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Unknown Episode #1.10 S1, Ep10 Unknown Episode #1.10 Wiki gives Dagmar an 'old' notebook and an Internet crash course, but it all remains far from the elf's world, so he flees from a TV evening into bed. Ma's hot tea in bed seems to help, until Dagmar hears she added honey, which makes elves drunk. Kyan is bored after the club elects Maud into its council, which allows her to start flirting.

Episode #2.17 S2, Ep17 Unknown Episode #2.17

2011 Episode #1.1 S1, Ep1 Aug. 28, 2011 Episode #1.1 Elf king Zirkos's unruly son and heir Dagmar is punished for mischief by banishment from their magical 'intermediary world' to the human world. Elf Mara, masquerading as a social working, delivers him to the foster family Ranonkel, whom is told he's an orphan who previously was in a boarding school.

Episode #1.2 S1, Ep2 Aug. 30, 2011 Episode #1.2 The optimistic Ranonkel family tries to make new foster son Dagmar fit in straight away, but even apart from his 'new family' almost everything is new or strangely different from Elf life in the human world. Mara tries to cheer him up by referring to a surprise from home in his backpack. Dagmar is intrigued when the Ranonkel kids mention the 'Elf hill', albeit just the name of the local youth's club house.

Episode #1.3 S1, Ep3 Aug. 31, 2011 Episode #1.3 Dagmar find one comfort in his exile among weird humans: his magical pet Wobbel came along, hidden in his backpack. Wiki is eager to recruit Dagmar as ICT playmate, ignoring the elf never even heard of computers, while Saartje just assumes he'll join the clubhouse, which spoiled brat Maud suddenly shows an interest in. Both Ranonkles must wait a while for Dagmar to settle in.

Episode #1.4 S1, Ep4 Sep. 1, 2011 Episode #1.4 Dagmar can't make head or tale of the human world, let alone Wiki's ICT. Kyan has finished his next model airplane, again named after Saartje. The maiden-flight is a disaster because Maud, who applies for the clubhouse, stupidly tinkered with the remote-control, yet Kyan assumes Wiki constructed that badly.

Episode #1.5 S1, Ep5 Sep. 2, 2011 Episode #1.5 Dagmar still lacks too many human social and practical skills to fit in the Ranonkel family yet. Maud has broken up with her spoiled rich friends and is determined to join the clubhouse, where naive Saartje is probably her key in.

Episode #1.6 S1, Ep6 Sep. 6, 2011 Episode #1.6 Dagmar pays his first visit to the club-house where he meets the Ranonkrl kids' friends. Saartje's macho lover, Kyan, the nail-in-log-knocking champion, eagerly challenges Dagmar, who never even saw such games.

Episode #1.7 S1, Ep7 Sep. 7, 2011 Episode #1.7 Dagmar proves a gracious winner, to Wiki's enthusiastic joy, bad loser Kyan mopes and leaves for a lonely motorbike ride. Ma Ranonkel enjoys a visit from buddy Veerle, Kyan's ma. Maud fails to impress the club members. Dagmar wants badly to go home because people are so crazy, but remains friendly. Kyan is annoyed by his brat sister Billie, who wants to join the club way under age, so a visit from Maud makes a welcome change.

Episode #1.9 S1, Ep9 Sep. 12, 2011 Episode #1.9 After being offered 'dead bird' and the bike ride, Dagmar is even more eager to return home, but Mara tells him no chance and discloses his mission is to search for Oxus, the magic meteorite the elves lost 2000 years ago. Although unwilling, Dagmar tries the supposedly all-knowing computer, but even with Wiki's amused ultimate-beginners-help that yields nothing. The Ranonkel siblings speculate if all the weird stuff lately could have something to do with Dagmar. Kyan is not amused that kid brat sister Billie wants into the club under age. Maud failed to prepare her …

Episode #1.11 S1, Ep11 Sep. 14, 2011 Episode #1.11 Dagmar impresses ma with his excellent aesthetic taste. To Wiki's horror, she revives a truth-game based on passing on a ball, but when that becomes too personal, Dagmar magically sabotages the Ranonkels' ball control. Wiki nearly discovers Wobbel, so Dagmar pretends it's his boarding school buddies' goodbye-present-ball. Wiki warns Dagmar against snob Maud, whom Saartje introduces to ma.

Episode #1.12 S1, Ep12 Sep. 15, 2011 Episode #1.12 Dagmar shows Wobbel Internet, laughing at human ignorance about elves. Meesly farmer Alfons appeals to ma' veterinary services for his goat Martha. Dagmar enjoys baking flower-flavored pancakes. Kyan is amused to hear about Maud's haughty misbehavior in the club, not when the girls trick him into help Dagmar baking. Bragging leads to messy sabotage, after which Dagmar prepares a fugue.

Episode #1.13 S1, Ep13 Sep. 19, 2011 Episode #1.13 Dagmar is dead-set to leave the crazy human world and tells the family he's returning to his 'boarding school'. Mara tells him the whole story of the swamp elves' millinery frustrated search for Oxus. Hearing finding it is the only sure way to be allowed back home, he promises to find the meteorite the next day, hoping computers can find it. So he cancels his leaving and gets passed on the family teddy-bear. Meanwhile farmer Alfons gets ma to promise she'll treat his goat.

Episode #1.14 S1, Ep14 Sep. 20, 2011 Episode #1.14 Wiki cheerfully offers to help select a costume for Dagmar at the youth club's horror ball, finally choosing a zombie look. Alas, Googling for Oxus doesn't pay off. So everyone turns up for the club's costumed dance, including a mysterious witch, who confides only into Wiki she's Billie, who sneaked in despite the age ban.

Episode #1.15 S1, Ep15 Sep. 21, 2011 Episode #1.15 At the horror ball, Dagmar is rather amused, yet puzzled by humans idea of fun, but accidentally gets drunk from the cookies, ignoring they contain honey, so he has to be carried home with a killer hangover. A costume switch after a drinks spill contributes to Wiki falling for newcomer Maud. Kyan is furious to discover his brat sister Billie sneaked in. The youth center council must clean up and worries about repercussions if the 'drunk incident' is officially investigated.

Episode #1.16 S1, Ep16 Sep. 22, 2011 Episode #1.16 After the horror ball, Dagmar is mysteriously drunk from the cookies as he wasn't told they contain honey. Wiki is hopelessly besotted with Maud, who immediately starts abusing him for all chores. The family plans spending the last day of the summer holiday swimming in the clay pits, hoping Dagmar's hangover may recover. Mara sarcastically comes 'collect the meteorite' and wine on about its urgent importance. Kyan's ma fails to take his warnings about unruly brat sister Billie seriously.

Episode #1.17 S1, Ep17 Sep. 26, 2011 Episode #1.17 Dagmar is hesitant to join the Ranonkel family on a waterhole picnic, but uses the opportunity to start exploring the wetland in search of the magical meteorite, so far in vain. Sassy Billie is wisely warded off. Maud is jealous of Saartje on account of hunky Kyan.

Episode #1.18 S1, Ep18 Sep. 27, 2011 Episode #1.18 Dagmar gets optimistic about the search for Oxus after Wiki finds out on Internet that the nursery rhyme mentioning an Elf royal name refers to a legend that the local Menapian tribe of Ancient Gaul would have cohabited with Elfs. Meanwhile he must prepare for the school girl, in Saartje and Maud's class. Wiki accepts to do Maud's work on the website if she joins him for a movie.

Episode #1.19 S1, Ep19 Aug. 29, 2011 Episode #1.19 After a chaotic breakfast, the kids start the school-year. Everything is strange for new pupil Dagmar. Luckily Wobbel, who is hidden in his bag, can cue him, but also starts cooing, so Dagmar uses a magical distraction to sneak out and wanders towards the clubhouse. Kyan's dad now bullies him at work until the 'looser' actually walks out.

Episode #1.20 S1, Ep20 Aug. 30, 2011 Episode #1.20 Having abused magic to cause a globe to spin as a diversion so he can escape from class, Dagmar hides in the club house. There he thinks it safe to spread his wings, but can barely cover them up when someone arrives and leaves, whom he fails to identify. Kyan runs in the woods too, frustrated by the alteration with his pa. Dagmar hides in the broom closet, but a noise betrays him to Saartje.

Episode #1.21 S1, Ep21 Oct. 3, 2011 Episode #1.21 Dagmar is found in the club house and returned to the Ranonkel home, where Lotte was panicking despite able help from clear-headed Wiki. The family council takes Wiki's cue to give the weirdly troubled knave another chance to fit in. Kyan, still frustrated by his pa, accepts Maud's self-invited company. Dagmar gets a lecture from Mara about his mission, but insists he can only hope to succeed if allowed to fly again. The club council suspects Maud of stealing what Dagmar ate and drank.

Episode #1.22 S1, Ep22 Oct. 4, 2011 Episode #1.22 Dagmar is back with the Ranonkles, who are determined to make him feel home if he chooses to stay, which is the tacit case. Wobbel falls out of his his bag and becomes the token ball in another truth game, which leads to a family singalong wit ma at the piano, finally fun by Dagmar's standards. Kyan is confused that Maud first imposes herself on him, then pretends he stole a kiss instead of her, the change of heart being inspired by fear to alienate Saartje.

Episode #1.23 S1, Ep23 Oct. 5, 2011 Episode #1.23 Dagmar shows he means his best behavior promise by preparing a grand breakfast, only he got up so early Wiki feared he was sneaking off again. The Ranonkels are delighted and everyone relived when the school principal accepts to impose no sanction for Dagmar's 'one-off' absconding. The kids still wonder why Dagmar calls himself Noberis, like Mara, although his foster file mentions his last name is Koningswens ('royal wish'). Ma has found the book on the Elfs hill related legend, but won't show it until after school. Kyan is delighted to receive a kiss-card which he …

Episode #1.24 S1, Ep24 Oct. 6, 2011 Episode #1.24 Dagmar is now optimistic life with humans may not be so bad after all and eager to search for the Oxus meteorite. Hearing Wiki asked Zaznibar to ask Maud to become his girlfriend, Dagmar warns him to do so himself and starts a masterclass seduction, but the cancel-call is overheard by Maud. Dagmar finally gets hold of the book on Kortan the Wild and the Elfs.

Episode #1.25 S1, Ep25 Oct. 10, 2011 Episode #1.25 Dagmar continues his masterclass seduction for Wiki, who alas proves less then gifted to give girls the right, playfully confident glance. Eager to search for the Oxus meteorite, Dagmar wants only to read the book on the legend of Kortan the Wild and the Elfs. Wiki invites himself as audience for a brilliant first-sight reading. The story tells the Menapian tribal leader Kortan wrecked an old alliance with the Elf kingdom when turned down as Elf princess Elvira's suitor. In the battle, the ignorant Gauls stole the Elfs' treasured meteorite, which they mistook for a …

Episode #1.26 S1, Ep26 Oct. 11, 2011 Episode #1.26 Dagmar discovers Saartje is a sleepwalker, another human oddity he never heard about. Searching for Oxus, Dagmar goes collect stone samples in the woods and comes across Kyan's quad. Wiki messes up Dagmar's seduction tips. Kyan's ma discovers Maud's kiss-card and gets him to tell Saartje and her junior club mates tire his patience.

Episode #1.27 S1, Ep27 Oct. 12, 2011 Episode #1.27 Dagmar, having found Kyan's quad, tries to drive it but gets stuck in a bog ad abandons it. Kyan heard the noise, found it but can't pull it out himself. Nevertheless he's furious when his pa Harald arrives, knowing his help comes at the price of another paternalistic tongue-lashing. Wiki refuses to consider Dagmar's warning Maud is probably not interested. Saartje's bossy nagging exhausts Dagmar's patience, alas causing him to ask Wiki to leave his room as well.

Episode #1.28 S1, Ep28 Oct. 13, 2011 Episode #1.28 Dagmar hears ma lore is going to attend farmer Alfons's goat and comes along, hoping he may find Oxus there. A bluish stone at the farm looks right, and Alfons hands it over, but Wobbel senses it's not the magical meteorite. Kyan is relieved to have his quad saved and that pa Harald was the one who lost the key in the bog. Wiki takes Dagmar's courting advice to act uninterested too far, ignoring Maud completely, except while demonstrating how to make glue, which clumsily ends up all over her.

Episode #1.29 S1, Ep29 Oct. 17, 2011 Episode #1.29 Dagmar is pessimistic again about the search for Oxus, throws away the useless sample rocks and accepts a promise of help from Billie, who claims to know the area well enough to find the magical meteorite. Wiki realizes confident glances and playing hard to get don't work for him, so he takes Dagmar's next tip, treating Maud to presents, but what? Kyan is furious when Sara betrays Dagmar was the one who clumsily drove his quad into the bog. their bickering is stopped by ma, who makes them make up and, worse, join a shopping trip next day.

Episode #1.30 S1, Ep30 Oct. 18, 2011 Episode #1.30 Dagmar and the other boys grudgingly delay their plans for the lame shopping trip. Wiki thinks a book on Euclidic mathematics will ingratiate him with Maud, but she just says she'll sell it. Ma consulted the bus schedule for year ago, so everyone has to take a ride in Kyan's pa's truck.

Episode #1.31 S1, Ep31 Oct. 19, 2011 Episode #1.31 Dagmar bites his tongue not to betray himself by rebuking Saartje's stupid ideas about elves. Wiki refuses to consider Maud probably doesn't react to his text messages because she can't appreciate him. Kyan's ma is pleased that he brought a present for brat Bllie and convinces pa and him to agree on joint bowling the next evening, alas without realizing in time Saartje expects him then.

Episode #1.32 S1, Ep32 Oct. 20, 2011 Episode #1.32 Dagmar is rather pleased that Saartje seems to fall for his elfish charm. Wiki tells Maud he 'won't bother her anymore for a date', but is told she'ld accept if he stole the math test questions. Dagmar uses magic to make copies unseen, but Wiki refuses to cheat, while Dagmar realizes he won't pass just by studying. Kyan grudgingly cancels a club meeting to go bowling with his pa.

Episode #1.33 S1, Ep33 Oct. 23, 2011 Episode #1.33 Dagmar has hastily taken Kyan's place at the clubhouse council members' first aid course, albeit totally unprepared. Dagmar uses magic to make copies unseen, but Wiki tries to forget Maud by concentrating on his novel computer development. Kyan accidentally wipes a client's price calculation from pa's calculator. Harold scolds him, so their bowling evening is canceled. Kyan thus comes to the clubhouse after all, just when Dagmar gets mouth-on-mouth, and is hastily whisper-instructed to play Dagmar.

Episode #1.34 S1, Ep34 Oct. 25, 2011 Episode #1.34 Dagmar is annoyed after another visit from Mara, urging he must find Oxus urgently. Wiki says the meteorite doesn't exist, so even his novel computer LDVVD couldn't ever find it. Kyan is ready test his latest model airplane. Harold finally admits he pushes his son to run because he failed as a boy due to less talent. Dagmar learns from Billie Maud's pa has a blue stone, which might be Oxus, in his home collection, but visitors aren't welcome. Dagmar offers her the math test questions as entry fee.

Episode #1.35 S1, Ep35 Oct. 26, 2011 Episode #1.35 Wiki proudly presents his novel computer LDVD, but Saartje's unscientific question 'Do elves exist?' causes a smoking overload. Kyan and Harold are back on normal terms. Dagmar gets Maud to promise he can see her pa's blue stone in exchange for the math test questions, but she grabs them and calls the guard dog. Dagmar however meets her pa, businessman Karel Wijffels, who is happy to receive a 'fellow petrologist'.

Episode #1.36 S1, Ep36 Oct. 27, 2011 Episode #1.36 Dagmar sees pa Wijffels's most prized locally found stone, but is disappointed it's a fossil, no meteorite. He cooks the traditional elves festival cake, a hit with the Ranonkels, then finds even understanding the math test answers is hard. Kyan is surprised that Maud claims not to need studying but accepts to swim in the waterhole with her. Wiki concentrates on his novel computer LDVD. To Maud's surprise, her parents enjoyed Dagmar's short visit and hope he'll return.

Episode #1.37 S1, Ep37 Oct. 31, 2011 Episode #1.37 Dagmar firmly waves Maud's shameless claims he 'forced his way in' although her dad invited him and her demand he 'make up' after she broke their deal. They are overheard by a jealous club girl, so after both hand in perfect math answers suspiciously soon, the teacher informs the principal. Asked for his word of honor, Dagmar owes up. Kyan dares not refuse Saartje performing a duet in the club together, so he asks Wiki to persuade her, yet besides helpful statistics the knavish brother adds an amused thumb-up.

Episode #1.38 S1, Ep38 Nov. 1, 2011 Episode #1.38 Dagmar gets off lightly for his test cheating but wonders who betrayed him and Maud. She sanctimoniously apologizes to Lore and promises to spare Wiki's feelings. Maud offers Dagmar to make up by visiting the carnival together, but he generously passes that on to Wiki, who is over the moon. Kyan fears humiliation if Saartje gets him to sing a duet. Dagmar must bite his tongue when Saartje reads from her elves book based on a crazy professor's 'monography', both full of legendary nonsense.

Episode #1.39 S1, Ep39 Nov. 2, 2011 Episode #1.39 Dagmar, who still wonders who betrayed them and if that means his magic discovered, unwittingly betrays to Maud during detention that Kyan refuses to sing a duet with Saartje. Maud tells and lies Dagmar would take his place, offering Kyan to enter the clubhouse free podium together, but Kyan decides to accept rather then a rival. Wiki looks forward to the carnival with Maud.

Episode #1.40 S1, Ep40 Nov. 3, 2011 Episode #1.40 Dagmar lets Maud recruit him during detention for a duo act at the club's free podium and rewards Billie for her help searching Oxus by promising he'll try to enter her for the annual competition. Kyan is grumpy to hear from Maud Saartje tricked him into their duet, hates practicing in silly whigs and starts believing she may be keeping secrets for him. Wiki wears a space-suit for the cultural center's theme night in honor of an attending astronaut. Dagmar decides to join him, hoping for a tip on the meteorite.

Episode #1.41 S1, Ep41 Nov. 7, 2011 Episode #1.41 Dagmar keeps Maud to her promises for a duo act at the club's free podium: setting the carnival date with Wiki for tomorrow evening and inscribing Billie. At the cultural center, Wiki's theoretical questions for the astronaut are crossed by Dagmar jumping in about searching for meteorites. Kyan tries in vain to wriggle out of the duet, but the inscriptions are made final.

Episode #1.42 S1, Ep42 Nov. 8, 2011 Episode #1.42 Dagmar and Wiki visit the local museum with Billie to ask about the 'testament of Kortan the wild'. The curator warns it's 2,000 years old but never deciphered, probably not even relating to Kortan. Biullie gets locked in while photographing it sneakily, but Dagmar uses magic to liberate her.

Episode #1.43 S1, Ep43 Nov. 9, 2011 Episode #1.43 Dagmar realizes the museum's 'testament of Kortan the wild' is an ancient Elf script, which Wobbel deciphers as a letter to his Menapian beloved, containing an indication where the treasure (Oxus?) is. Wiki laughs such impossible decoding away, Saartje even turns it into a supposed proof of Dagmar's apparent lack of trust. Dagmar grudgingly accepts to do a Romeo and Guliette parody with Maud, although it calls for kissing, to hold her to the carnival date with Wiki. She wickedly limits it to two hours of making Wiki pay for anything, yet he still makes it enjoyable.

Episode #1.44 S1, Ep44 Nov. 10, 2011 Episode #1.44 Dagmar is happy with Kortan's clue the meteorite is 'between snake and lion'. Wiki actually made Maud laugh and kiss once, but blurting out Dagmar, who 'has a way with keys', was the one who dipped into to the clubhouse provision makes her storm off to rage at Saartje for willingly letting her take the blame. Kyan forgives her sneakiness provided he hasn't got to wear a glitter costume.

Episode #1.45 S1, Ep45 Nov. 14, 2011 Episode #1.45 Dagmar wonders what 'between snake and lion' means, but Saartje just wines everything went wrong for her since his arrival and she no longer wants to believe in elves, which he blurts out exist for sure. First however Dagmar tells Maud the sketch script isn't funny and writes a better one. Wiki ignores home front warnings about Maud, who blatantly tells everyone not to care for Wiki at all. Kyan doesn't recognize his masked sister slipping in at the free podium. Meanwhile his parents visit Lotte fro dinner, as Wiki warned a sure recipe for trouble, especially once …

Episode #1.46 S1, Ep46 Nov. 15, 2011 Episode #1.46 After Wiki's ICT expose, which barely gets some polite applause, Dagmar's self-written sketch script with Maud is a total blast, yet she steal a kiss at the end. Kyan is told his masked sister slipped in and chases her, ultimately messing up his duet with Saartje, who is crushed by her first-ever loss. Meanwhile the parents' dinner is tense, except between the women.

Episode #1.47 S1, Ep47 Nov. 16, 2011 Episode #1.47 Dagmar is worried that while he changed out of costume, someone may have seen a glimpse of his wings, as Saartje did, buts he's not sure. Maud's boring, self-absorbed 'victory speech' takes forever, yet only love-blinded Wiki congratulates her. The next morning, Saartje decides to make sure by bursting into the bathroom, but catches only poor Wiki in his birthday suit.

Episode #1.48 S1, Ep48 Nov. 17, 2011 Episode #1.48 Dagmar tries to handle Saartje's suspicions after getting a peek of his wings in the dressing-room by making sure she and Wiki see him wear her costume wings, but she only half convinced. Archeology professor Roel Vademecus, whose book she idolizes, is told to stop his elves research or be fired from university. Just then Saartje invites him for a lecture in the clubhouse, although even Wiki isn't interested. Kyan is in the doghouse as if he messed up the duet.

Episode #1.49 S1, Ep49 Nov. 21, 2011 Episode #1.49 Dagmar discovers the lion and snake clue may refer to a Celtic tumulus tomb, so he should seek Oxus wherever Kortan is buried. Archeology professor Vademecus accepts an invitation to visit sinister baron Edgar Vleugeleers, who shows off the castle's vast collection of wings his ancestors amassed. The professor refuses the baron's offer to catch, for a fortune, an elf, the last lacking wing type. Kyan and Maud get trapped in more lies among the club girls, Saartje even spreads 'confidentially' that Dagmar's backside would be covered in horrible boils.

Episode #1.50 S1, Ep50 Nov. 22, 2011 Episode #1.50 Dagmar gets a surprise birthday-party, unknown to elves, with gifts. Only Kyan isn't sad when Mara announces he's to fly to relatives in the US, in fact back to the kingdom. Dagmar however insists he can and must continue his search for Oxus. After Wobbel confesses he lied about Dagmar being in love to get back home, the plan is dropped.

Episode #1.51 S1, Ep51 Nov. 23, 2011 Episode #1.51 Dagmar finally gets his flying power returned, as a reward for his good work, but only to keep looking for Oxus. Everyone in the clubhouse shares Wiki's scientifically obvious skepticism, except Saartje, when she introduces professor Vademecus's lecture on elves. Dagmar realizes it's full of errors, but pushes unwilling Wiki to ask questions on Oxus and Kortan on his behalf.

Episode #1.52 S1, Ep52 Nov. 24, 2011 Episode #1.52 Professor Roel Vademecus believes his elves detector, based a on 'meta-trivial x-rays', found one just after Dagmar left, but nobody takes him seriously, Wiki courteously raises painful scientific doubts but also betrays his foster-brother has pointy ears. Daphne nurtures Kyan's doubts about obviously sanctimonious, secretive Saartje. To Dagmar's horror, Saartje followed him and witnesses his first winged flight on earth.

2012 Episode #1.8 S1, Ep8 Sep. 8, 2012 Episode #1.8 Dagmar enjoys the Ranonkel family singalong as start of the last days before school, but wonders what they mean with a 'bike ride'. Tears and lies win naive, rugged gentleman Kyan for Maud's plan to get accepted in the club and maybe turn him against girl-friend Saartje. Dagmar tries to work out how bikes work, while Wiki is puzzled because Dagmar ignores all traffic signs. Mara tells Wobbel Dagmar's unfair punishment is a trick to make come true the prophecy to save the elves by finding magic meteorite Oxus. Magic sabotage helps Dagmar avoid family questions.

De Elfenprins S1, Ep53 Feb. 25, 2012 De Elfenprins A shortened compilation of the first season. Dagmar, with some help from Wobbel, and the siblings Wiki and Saartje takes turns giving comments from their respective viewpoints on the story, each time followed by one of more short excerpts. Elf king Zirkon's son and heir Dagmar is banished to earth, as punishment for continuous mischief, and must live as a human, notably foster son of the mildly wacky Ranonkel family. Later he finds out the real reason, and his only hope of being allowed back, is the urgent search for the magical meteorite Oxus, lost 2000 years ago and…

Episode #2.1 S2, Ep1 Feb. 27, 2012 Episode #2.1 Dagmar's last attempt to deny he's a winged elf fails as Saartje saw him, so he tells her all about his mission to find Oxus and swears her to secrecy. Wiki's attempt to make Maud confess she enjoyed kissing him too ends only in more verbal abuse. Baron Vleugeleers gets professor Vademecus to sign a contract concerning catching and bringing him an elf.

Episode #2.2 S2, Ep2 Feb. 28, 2012 Episode #2.2 Dagmar shows Saartje his telekinesis, admits several naughty uses of magic and swears her to secrecy twice more, even to the family. Wiki is absorbed by his attempt to repair his super-computer LDVD and prove its superior to the human brain.

Episode #2.3 S2, Ep3 Feb. 29, 2012 Episode #2.3 Dagmar meets the Ranonkel kids' father, architect Tim De Wilde, who visits from the UAE, bearing gifts. Dagmar learns Tim never married Lore and nearly betrays himself using telekinesis. Wiki demonstrates his super-computer LDVD but before Dagmar can ask it where Kortan's tomb is, Saartje's idiotic question makes it explode again.

Episode #2.4 S2, Ep4 Mar. 1, 2012 Episode #2.4 Wiki ignores when he can repair his super-computer, even now father can help. Impatient, Dagmar asks Tim about the tomb of Kortan. Ignoring it, he consults childhood friend and local expert Cornelis, who doubts if there even are Celtic tumuli in the area. The baron is impressed when Vademecus demonstrates his new elf detector with stunning functions. Kyan catches the professor scanning the Ranonkels' street and chases him.

Episode #2.5 S2, Ep5 Mar. 5, 2012 Episode #2.5 Dagmar despairs in the search for the tomb of Kortan. Local expert Cornelis, who doubts if there even are Celtic burial mounds in the area, admits nobody can know if the underground caves contain graves as Tim and Wiki suggest, but argues they're rendered inaccessible anyway. Kyan treats Saartje to a romantic surprise pizza dinner, but the delivery is hopelessly late. meanwhile he tells her about Vademecus using the detector and telling lies.

Episode #2.6 S2, Ep6 Mar. 6, 2012 Episode #2.6 Dagmar decides he must risk flying at day, his only hope to continue the search for the tomb of Kortan from the air above the underground caves. Alas, Vademecus is on the prowl with his detection-stunning-device. Wiki hoped his parents might get together again, but Tim tells Lore he's about to marry a girl he met in Egypt, who expects his third baby. Kyan refuses to run against Saartje for club president, so Maud decides to stand herself, while her mother worries, unlike father, because she never confides into them.

Episode #2.7 S2, Ep7 Mar. 7, 2012 Episode #2.7 Dagmar has failed to find the tomb of Kortan from the air above the underground caves. He ignores his presence alerted by Vademecus's detection-stunning-device in the woods, but he wasn't seen. Tim accepts to under the club's parent-child-pairs-quiz with Wiki. The model son misunderstands Tim 's attempt to tell he's about to marry again, as if his parents were becoming a couple again. Maud sneakily tries to convince people Saartje shouldn't be allowed to remain club president, but Maud's mother arrives unexpectedly in the club house, and refuses to keep her candidacy …

Episode #2.8 S2, Ep8 Mar. 8, 2012 Episode #2.8 Dagmar must remind Saartje she promised silence, refuses even to confide in Wiki, but appreciates his help to combine his photographs into 3D. That shows no tomb, but Wiki discovers a cross formed by oaks planted in the shape of a cross in the woods. Tim promises again to tell the kids about his new family to be. Tim encourages Kyan to enter a national model airplanes competition and Harald to sponsor him as publicity for the family timber firm. To Maud's horror, now even her father shows interest in the club quiz.

Episode #2.9 S2, Ep9 Mar. 12, 2012 Episode #2.9 Dagmar is determined to work on the clue Wiki found, undaunted by reports Vademcus is around with an elf-stun-gun. Wiki and Tim cram for the quiz. Kyan is delighted that entered him for a national model airplanes competition and sponsor him as publicity for the family timber firm. Vademecus's questions in the club house are stopped by Saartje, but he tails Wiki.

Episode #2.10 S2, Ep10 Mar. 13, 2012 Episode #2.10 Dagmar and the Ranonkel gang have a blast at the family quiz, where Wiki and Tim clearly deserve their lead. Kyan is pleased Harald didn't want to enter with him, only has ma attends. Maud's insolent 'rules' don't stop people from talking to her mother, who doesn't do worse then she, while her father has a friendly chat with Dagamr. Vademecus has tailed Wiki to and from the Ranonkel home. In the club-house, his detector goes on and off as Dagmar stands directly in front or behind someone.

Episode #2.11 S2, Ep11 Mar. 14, 2012 Episode #2.11 Dagmar and the Ranonkel gang have a blast at the family quiz, where Wiki and Tim clearly deserve their lead. Kyan is pleased Harald didn't want to enter with him, only has ma attends. Maud's insolent 'rules' don't stop people from talking to her mother, who doesn't do worse then she, while her father has a friendly chat with Dagamr. Vademecus has tailed Wiki to and from the Ranonkel home. In the club-house, his detector goes on and off as Dagmar stands directly in front or behind someone.

Episode #2.12 S2, Ep12 Mar. 15, 2012 Episode #2.12 At the family quiz, Wiki reluctantly accepts Maud's 'offer' to earn another date with her by deliberately loosing. Tim is surprised but preoccupied with how to tell about his marriage plan. Kyan needlessly fears his sister sneaked in again, leading to an embarrassing incident. Vademecus is thrown out of the club-house by Kyan. His detector having gone on and off as Dagmar stands directly in front or behind someone inspires a countermeasure: the heavy woolen sweater that club member wore only because it's a grand-parental home-knitted gift.

Episode #2.13 S2, Ep13 Mar. 19, 2012 Episode #2.13 Dagmar fails to keep hidden for Mara that Saartje know he's an elf, but gets a week till full moon to continue searching for Oxus before she tells his royal father. Wiki is furious at father Tim after overhearing him tell Saartje about his marriage and move to Dhubai plans.

Episode #2.14 S2, Ep14 Mar. 20, 2012 Episode #2.14 Dagmar, the last to have seen missing Billie, couldn't help the police, so worried Kyan starts searching the woods. Wiki shelves his anger at Tim to help Saartje organize a mass search party. Mara warns Saartje she mistrusts any human in the search for Oxus.

Episode #2.15 S2, Ep15 Mar. 21, 2012 Episode #2.15

Episode #2.16 S2, Ep16 Mar. 22, 2012 Episode #2.16

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