everyone associated with the theft becomes ill.

Where or When S2, Ep16 Apr. 11, 1998 Where or When When Gary falls off a scaffolding and breaks his leg, he is laid up in his apartment watching his neighbors across the alleyway. He begins seeing a woman in his dreams dressed in 1940's attire, who looks exactly like the new waitress he just hired. The waitress lives in an apartment across from him, and when the paper reveals she is going to be shot and killed, Gary tries to prevent it from happening. He learns that the grandmother of his new waitress was shot and killed in McGinty's Bar in 1944, and the killer was never caught. Now, the waitress has someone stalking …

The Fourth Carpathian S2, Ep17 Apr. 18, 1998 The Fourth Carpathian While trying to save a monkey in an abandoned theater, Gary becomes trapped on an elevated scaffold. The scaffolding is barely hanging from the vaulted ceiling, and being afraid to move or jostle it, Gary must lie quite still. The next morning Gary's father receives the newspaper and rushes into the city, hoping to save lives and prevent catastrophes, but he gets thrown in jail instead. The next morning Gary's mother receives the paper and rushes to the city, only to discover that Gary has been getting tomorrow's paper today for some time now. No one has seen Gary in …

The Quality of Mercy S2, Ep18 Apr. 25, 1998 The Quality of Mercy The paper tells Gary that a man is going to die in an accident. So he saves him but after wards the paper changes and says that he's going to kill someone. Gary wonders why the paper sent him to the man So Gary tries to warn the person a prosecutor; it seems the man is a recently released convict and the prosecutor was the one who handled his case but when Gary refuses to tell her how he knows this, she dismisses him. And Chuck is injured by the man when he was escaping. Later the man goes to the prosecutor's home and Gary shows up and the man holds them hostage and …

Show Me the Monet S2, Ep19 May 2, 1998 Show Me the Monet Gary makes the acquaintance of a dashing British man named Clive Harbison, as he helps Gary rescue an elderly woman from her burning apartment in spectacular fashion, getting Clive's face on the news. A man named Marty is seeking revenge on Clive, and after seeing the newscast he locates Clive and tries to run him over, so Gary takes him to the bar for safety. Then a woman shows up at McGinty's and threatens to turn Clive into the police if he doesn't return a stolen Van Gogh painting to her museum. Somehow, Gary, Marissa and Chuck find themselves helping Clive break …

Don't Walk Away, Renee S2, Ep20 May 9, 1998 Don't Walk Away, Renee Gary stops two men from mugging a young woman, and then realizes the woman is a girl he went to school with. When the same two muggers show up at her office, she seeks refuge with Gary at McGinty's. It appears she has been doing research with a complex program that predicts the future, and someone wants her research for themselves. Gary's parents are kidnapped and held for ransom until the research is given to them. Gary and Chuck must save his parents without turning over the research.

Hot Time in the Old Town S2, Ep21 May 16, 1998 Hot Time in the Old Town At a construction site, Gary attempts to halt the driving of a pylon into the ground, because the paper said it would cause an explosion. He is accidentally knocked unconscious and wakes up in the same location, but in the year 1871. Gary meets characters that look exactly like Chuck and Marissa, and tries to prevent Mrs. O'Leary's cow from kicking over the lamp, thereby triggering the famous Chicago fire. He fails and the fire is set anyway, but when he returns to 1998, he halts the construction and gets the manager arrested

Second Sight S2, Ep22 May 23, 1998 Second Sight Marissa has a vision while sitting beside the lake, and consults with a Dr. about the possibility of her sight returning. Chuck goes to his bookie to pay off a gambling debt, and discovers that his bookie has been murdered. When Chuck is kidnapped by the killer and held captive on a tugboat, Gary and Crumb use Marissa's vision to find the tugboat, but are captured as well. They are left stranded on an empty boat in the middle of the lake with a bomb aboard.

Blackout S3, Ep1 Sep. 26, 1998 Blackout The newspaper forecasts a power outage. With the blackout, a neighborhood dispute escalates into violence.

Collision S3, Ep2 Oct. 3, 1998 Collision Gary must find ways to prevent a collision which originally kills 13 people but has no definitive cause. However, as the deadline approaches, he is able to eliminate some of the victims but has trouble preventing a death toll.

A Horse Is a Horse S3, Ep3 Oct. 10, 1998 A Horse Is a Horse When Henry accidentally discovers one of Gary's newspapers from the future, he uses the information to make friends in school and provide his dad with gambling tips.

Lt. Hobson, U.S.N. S3, Ep4 Oct. 17, 1998 Lt. Hobson, U.S.N. After saving several enlistees from an explosion, Gary is mistaken for a Lieutenant and forced to serve in the Navy, which puts his future heroic acts in jeopardy.

Saint Nick S3, Ep5 Oct. 24, 1998 Saint Nick Gary becomes jealous when Erica begins to date a doctor who is beloved by everyone. He later gets the “Early Edition” and realizes that he must save his “competition” from a deadly fire.

Halloween S3, Ep6 Oct. 31, 1998 Halloween

Up Chuck S3, Ep7 Nov. 7, 1998 Up Chuck Gary is suspicious when Chuck returns from California with a surprisingly new attitude. However, Gary soon learns that Chuck is paying someone to follow him and film his heroic acts in hopes of getting a movie deal.

Deadline S3, Ep8 Nov. 14, 1998 Deadline The paper tells Gary that a man , named Ricky Brown is going to be executed tomorrow. Gary learns that the previous recipient of Lucious Snow tried to help Brown but couldn't and spent the rest of his life trying to prove it. With Molly Greene Gary tries to prove Brown's innocence. They start by talking to the victim's sister whom Brown was seeing.

In Gary We Trust S3, Ep9 Nov. 21, 1998 In Gary We Trust When Gary interrupts a federal investigation by trying to save a towel boy from being shot, he is placed in the Witness Protection Program. He is assigned an attractive but surly agent to watch over him, which puts off Erica, whom he just got the courage to ask out.

Nest Egg S3, Ep10 Dec. 5, 1998 Nest Egg Gary's mom comes for a visit and is vague about why she came. He later sees her with another man and jumps to conclusions, later learning that the man convinced her to invest all of her money with him and so far has not seen any return. It's obvious that the guy is a con man and they can't do anything about it. Later when the paper says that the man's going to be shot by a woman from Indiana, Gaty assumes it's his mom but discovers it's another of his victims, who gives them a list of other victims. And together they decide to get back what he took from them. Along …

Teen Angels S3, Ep11 Dec. 19, 1998 Teen Angels Gary poses as a high school substitute teacher in order to prevent a school shooting. However, when his newspaper is torn up and lost, he is unable to pinpoint who the shooter is.

Slippity-Doo-Dah S3, Ep12 Jan. 9, 1999 Slippity-Doo-Dah Gary encounters a woman who has tendency for ambulance chasing.

The Last Untouchable S3, Ep13 Jan. 16, 1999 The Last Untouchable Gary gets in the middle of a feud between a former Untouchable who was just released from prison and a retired T-Man who helped put him away.

Just One of Those Things S3, Ep14 Feb. 6, 1999 Just One of Those Things Gary begins to experience medical problems stemming from his frequent lying to Erica about his whereabouts. He decides to come clean and tell her about the newspaper and his heroic acts. However, she has a tough time believing him after his paper gets switched with Patrick's copy of today's paper.

Funny Valentine S3, Ep15 Feb. 13, 1999 Funny Valentine Gary saves baseball player Andy Miller from sustaining a ending career injury. His agent wants to make sure he's OK, so he wants to take him to an orthopedic doctor whom Gary had earlier encountered, so they drag Gary along. On the way to the hospital Gary wonders if he'll play in Chicago. But the agent who's prime concern is the best offer (which is not Chicago) tells him not to hold his breath. When they arrive at the hospital, the doctor is not available so Gary asks another doctor, Suzy Pietro, who's also an orthopedist to check Andy out. And upon meeting there's …

Number One with a Bullet S3, Ep16 Feb. 20, 1999 Number One with a Bullet

Two to Tangle S3, Ep17 Feb. 27, 1999 Two to Tangle

Fate S3, Ep18 Mar. 20, 1999 Fate Gary has problems dealing with being unable to save someone, which leads to The Paper predicting Gary's death.

Crumb Again S3, Ep19 Apr. 3, 1999 Crumb Again The paper tells Gary that Crumb, who is now living in a cabin, will die because of an explosion at his cabin. Gary calls Crumb and gets him outside just before the explosion. Crumb later shows up and stays with Gary. Later more attempts are made on Crumb, that's when former U.S. Marshall Toni Brigatti who joined the Chicago P.D. shows up and wonders what's going on. At the same time a woman from Crumb's past shows up.

Pinch Hitters S3, Ep20 Apr. 17, 1999 Pinch Hitters Gary finds himself quarantined when he comes in contact with an animal that could be a carrier. So he asks Marissa to take care of something in the paper so she asks her boyfriend Emmitt to help. Eventually they come in contact with an old man who appears to be off his rocker. When his son tries to have him committed, Emmitt, a law student, tries to help him.

Home Groan S3, Ep21 May 1, 1999 Home Groan

Play It Again, Sammo S3, Ep22 May 8, 1999 Play It Again, Sammo

Blowing Up Is Hard to Do S3, Ep23 May 15, 1999 Blowing Up Is Hard to Do

The Out-of-Towner S4, Ep1 Sep. 25, 1999 The Out-of-Towner Gary gets the paper and initially there a lot of things he has to fix but when he gets there, there's nothing to fix. He thinks the paper is playing games with him so the next time the paper tells him of something he goes there and does nothing and someone gets hurt. Eventually Gary meets a guy from New York who also gets an “Early Edition” of his own.

Duck Day Afternoon S4, Ep2 Oct. 2, 1999 Duck Day Afternoon

Take Me Out to the Ballgame S4, Ep3 Oct. 9, 1999 Take Me Out to the Ballgame Chuck comes for a visit and offers to take Gary to a Cubs game wherein a promising rookie Pedro Mendoza is going to play. But Gary finds himself trying to help the owner of a restaurant who borrowed money from a loan shark who is demanding ownership in the restaurant as payment. And it seems that the owner of the restaurant and Mendoza are linked.

The Iceman Taketh S4, Ep4 Oct. 16, 1999 The Iceman Taketh To stop something that's in the paper Gary assumes someone else's identity but it turns out that the identity he assumed was that of an undercover cop who's working with Brigatti. Gary has to continue being that person. Brigatti is searching for a jewel thief knows as the Iceman and she thinks it's a guy named Paul Kettler.

Camera Shy S4, Ep5 Oct. 23, 1999 Camera Shy Feeling bad that he helped get a photo journalism fired from two jobs, Gary tries to find him another job and prevent him from being murdered.

Wild Card S4, Ep6 Oct. 30, 1999 Wild Card

Fatal Edition: Part 1 S4, Ep7 Nov. 6, 1999 Fatal Edition: Part 1 Gary is arrested and charged with murder after he is found standing right next to the slain body of a man who had earlier threatened to investigate his propensity to show up at crime scenes.

Fatal Edition: Part 2 S4, Ep8 Nov. 13, 1999 Fatal Edition: Part 2 Now a fugitive from justice, Gary appeals to Detective Brigatti to help get him off the hook for murder and find the real killer.

Weather Girl S4, Ep9 Nov. 20, 1999 Weather Girl

Run Gary Run S4, Ep10 Dec. 18, 1999 Run Gary Run

Rose S4, Ep11 Feb. 19, 2000 Rose

Snow Angels S4, Ep12 Feb. 26, 2000 Snow Angels

Gifted S4, Ep13 Mar. 4, 2000 Gifted

Performance Anxiety S4, Ep14 Mar. 11, 2000 Performance Anxiety

False Witness S4, Ep15 Mar. 25, 2000 False Witness Gary witnesses two men trying to steal a car. And he learns one of them is Miguel Diaz's brother, who convinces Gary not to finger him which he does. But the paper tells him that he's headed down a bad road and tries to help him but his partner gets in his way.

The Play's the Thing S4, Ep16 Apr. 8, 2000 The Play's the Thing

Blind Faith S4, Ep17 Apr. 22, 2000 Blind Faith

Occasionally Amber S4, Ep18 Apr. 29, 2000 Occasionally Amber Chuck comes back to Chicago and announces he's engaged to a girl named Jade. When Gary meets her, he's shocked because Jade is Amber, the jewel thief he encountered a while ago and allowed to escape. Gary's not sure what to do especially when Detective Brigatti whose career was nearly ruined by her learns she's back and wants to take her down.

Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter S4, Ep19 May 6, 2000 Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter

Time S4, Ep20 May 13, 2000 Time Gary learns that Lucious Snow, the previous recipient of the paper, saved his life when he was a boy. And that that act has significance to something in the present.

Everybody Goes to Rick's S4, Ep21 May 20, 2000 Everybody Goes to Rick's

Luck o' the Irish S4, Ep22 May 27, 2000 Luck o' the Irish Gary decides to cut off one of the bar's regulars who is a moocher until he settles his tab, and the man warns him that it's not good to do that. And when he helps someone the paper tells him to, he ruins a woman's chances of winning the lottery. That's when she comes to him, telling him that he owes her. So she lets him stay with him and claims that they're engaged. She's Irish and her family is extremely traditional and they don't like her being alone in the U.S. Her brother shows up and drives Gary nuts. And when Gary's mother shows up and likes the girl. She …

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